Sad Puppies 3: The Ensaddening.


It is that time of year again. If you’d like to nominate good books, stories, and related works for the Hugos so that the biggest award in sci-fi/fantasy isn’t just a Social Justice Warrior circle jerk, you need to get yourself a supporting membership to Sasquan before the end of January.

Supporting memberships are $40. If you registered last year as part of Sad Puppies 2, you are still eligible to nominate this year.

Because I’ve been swamped with Sons of the Black Sword and a new Warmachine novel, I’ve not had a chance to prepare any new Heart Felt Plea cartoons (and I am a remarkably slow and untalented artist) so let’s recycle some old ones!


So please watch this very special commercial that we prepared last year, which in no way was ripped off of Sarah McLachlan’s sad puppy video.

Last year’s Sad Puppies campaign accomplished it’s goals of raising awareness about Puppy Related Sadness, but the struggle continues…


Now our SP3 spokesmanatee would like to share a few thoughts about why it is so important that you help to combat the scourge of PRS. .

wendell2 (2)

Thank you, Wendell. That was so profound I may have shed a single manly tear.

This year we will be expanding the suggested slate to include several other authors, artists, and creators who are usually locked out by the SJW voting block. The men and women of Sad Puppies want to get more fans involved, even if they’re the *wrong* kind of fans. We want people to vote based on what they loved and enjoyed, not on what sends the approved message or checks the right box.

You need to register now in order to be able to participate, but your actual nominations are not due for some time. In the comments feel free to suggest other eligible works that you think we should take a look at.

And please tell your friends. Help spread the word, because only you can stop PRS.

EDIT: For those just joining us who missed last year’s controversy, here is a recap of what happened when a bunch of barbaric outsiders got nominated:

EDIT 2: Hello to the GamerGate readers who’re stopping by because of Nero’s plug. To clarify, normally all supporting members get a packet of ebooks consisting of all of the nominated works, so they can read them before judging. So the membership is $40, but you normally get way more than $40 worth of reading material (and if we get our way, it won’t all suck!).

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111 thoughts on “Sad Puppies 3: The Ensaddening.”

  1. Enjoyed the youtube podcast from Daddy Warpig. Never having met you in person, I was expecting a booming baritone that I JUST knew had to accompany the 6’3″ height, tetsubo and Manatee Wrangler persona.

    Your voice was quite mellow. Not Yardmoosey at all!

  2. Is the “supporting” membership all I need to get the voting packet ebooks? I want to register just because the voting packet is some awesome fiction.

  3. Where’s mah popcorn? This is a sequel that I’m definitely looking forward to. One question (not for Larry since he’s Mormon) – which alcoholic beverage would go best with popcorn while watching the lamentation and auto-destruction of the SJW wimmen-men? I’m usually a single malt guy, but that doesn’t pair well with popcorn.

    1. Being a Rum guy I would recommend either Zaya, or if you can get it, Roggen’s Rum.

      But if you’re interested only in the destination and not the journey, Bacardi 151 will hasten the trip like a Veyron running down an empty US-101.

    1. Heh.

      Didn’t know you had a site. Now I can find all your books.

      I’ve only read the one but you’re already in my fav authors favorites folder.

  4. I just re-read that April 2014 post.

    About that Wyoming pickup-drag incident … I talked to some folks here in Cheyenne about what really happened.

    The person who did the dragging was also a homosexual, and was invovled sexually with the draggee. He was also involved in the meth trade.

    The reason the guy was dragged had way more to do with his stealing tens of thousands of dollars in drugs and cash from the dragger, and nothing to do with his sexual orientation. The SJWs need to be a bit more careful about who they pick to be their martyrs.

      1. Not really. Larry included the link in this post, and I re-read it.

        Posting my comment on it there would insure no one would ever read that comment.

    1. The SJWs really don’t care when they pick their martyrs. They know that most people will see the narrative that has been “helpfully” provided, and not bother to dig deeper.

      Several years ago I read an article about another guy that the SJWs wanted as a martyr to the gay movement. This particular one was a high school student who had been killed (shot) by one of his fellow students. Of course, it wasn’t until you got a ways into the article that you found out the meaty details of the shooting. Specifically, the shootee had been sexually harassing the shooter every single day. The faculty wouldn’t intervene (and a read between the lines suggested that one of the faculty members might have been encouraging it), and the shooter finally got frustrated enough with it that he dealt with the harassment. Anti-gay hate crime my foot.

      If the shooter had been female, and the shootee had been a straight male, then no doubt it would have been optioned for a movie (might have only been a TV movie, but said movie would have fit right into such classics as, “The Burning Bed”). But given the actual genders and orientations of those involved, the whole thing would be properly viewed as a massive disgrace to the same sex attraction movement. So just enough information was shouted to make everyone aware that a gay kid had been killed by a straight kid for reasons of orientation, and the rest of the details were quietly mumbled and hidden in the tail end of the article that most people don’t bother to read.

      1. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I read the article. I couldn’t even remember the name of the kids involved. But doing a quick search got me that information. The dead kid was Lawrence (Larry) King, and the shooter was Brandon McInerney. The shooting happened on Feb. 12, 2008, at E. O. Green Junior High in Oxnard, California. The article I read way back when didn’t mention the results of the trial. My search just now revealed that the jury couldn’t decide between Voluntary Manslaughter and Murder, but they did decide he wasn’t guilty of a hate crime.

    2. Reason doesn’t apply to SJWs. They will twist anything to meet their agenda. There’s a whole reddit devoted to their shenanigans: .

      The latest “game” they are doing is this: take any SJW posting, and replace the race/sex/whatever in the post with jew and see how close it gets to Mein Kamph. It;s frightening how close the SJW posts sound like Stormfront posters when that’s done. Racism is a problem, just not in the traditional way the media, Al Sharpton, and his ilk are peddling today.

      1. Intersectionalism is a supremacist racist cult. SJWs have adopted intersectionalism as their ideology based on a false premise it is for equality and diversity. What does “white privilege” have to do with equality? What does “rape culture” have to do with diversity? In principle, well over 80% of last year’s Hugo nominees supported a Stormfrontish viewpoint of humanity. That was perhaps the single biggest disgrace in the 100 year history of fandom in SFF, keeping in mind they had huge flamewars in the letters sections of the old Munsey magazines that far predate Weird Tales and Amazing Stories. The goal should be to delegitimize and marginalize that whole crew, especially the bloggers/fan writers, who are nothing more than a KKK.

      2. They do not care. I have seen with my own eyes a comment saying that the difference between the last rape hysteria victimizing innocent men and the Scottsboro Boys is that the boys grew up in a racially oppressive culture.

  5. I am glad to see you post this, My husband and I actually signed up this year just to vote for some of our favorite authors as we believe that they deserve the chance to be nominated. You mentioned that folks can add names to recommend, I’d love to see the following in consideration:
    Skin Game by Jim Butcher by Roc Publisher
    To Sail a Darkling Sea by John Ringo by Baen
    The Sea of Time by P.C. Hodgell by Baen
    Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop by Roc
    Owner’s Share by Nathan Lowell
    Cassie by Chris Philbrook- Creatspace (self published)
    Related work-
    An Unexpected Cookbook by Chris-Rachael Oseland Published by Kitchen Overlord
    Dramatic Presentation- I think Audible books count now so:
    Freehold by Michael Z Williamson

    1. +1 for Jim Butcher and Anne Bishop. Also would like to see Monster Hunter: Nemesis on the ballot. I had LOTS of fun with those books!

      I wanted to sign up this year to vote but I got out of the hospital only a couple of days ago and blew my extra cash on pain meds. (Cesarean. Ow, ow ow ow.)

      I’m told by TL Knighton that I’m eligible this year because I put out my first solo work, a little novella called Sparrowind but.. *shy shrug*.

      I may as well ask ahead of time though: Would Matthew Reilly’s The Great Zoo of China count as sci-fi? (Actually, wouldn’t his Troll Mountain book be eligibe for the fantasy category? I think it came out this year, and Reilly’s been a consistently entertaining author for me.)

      1. SD, in a world where “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love” wins the Hugo, I’d say just about anything you want to call science fiction counts as science fiction.

        Trust your gut, even if it does hurt right now. (My sympathies on the Cesarean and I hope you heal quickly.)

      2. Skin Game was an amazing, amazing book and should definitely at least get on the ballot.

        Are self-pubs eligible? They are, right? (I’m wondering because you mentioned yours, not because I have one of my own. Not yet, anyway.)

      3. Reilly’s “Ice Station” was awesome and gloriously over-the-top. Surprised somebody hasn’t optioned that one for Hollywood yet…

        1. Supposedly someone picked up Contest and Reilly is looking at moving to the US – I hope that it does well, honestly, because Reilly writes really fun, and entertaining stories where I really don’t mind defenestrating Reality for Rule of Cool/Fun. I rank him right up there with Jim Butcher, Larry Correia, the later Clancy novels for the ‘oh, he has new book out, must get now!’ *scrounge around for money* list.

          Anne Bishop is entertaining but in a different way; more emotional than ‘things blow up’ way.

      4. Congrats on the wee one! Hope you recover quickly.

        Somehow I missed the announcement about your novella. Now that that has been fixed, I’ll read it this weekend.

      5. First, Brandon is adorable! Second, Sparrowind…I’m going to buy a second copy to send my nephew as soon as I can find his mom’s e-mail address. That is a great story, and I can see a world of opportunities for you to expand upon it.

        1. Thank you! Brandon is quite the cutie, and happily tolerates his mum going squee over him. ^^ He doesn’t look tiny in the photos, but he is

          I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed Sparrowind, and that you’re getting a copy for your nephew. That is for me, what I hope to achieve as a writer: hearing that people like what I wrote! *grin* Please leave a review! They help ^o^

    2. I’d put in Skin Game as audiobook. Because Marsters’s “PARKOUR!!!” was awesome. I started laughing out loud on the bus and people were looking at me weirdly… I just pointed to my headphones and continue laughing more sedatly. I loved Skin Game. Marters does such a superb job.
      I didn’t like To Sail a Darkiling Sea too much, it was okay, but I think it was just to kill the time. It was money well spent, but nothing I’d re-read in the future (and I’ve ust reread first three books of Legacy of Aldenata…)
      Thanks for pointing out The Sea of Time, have to check it out.

      Dunno if To Honor They Call Us (or how’s the book called about young captain and his doctor friend – it’s very much Master and Commander stuff), it was really fun to listen as well.

      1. Oh yeah, I listen to Dresden on audio. Marsters is easily one of the best audiobook readers I’ve heard yet. (Although he needs to learn how to pronounce “chasm”.) (That’s a reference to his narration of the Vampire Empire trilogy, which is also a great series.) I buy them in hardback too, though, and with Skin Game I had to go back through it afterward looking for the little codes that were in that one.

  6. I questioned the wisdom of continuing Sad Puppies this year. Then I got published. Like a newbie investor who suddenly develops an opinion on the capital gains tax, I’ve come around to the importance of this campaign.

    For your consideration:

    Best Novel – THE JUDGE OF AGES by John C. Wright

    Best Short Story – DOMO by Joshua Young

    Best Editor (Long Form) – Toni Weisskopf

    Best Editor (Short Form) – Jason Rennie

    Best Related Work – SCI PHI JOURNAL

    Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) – INTERSTELLAR by Christopher Nolan

    1. I love Judge of Ages. I’m not sure if the format of it hurts its chance. It and the previous novel the The Hermetic Millennia are really one book cut into two.

      1. The rules allow nominating individual installments of a series, as well as the series as a whole when the last part is released.

        On the other hand, the format is less of an impediment than the author’s valiant refusal to bend the knee to Worldcon Morlocks.

        Which is really the whole point of Sad Puppies, and why John C. Wright’s books make perfect nominees. No one with eyes in his head and a heart in his chest can deny John’s superlative craftsmanship. If he’s nominated and loses, it will forever discredit the Morlocks’ already ridiculous objection that SP nominees only lost due to poor quality.

  7. We need more SF stories which marginalize the heterosexual normative patriarchy. We need more imaginative stories without the industrial bases which manufactures feminist clothes, keeps their teeth from falling out of their heads by age 25, mines salt without which they’d all die using great machines beneath our feet, makes the bonded polymers and fractal geometry in their smart phones, creates terrible weapons which bomb people who bomb us, created HTML, and everything else under the sun.

    A genre of stories about toothless gender-fluid diseased people with short life spans would lead to a golden age of fiction written on crude bark using sticks and the blood of dead marsupials they ran across.

      1. I’m pretty sure feminists would go extinct before that. They’ve certainly moved SF to a pre-Mary Shelley era.

  8. Done. What happens next? Info pack from Sasquan? email deluge? nominating forms? e-books? or return here for further helpful tips?

    1. I’ll be posting more, but later on they will send you a PIN so that you can nominate. A bunch of us authors have gotten together to put out a slate of suggested works to be considered which we’ll be posting some time next month.

  9. Setting aside the fact that “white privilege” is a racial demonization theory meant to in essence make all whites party to racism, let me tell you how that works out in reality, even if you’re stupid enough to buy into such garbage.

    The theory is that whites know whites and give them a pass because whiteness and goodness. In reality when I’m in Brazil or Egypt people commonly ask me for directions. Keep the latter in mind because of all the charges of racism because of the Euro cast of Ridley Scott’s Exodus. Social Justice Warriors assume all of the non-West is a “people of color” parade. In America black folks on the street commonly address me as “chief” because they assume I’m native American. Native Americans never make that mistake, and I grew up with quite a few. In Peru I am commonly confused by native Americans as a native Peruvian because my Spanish is sometimes better than their’s, because many are more fluent in their native dialects.

    The reality is that people in Lisbon frequently look like the people in Cairo who frequently look like the people in New Delhi and who would be mistaken for white in America. An Egyptian Coptic friend of mine has red hair and is unmistakeably pale white looking. His son looks like Eddie Murphy. The mother looks white.

    Social Justice Warriors are a pack of ignorant yowling racists who have confessed on their blogs to being stunned when a Latino food delivery guy spoke perfect English which in turn led that particular muffin to declare in triumph that no white men won an award on Nebula night. My question is how did she know that? Was it the broken accents or did she administer DNA tests? hahahah. What a bunch of jerks. “White privilege” my ass.

  10. I purchased “Stories & Visions for a Better Future” against my own better judgement (Cory Doctorow) on the recommendation of Instapundit. Gaaaaahhh. Other than Neal Stephenson, the SJW idea of a brighter future requires 9 foot of rope in a 10 foot high room.

    One example – Madeline Ashby’s story covers the “dream” of a Mexican couple trying to immigrate to the US via a a corporate security state apparatus being thwarted by having to smuggle in abortifactants. What a glorious future!

    1. Ashby’s a stiff. She was on an all-white panel on multiculturalism and they all apologized to the audience, “many of whom were people of color.”

      Those are the same feminists whining on Twitter every day about why men can’t put more women in epic fantasy if they can put in dragons and concluding maybe men don’t hate dragons. They’re on a trip without the LSD. The Wheel of Time is the most famous epic fantasy of its generation and one of the most famous of all time and you couldn’t possibly stuff more women in it. You have to be willfully retarded to look at that and ignore it.

  11. This may be a stupid question, but are those digital copies readable on a desk-top? I don’t have an e-reader. I’d like to join, but if I can’t read the nominations then I can’t make an informed opinion.

      1. So it is up to the writers? Hmm, okay. It might be worth it.

        On a different note – my current vote for best line of the year is the “hard to be chauvinistic” comment in “Spellbound”. [yes, I am several years behind reading] I was laughing so hard that it was several minutes before I could resume reading,

      2. There aren’t rules for this stuff. It’s only been a custom to offer electronic copies to the voters for a few years, and I do mean ‘custom’ and not ‘rule’. Last year one publisher, Orbit, decided that they didn’t want to give away freebies and only offered some sample chapters for three of the novels. The authors posted a note explaining that they weren’t allowed to choose.

        Larry and Baen, on the other hand, not only gave away the whole book, but the two that came before it, because they are awesome that way.

        Some publishers put out the samples in epup, kindle, and pdf and others choose fewer formats. The ones that only offer pdf are the hardest to work with because pdf doesn’t re-size based on the size of your e-reader screen.

        You can read all of these formats on a PC using free software, so the problem is the other way around; all of the sample copies will likely be readable on a PC but some of them may not be comfortably readable via e-reader, depending on what each publisher decides to do.

      3. When I went to register it asked if I wasn’t the stuff sent digital or paper. Er, I went with paper hoping to forestall a headache.

    1. Yes, the nominated works are generally provided in multiple formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. You can use Calibre, which is a free download, to read all of them.

      1. Thanks.

        One of these days I’ll break down and buy an e-reader, it is just that there is so many things (like good books) that I want first. 😉

      2. Calibre will turn any format into any other format so you can use whatever file is most easily opened on your device. For example Mac people usually turn mobi, lit or epub into PDF, txt or rtf.

    2. Get Calibre (free desktop software). It can also convert easily between formats (I read epub, my wife reads Kindle).

  12. I went ahead and signed up. As much as I do want to join in the sad puppies thing, it was the idea that they provide copies of nominated works that convinced me. I like that we aren’t expected to go out and get our own copies of everything. Having copies provided will make it much more likely for me to read everything and therefore vote more fairly.

  13. The Sasquan website looks like it was put together by 3 4 year olds during nap time. What a crappy way to present something. I’ll be waiting for the list to see who are Sad Puppies.

  14. Nominate for best related site. This is the site for Dwarf Fortress. It has been in development for 10 years. You can make the argument that it is related because the game generates stories and it inspires people to write stories about their adventures. This is the best year to nominate it because Worldcon is in the developers home state.

    The game is 100% free.

    He is also the developer of Liberal Crime Squad. Basically its a comical simulation of the Symbionese Liberation Army. It is not mean spirited at all, Tarn Adams stopped working on this several years ago. However, fans have continued developing it. Alot of liberals like this game also. So it will only be complete left idiots who will go crazy over this…

    Download: (its free)

    New York Times Article about the Dwarf Fortress Developers

    Its in the Museaum of Modern Art:

    Fan Stories about the game:

    The most famous story is the succession game (pass save files around( is Boatmurdered:

    Basically, everything was going well until 1 dwarf dug a little too deep. Something bad came up and everyone died.

    This is a true hardcore game. The motto is ‘losing is fun’.

    1. Dwarf Fortress is epic. There are entire story arcs involving magma-in-trade-depot, babes-in-arms, treehuggers, beer-based demolitions, and kitten biscuits to outrage pretty much anyone motivated by outrage.

      Yes, the stories are often “just” fairly accurate recounting of what’s happened in a fairly simulationist environment (with a few… interesting bugs). But there would be a very large screech about how the random-number generator is clearly racist and sexist.

  15. Sent my 40 bucks in, except its $51 CDN because thieving BASTAAAAARDS but never mind. It’ll be worth it just from watching all the SJW’s lose their shit. Because as amusing as it was last year, THIS year I’ve got skin in the game so THIS year it’ll be -me- they’re calling a Nazi.

    I looooove it when the SJW’s call me a Nazi. Makes me feel like I’m doing exactly the right thing.

    Also must concur with Rod, that Sasquan web site was constructed by goofs. And its -ugly- as well.

  16. As a transwoman, and a lesbian. This might piss off the SJWs, and raise some ire from some of your fans who like to troll as well.

    You’re one of my favorite authors! Your fight scenes are epic. I hope to write action like you one day.

    You’re also spot on, on many of your rants. Not all but most. Too many SJWs try and tell others what they can and can’t write because they are upset their message fiction doesn’t sell.

    I don’t want message fiction, life is too freaking complicated for that in my reading. I get enough drama just bein me, and commenting on things online. Just this weekend I was told I’m a biggots because saying “I’ll give asexuals the same respect and support as I give all members of LGBT”. Apparently equal support is now discrimination to these special snowflake crazies. How the hell is offering equality to others discrimination. thats a big problem with snowflakes, they all wanna prove they are the most unique, and most discriminated against. To them being oppressed is a super power, it grants them the ability to ignore any who are less oppressed than they are. Which lets them ignore rational arguments because “privilege”.monly problem, that most unique special snowflake syndrome tears supportive communities apart. No one wants to support each other, they all want to be the supported one, so it’s a giant pissing match trying to melt the other persons snowflake status. The rest of the world looks at this like WTF, why would I support people who attack each other. People like me, pure middle of the road get yelled at by sjws on the left, and conservatives on the right.

    I don’t need that in my fun reading, nor will it show up in my writing. It’s boring as all hell. It’s actually gotten to the point when’s I get my second book out (first was a comedy under my guy name) I’ll either have to stop posting on politics and society, or make sure no one knows it’s me. I’ve seen a conservative stage actor totally accepted, come out as gay and get black listed, because if you’re not cis/hetero you better tow the liberal, sjw party line. Which totally sucks, because as you can see I love to rant. I’ve spent most of my life hiding that I’m a woman (work and family…) when I’m established as a writer, I’ll have to hide that I’m middle of the road, maybe a 5% conservative swing over all. SJWs only accept you if you fit into nice neat little stereotypes. Act outside the script they say you should follow and they lose their fecal matter.

    Message fics are boring as all hell, life is boring and drama filled enough. It’s not what I wanna see in the books I read.

    I wanna see bad ass detectives sling magic (dresden), accountants who take out their werewolf bosses (does this really need a parenthetical), a werewolf who hosts a radio show similar to coast to coast am, a detective living in a world where the author built an eff all reality so they don’t have to worry about physics and magical law consistency (Nightside and secret histories by Simon r green), high fantasy with all it entails (adventurers wanted, drizzt, magic of theives), historical fantasy (telemire napolianic wars with dragons, you’d swear the author grew up on a ship of the line, but lives in like Kansas), a world where thriving and assanation is totally illegal, but also an accepted form of political maneuvering (vlad taltos by Steven burst). What if urban fantasy that switches to high fantasy (the tapestry by neff)

    Those and more quicken my heart and keep me up all night when I should be sleeping for work the next day.

    Not only are they not message pieces, but their authors run the gambit from ultra right wing, to ultra liberal. Burst is a SWFA member who fully believes in the patriarchy and thinks people like Larry pointing out message wins over writing talent are cry babies and should accept our PC over lords. It doesn’t make it into his writing though because he wants to keep making money. I even read Anne Rice, and she has her head up her rear 99% of the time.

    That’s the thing, if you entertain me, you have my dollar, I could care less about what you do IRL. Well maybe a few things, but those often go hand in hand with bad writers anyway. Who then complain that I’m not buying their tripe because of their message and life views. Nope, I’m not buying it because it’s cruddy writing that doesn’t entertain me.

    I’m very tempted to stop sad puppies, but money is tight and I should be writing not reading.

    To those who SJWs on here, and the few fans of Larry who have said transphobic things (there are a few, but thankfully just a few). I’ve heard it all in terms of insults. Find a new tune because that fiddle don’t play.


    1. Thanks.

      You might be surprised by just how broad a spectrum my readers actually are. I know when I go on book tour and meet hundreds of people, it blows my mind how this crowd is actually diverse, not just that BS skin deep check box diversity the SJWs love.

      1. Hey, Larry. Just wanted to let you know you made another convert.

        I’m not really into urban fantasy (give me a completely invented world!) or into weaponry. (My eyes glazed over several times in the first MHI book, which tended to go into much greater detail about the equipment than the later books did.)

        Politically? Don’t ask. I hate politics. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only a few truly sincere political movements, everything else is just self-centered posing.

        So I wasn’t all that enthusiastic to try out any of your books, despite running into them everywhere, having friends I trust recommend them…

        Then I saw MH: Alpha

        Badass werewolf protagonist, yet the werewolves within are -not- hippie whiners or bland love interests?

        My weakness.

        I gave it a read. It was a lot of fun.

        Thanks for the heads up about the Hugos. After suffering through reading last year’s short story entries, I got the feeling I had no idea what the current Avante Garde thinks anymore.

        (“Wow! My mom was a seal or something.” “Wow. So, what ya gon’ do?” “…smoke.” “Sounds good!”)

        Anything that gets REAL imaginative stories by people who aren’t continually staring into their navels is a good cause.

        1. Thanks. 🙂

          Some trivia about the amount of gun nuttery in MHI, and why there is more there than in other books. Keep in mind that MHI was originally self published (and managed to get on a national best seller list with a $25 print on demand paperback, because this was pre eBook revolution) and my original target audience was internet gun forums. So I actually put in extra gun nuttery specfically because of the audience I was trying to please.

          Originally, it was still filled with gun stuff, but only about as much as the rest of the series. (which is still a ton more than most books, because I love that stuff)

      2. Not surprised at all. Real people are diverse and don’t fit into check boxes. It blows people’s minds when I tell them I’m a physics and mechanical engineering major, who is a Christian who practices voodoo. My ancestors were priests and priestess in the French Quarter. The science wold looks at me like “how can you be religuous”, Christians look at me and say “you’re going to hell”, and that’s all before they know I’m trans.

        I’ve been a fan for years, picked up the first Grimnoir when borders was going out of business. Finished it in a day or so, ran back and bought MHI. I’ve been hooked since page one.

        I’ve also been lurking and posting (under my male name back when I was too scared to be out even on the interweb) for years. Your fans are diverse as all hell, and 99% of them don’t give a rats posterior what boxes someone checks as long as they can hold their own in a debate.

        The funniest encounter I ever had was with a well know writer friend of yours who said guys aren’t allowed to jump up and down and squee like Uber fans. He gave me a pass because “any man who carries as many knives on them as you do is dangerous enough to act anyway they want.”. That gave me a chuckle.

        Life is too messy for neat little boxes. SJWs get completely offended when you don’t fit into their stereotypes. It’s funny to see them meltdown on here.

      3. There’s a situation in Afghanistan I’ve heard put like this: not all Pashtun are Taliban but all Taliban are Pashtun. Not all people who voted Obama are Social Justice Warriors but all SJWs voted Obama.

        I’ve noticed there’s a bloc of people asserting that hating Bush or liking Obama makes one an SJW. That’s not the case. It may be members of the Dem Party who are destroying SFF but it’s not the Dem Party. In fact, near as I can tell, the root SJWs have a minimal interest in politics. They are straight up racists, sexual bigots and supremacists. Their useful idiot “allies” certainly self-identify as liberals but that doesn’t make them so. It’s important to remember that anyone who disagrees with the bigoted cult that has overtaken core SFF defaults to right-wing conservative, and that has included some mind-bendingly liberal people, so that’s not the issue. Right vs. Left, GOP vs. Dem is a legitimate debate, hating millions of people at a go because of their skin and sex is not. There’s every indication a hell of a lot of SJWs, especially those “allies,” are as redneck conformist conservative as they come. Scalzi, Leckie, Hurley and Hines aren’t exactly Hell’s Angels are they? Honestly, my farmer grandmother was more eccentric.

        Anyone who makes this Hugo thing about American Sniper/Bush/Iraq vs those opposed are doomed to lose the battle to the SJWs. Aside from turning off people who are liberals but not SJWs, you’d be fighting the wrong fight. This has nothing to do with liberal vs. conservative and GOP vs. Dem. SJW bigots find the Dem Party an excellent hiding place to blather about equality and diversity, that’s all. We now know they have no interest in such things. SJW useful idiots may be that naive but their handlers who are driving these narratives about racial privilege and rape culture are not.

        Kameron Hurley won a Hugo for an essay that was about neither politics nor SFF but about the mass puffery of women at the expense of men, the mass defamation of men. That in a nutshell is an SJW and that is what is destroying SFF. Not only is SFF simply disappearing from its own genre but what’s left is little more than gay non-white feminist revenge fiction. Forget about Marxism, forget about liberals and Leftists, forget about the Dems. This is an analogy to a KKK, not a political party or bunch of commies.

    2. @Lune:

      I’m mostly right-wing and a certified troll.

      I read your comment expecting to find ire raising stuffs so’s I could get my rage on. I can’t seem to find it.

      Please tell me where it is because my rage gland is all blue-ballsy now.

      1. Pugmak,
        Glad there wasn’t anything rage inducing in my post. It’s annoying when people who typically align with me on most things than hate me for who I am. I typically get over it though, as long as they are civil and offer a good debate. After all not everyone can like me. It’s a shame that people I could get along with, go shooting with, fishing, or gaming don’t like me for one small aspect. It can’t be helped though. People like who they like, and dislike who they dislike.

        As long as people aren’t voting for things that would limit my rights, they can hate me, like me, not consider me. It’s when their hatred screws with my life that gets annoying.

        What just makes me mad as all get up and go. The sjw bunch. They are damn hypocritical. People hating me is one thing. The people who claim to be tolerant and supportive then treating me like trash for being middle of the road with slight conservative leanings. It’s so bloody annoying. I don’t get how their heads don’t csve in from the cognitive dissonance.

        The worst insults and threats I’ve gotten have been from sjws and the left. I once said online “you know the left and right insult me in online debates but I’ve only gotten threats from the left.”. The response, “I’ll fuckin kill you for lying about the left, scum like you dot deserve to live assaulting us with your words.”.

        How the hell does that even compute.

        For me, I’m fiscally conservative, and socially liberal. But I do have opinions on each side that would deviate from the norm. It’s funny when liberals say I’m more liberal than them, and conservatives say I’m more conservative than them.

        I’ve got friends all over the political spectrum. The annoying thing, it’s the liberals who would stop being my friends before the conservatives if I ever crossed some imaginary line in their head. I don’t get how they can claim to be tolerant when they are far from it.

        Everything from the sjw arsenal is meant to oppress others. Privilege is used to silence others because you can’t defeat their points. I actually hate the term “Cis” not just because those who don’t know I’m trans tell me to check my cis privilege, but because it’s the anthetisis of all things that being accepting should be. It’s a label, people in the sjw and lgbt community are supposed to choose their own labels. Yet they label others “cis”. There are those who aren’t cis and get called cis, and that hurts them as they struggle, and they all struggle. After that, there are those who just aren’t comfortable with the term. I love that larry has embraced the “cis gender fascist” or whatever term. Totally making fun of it. I’d never use the term to label someone who hasn’t accepted the label. It’s not my place to define them, only to define myself.

        I could get into my stances, like guns and tanks for all who can afford them, and pay for their insurance etc… Or my liberal stance that all STEM and trade schools should be free if you stay in the states paying a higher tax rate till the tuition is paid off, or healthcare for all who work but I’m not here to go into extreme detail on how I out conserve the conservatives, or out lib the liberals.

        @James May, coming from a long line of voodoo practitioners I prefere the 90% of Haiti is catholic, 100% of Haiti is voodoo. Not all liberals are bad. Hell other than her koolaid moments my best friend is a great person and sjw. She honestly just wants to help people with issues live a healthy and productive life. Not all conservatives hate me because I’m trans.

        Not all of anything is the bad element. The bad elements just have the bullhorns and the good never stand up to the bad. The few good sjws I know would never stand up to the ones who would treat me horrible for being middle of the road. They never stand up to the ones who silence descentimg opinion by using “privilege” as a weapon.

        Groups suck, so I just try to associate with people. It’s harder for an individual to hate someone. It’s much easier for them to accept you. You (the universal including me) just have to not dump all your eccentricity on them at once.

  17. Once we had our membership, we didn’t get the Pin for voting. There is a link on the website that is a little hard to find that will email you your voting member ID and pin once you are a member. It worked for us.

    AS of January 22, 2015 they had 4199 members, 3485 in the US and a total of 1238 Supporting (voting only) members. I am looking forward to seeing if that number goes up a bunch when they update again.

    1. Sasquan is doing some things right with the Hugo administration. The page to request your PIN and ID number is pretty useful, and the site emails you your current ballet whenever you make changes to it. Very convenient.

  18. Larry, so it sounds like the abundance of gun nuttery in MHI was gunnie fanservice. Well played sir, well played. Give ’em what they want and leave ’em wanting more.

    With that in mind, please, never, ever, write anything targeted to the fuzzy community. (and I ain’t talking H. Beam Piper here!)


  19. I recommend Coming Home by Jack McDevitt. Aside from being McDevitt’s usual fine work, its novel treatment of race and sex as being of no account whatsoever is certain to enrage the reactionary conservative SF core of Yankee racist feminists caught in a ’60s time-warp still fighting against Ozzie and Harriet and sanity.

    McDevitt’s treatment of this thing called “heteronormativity” is years ahead of its time and reportedly all the rage with the kids and Mother Nature. So if you have blue hair or have close friends and family members who frequently refer to you as an “ally” this one’s probably not for you.

    There are no fem-armies in McDevitt’s novel because for some odd reason, in McDevitt’s universe, women never bum-rushed the draft office with suicide vests and insisted on being front-line combat troops like in the real world of today with its fem fury, WisCon and its “safer-space.” It turns out space and war isn’t all that safe and so pie-charts and diversity magically disappear like in a Young Adult Urban Fantasy about the Assassin’s League of Pie-Bakers.

    Another of McDevitt’s novelties is he doesn’t separate out humans into racial and sexual identities and then lovingly dote on one while building plots around how another can look stupid and crude. Possibly this hearkens back to the old days of SF when editors tended to look down on passive/aggressive sociopathic fringe lunatic authors full of oddball phobias about the world being out to get them, punch them at random, and with the usual fantasy of cis-het American triffids dragging them behind pick-up trucks.

    There is no group defamation or identity supremacy in Coming Home, no doubt because McDevitt’s generation didn’t cheer for the Nazis to kill cis-G.I.’s. There are no detailed descriptions of gyno-morphed asshat cool and suave spaceship engineers who possess secret knowledge no one else does which explains why they’re essentially a spaceship janitor and yet fun at parties while on shore leave and with all the right contacts to befuddled the law because law is stupid and who needs it?

    McDevitt keeps his record of throwing a shut out at things like gendered selkies and all men being a race of deadly cyborgs whose sole goal in life is to play mean pranks on noble women across ten thousand years. Unlike social justice warriors SF, McDevitt’s novel comes with no barf-bag or toothpicks to keep one’s eyes open like the feminist sleeping pills such as Andrea Justice and A Dworkin in O’Laundrymat. Vomit-zombies and jokes about breaking wind are kept to a bare minimum because Syfy Channel.

  20. And here I am, just having registered.

    I haven’t actually read the latest, but all of Dresden Files is awesome, so second/third/nth the recommendation of that. Also, I’d like to mention The Golden Princess by S.M. Stirling; it’s the latest in his Emberverse series. Which is awesome and you should read it.

  21. This lurker has signed up. Let the fuck fuck fgames begin………..

  22. Damien, again:

    “Damien Walter
    ‏@damiengwalter Sad Muppets 3 = what happens when a bunch of people who can’t write decide they want an award.”

    And how’s that novel coming, Damien?

    1. The answer is they start whining about privilege and shame others into making room for marginalized voices and write non-SFF essays about the lost legions of women warriors bad menz took white-out to in history books. I remember a Buck Rogers comic strip that ran for decades but not the one about gay men being rained on every time they were gay. Must’ve been neckbeard cis-hets and their white-out again.

    2. It’s not a Novel, it’s a guidebook. “The Lonely Brit’s Guide to Asian Sex Tourism.” He’s still doing research, but even the Ladyboys won’t touch him.

      1. What kills me about that guy is he somehow thinks he’s not a member of a thing like Stormfront. They’re all like that. The truth is that for those of us who use a dictionary and single strike zone for everyone, more outright racists and devoted sexual bigots were nominated for Hugos and Nebulas last year alone than evidence exists for the presence of such SFF authors in the entire era 1912-1975. The real search SJWs need to make is in figuring out how they became that racist and that dumb.

    3. “Damien Walter
      ‏@damiengwalter The irony is, when I see little cliques feverishly campaigning to get award votes, I tend to assume the work must be crap if it needs that.”

      1. The even bigger irony is that the current tiny segment of SF fandom that gives itself Hugos for writing leftist tripe is exactly such a clique. Damien just doesn’t realize it because he’s a member.

    4. Damien: The final draft is in the post I promise. I had to send it CoD, routed through the future/past but I promise it’s on the way.

  23. If I may be a little shameless, I have a nasty little novelette that came out January last year… I don’t really think it’s worthy of an Honest Hugo, but if it helps make an SJW’s head explode….

  24. If there’s anything out there eligible by Jonathan Maberry I would recommend it. I am currently going through the Joe Ledger series and loving it, but I don’t know what his most recent work is or if it would be eligible.

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