102 thoughts on “SJWs go after METAL? Yeah, this will end well.”

    1. I posted this went SJWs came up in the H.P. Lovecraft Fisking, and I think this new target just makes my point, however; I have a bone to pick with “MundaneMatt”.

      ** My theory on that behavior is that it is a kind of hi-jacking or Cr Omnibus spending bill.
      Their socially “challenging”, preachy, OMFG Boring pet peeve doesn’t rate anyones attention, nor gets the frustrated SJW paid. So, they latch their pathetic oh so sensitive and caring issue on whatever IS successful and attempts to suck it dry like a dehydrated vampire let loose in a blood bank. If you try to stand between them, say with logic, morals or God forbid common sense, and their goal, you will be pounded down like an uppity nail.
      However, a brilliant “urban fantasy” SFF author (with a penchant for Tetsubos) once said at a con panel I attended; “Sometimes the nail is a rail road spike, and the hammer is just a squeaky toy”.**

      As to that bone that needed picking. MundaneMatt begins his monolog with an F bombing rant about Conservatives not being in Metal. I’m retired military and law enforcement, a card carrying member of both the Tea party and the NRA, its hard to get more conservative than me and not be a militia whack job, yet I’ve been a metal head for longer than MundaneMatt has been alive. (I will not waste pixels reciting the long, long list of bands I’m a huge fan of)
      MundaneMatt is a huge part of the problem. He rages about the Right and gives the very SJWs he dislikes their power on the Left. Honestly, Sara Hoyt once again nailed it with her blog post about a cannibal feast.

      1. Has he listened to half the metal lyrics out there? Especially Power or Symphonic Metal lyrics? All this stuff about duty, honor, sacrifice? Come on! Of course if you write songs featuring Conservative values you’ll get Conservative fans!

      2. LOL…
        I was remembering all the times we did a drop with headphones on or what was playing on the tracks after I switched from Airborne infantry to Calvary scout. HINT: It was NOT hip hop. Go check out any of the military hardware clips on Utube, see if you can catch a theme there. Talk about “Skippy Approved”.

    1. Unpossible. We’ve been repeatedly told how much more civilized and superior to us the socialized Nordic European cultures are to we benighted Americans.

      1. Well, to SJW’s, Burning down churches IS a sign of a superior culture. Well, except if it’s a Black church, because they think THOSE people are stupid enough to still need religion, so it must be stupid knuckle-dragging racist republicans (who, oddly enough, are ALSO stupid enough to still need religion) who are burning them down.

        Which goes to show you that thinking your lefty culture is smarter and more logical certainly doesn’t actually make it so.

    2. I was going to say something akin to this, but I think you did a better job than I would have. Gamers, Gun-Nuts, Readers, Writers, Bloggers, ect., they are people who are generally well controlled and would never voluntarily hurt someone.
      I believe metal-heads would not have any problem with violently disagreeing with social justice warriors. They may have made a bad mistake here.

    3. Actually SJWs like black metal because of its pagan, anti-Christian tilt, and because they believe black metal is all about environmentalism. It’s music to listen to while wandering through snowy forests and stuff.

          1. Feminists did that a long time ago. Did you know that a Dominatrix is not actually an empowered woman, but instead is merely subservient to submissive men’s fantasies? Kink is actually only okay if hairy lesbians do it, and they can’t use a “Male substitute” like a strap-on.

      1. I’ve mentioned gay gender feminist Judith Butler before. She called Hamas and Hizbollah “progressive” in 2006, because she had slightly altered her queer theory to include the new intersectional racial element, in that case white Western colonialism and imperialism.

        The bottom line there is one identity can do no right and the other no wrong. SJWs will stage mass protests over the questionable deaths of two black men in N.Y. and Ferguson while completely ignoring the beheadings of Christian children in Iraq. Don’ look for any hashtags or signs say “save our children.” In the intersectional Butlerian dogma which stinks up our community those children are the wrong children and the Nigerian women were the right women.

        Don’t look for Lebron James or NFL players to wear a t-shirt that says “I Can’t Breathe Without A Head.”

        Four words: racist, sexist, supremacist, cult.

      2. They went after Vanilla Ice purely for being White. Which is ironic, because “Ice, Ice Baby” is still on the rotation at every second-rate radio station in North America.

        They also went after Eminem, but to his eternal credit he told them to push off. Indeed, told them in such detail that they actually did.

        1. Okay, that creeped me out, because I was struck by the sheer list of things that involved visual signs of female pleasure, enjoyment and ‘being the sexual leader’, and was chillingly reminded of the ‘reasons’ behind female genital mutilation, especially the whole ‘reducing sexual desire’ parts. I’m disturbed also by how this law seems to have come out of nowhere and nobody knows where the ‘rules’ came from. Seriously, the stuff listed seems to be the kind of list a strict Islamic adherent would have come up with, and the parts about it forbidding the show of female pleasure, lesbian and gay sex, and BSDM submissiveness aren’t helping.

          Linking the guardian for this largely because they actually DO detail and illustrate what’s involved.


  1. Gee, I get the feeling that the dude in the video got bitten by a Conservative when he was a child and is now out for revenge.

      1. Oh, he probably really and truly would get a rash if he thought anything he ever liked was “conservative”, but I don’t hold it against him. He’s undoubtedly right that there’s nothing about Metal that’s either politically or socially conservative and he’s responding to a clear implication that metal has got “social” sphere conservative cooties. (That it might be *musically* conservative is a different sort of thing.)

      2. Mind you, the rest of his points were well thought out. I guess I just get irritated with liberal types who think I can’t possibly like Judas Priest because the singer is gay.

    1. Gotta keep in mind that such persons as this Mundane dude mentally picture Church Lady or the Fat Cat Industrialist from Monopoly whenever they think “conservative”.

  2. Metal as a genre is conservative…not in the US political meaning, but in the meaning that it has ossified.

    The most subversive thing in metal today are three teenage japanese girls.

      1. BabyMetal? Not, bad, it’s listenable. I have weird taste in music, so this will probably go in my work folder. Thanks.

  3. Come on down to the pit and preach……we won’t hurt you…and we RELAY care about your feelings….and the pit is were we freely express our feelings….

  4. It’s interesting that anything that goes against SJW politics automatically defaults to reactionary, right wing and conservative, even when they clearly are not.

    I’ve said this before and it bears repeating: SJWs are convinced they are the inheritors of the ’60s. When the subject comes up, they openly deride the Ozzie & Harriet ’50s and the Kefauver hearings that led to the self-censorship of the Comics Code and destroyed an entire culture of comics.

    Out of the other side of their mouths they are launching petitions to successfully remove video-games from Target and Anita Sarkeesian calls for the alteration of video-gaming content based on the Kefauver Committee idea we will all turn into women-hating racist juvenile delinquents if we don’t have healthy black, female and gay role-models to dilute our savagery.

    SJWs are deeply conformist and redneck morons who will talk as readily about white tears, old white men, and mainsplaining as they will absolutely forbid themselves or anyone else from talking about black tears, womensplaining and old black lesbians. That is the same hypocritical nonsensical “Because-I-Said-So” dissonance we saw in the ’60s when alcohol addicted Okies from Muskogee lectured kids on the far less harmful weed, and so the danger of drugs in essence exchanged places based on a false myth.

    Pretty much everything an SJW says is the opposite of truth and reality. That’s going to happen in an alliance of flat out racists and the flat out naive morons who Gunga Din their racist snake-oil.

    1. Metal, as a genre, is so conservative that Dave Mustaine is a total pariah among some elements for converting to Christianity and being, well, a conservative.

      It’s the liberal equivalent of calling anyone with whom you disagree a “socialist.”

  5. It’s funny. Their political position in the House and the Senate is lost, and they don’t have a real good front-running socialist candidate for the White House in 2016, but they’ve convinced themselves that they’re so far into owning America that now they’re coming unhinged and feel free to start flinging diatribes at everybody.


    1. Remember, they didn’t have a good candidate before 2008 either, until some tabula rasa with the right skin colour, a catchy motto and no achievements whatsoever suddenly became the next big thing straight out of nowhere.

      From the Dem side, the nice thing about dealing with people who automatically categorise without critical thought is that they’ll vote for whoever they’re told is the good guy. That means a messiah can be manufactured in a matter of months.

  6. OK, anyone have ideas on who their next target for the SJWs should be? I’m thinking drug cartels aren’t sufficiently diverse and LGBT friendly.

    1. I don’t think they’ll actually go after rock. They have plenty of Lady Gaga’s and Arcade Fire’s to kiss their asses. They’ll go after something that is too white and too male but which they also like quite a bit. That means movies and TV, and there’s already quite a lot of complaining on that front. It has to be some pop culture thing SJWs enter into in large numbers as an audience but which they perceive was not built by them demographically. That’s why you see them leaving NASCAR and hockey alone. The irony there is that according to SJW thought, the mere lack of non-whites is a sign non-whites want in.

      That’s why Jonathan McCalmont can write “…is it really any surprise that science fiction struggles with issues of diversity and inclusivity when the history of the field appears to have been completely dominated by white middle-class Anglo-American men?”

      In fact it never struggled with anything like that. It was just male and white, like hockey, not a conspiracy. But that’s how you get to this nutty idea of “underrepresented.” Don’t look for SJWs to boycott boxing cards that are all non-white like they do SFF panels that are all white and male any time soon. That’s because they’re liars.

    2. Maybe visit scenic Syria, Iraq or happy Nigeria and bring Social Justice to the forces of radical Islam? I’d help crown fund for their one way tickets.

      1. While that’s probably how it would end, and I have no patience for anything that says otherwise…
        That was crossing the line a bit.

        (Mind you, that’s if they were lucky. If they were unlucky, the order of “rape, kill, sew skin into clothing” might get mixed up.)

  7. This is almost as amusing as reading that a Greenpeace publicity stunt they deign to call “A Message of HOPE!!!!!1111!!!!!!1111ONE” has caused irreparable damage to the environment of a sacred site in Peru…and that the rest of the world is -not- turning a blind eye.

    1. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a joke when PETA criticized the Palestinians for bombing the Israelis… because the specific incident involved a donkey as the bomb delivery system.

  8. “Deeply rooted in conservatism” is the latest SJW shibboleth. (Look at Damian’s piece on Tolkien.)

    I expect we’ll see that accusation popping up more and more often as it percolates through the Collective.

  9. Former vice-President Al Gore’s own wife Tipper Gore, wanted parent advisory labels for rap and rock music in the 1980s and later a woman launched a crusade against the TV sitcom Married With Children (1987-97) for its sexual content in 1989. In the case of Gore’s activism, a hearing was held before the U.S. Senate in 1985.

    Insane radical gender feminist Andrea Dworkin led a crusade against pornography in the late 1970s/early 1980s as an actionable civil rights violation based on the same theories of the ’50s Kefauver Commission and Frederick Wertham’s anti-comic book studies. The idea was that pornography led to the dehumanization and hatred of women, the same thing Anita Sarkeesian is saying about video-games. There was a federal investigation – the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography (the Meese Commission), ordered by friend to all social justice warriors, Ronald Reagan, before which Dworkin testified for half an hour in 1986.

    Remember that Dworkin believed 9 million witches were exterminated in medieval Europe and that magic matriarchy of Hobbits roamed England until the 17th century.

    SJWs will selectively suck your legal rights and sanity right out of America in ways that will leave their own interests and insanity completely intact.

    “Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies” – Andrea Dworkin

    “The incest taboo can be destroyed only by destroying the nuclear family as the primary institution of the culture. The nuclear family is the school of values in a sexist, sexually repressed society” – Andrea Dworkin

    “Children are fully capable of participating in community, and have every right to live out their own erotic impulses.” – Andrea Dworkin

    “Study Finds Sexual Health Education Should Begin As Early As Age 10” – Feminist Newswire, Feminist Majority Foundation Blog

    “Feminist Frequency (Anita Sarkeesian) retweeted John Scalzi @scalzi · 14h 14 hours ago GamerGate is about harassing, threatening and silencing women. Started that way, has been that way all along. Don’t pretend otherwise.”

    “Feminist Frequency @femfreq · Oct 25 Since so many seem confused. Masculinity ≠ male. Masculinity is a socially constructed and performed gender identity”

    “Feminist Frequency @femfreq · Oct 24 Interested in working toward a feminist masculinity? See @bellhooks’ book The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity & Love”

    “Feminist Frequency @femfreq · 6h 6 hours ago The system of Patriarchy privileges men as a social group, however a byproduct of that system is that men and men’s humanity is also harmed.”

    “Feminist Frequency @femfreq · Nov 15 Sexism isn’t just random personal prejudice. Sexism is connected to the historical, systemic, structural, institutional oppression of women.”

    “Do we really need more men explaining feminism to women? Do we need ANY? Go explain it to other men if you’re so inclined. #OrJustListen” – SFWA president Steve Gould

      1. Of course. SJWs despise Reagan. The point was to show how conservative SJWs actually are. They laugh at Frederck Wertham and Reagan while actually agreeing with their values on the free expression of ideas in pop media.

        At the same time they do that, they promote their own fascination with incest and pedophilia, prefering a woman who wrote SF about 10 yr. olds having sex to Lovecraft and giving grandmaster awards to apologists for NAMBLA. Remember that Audre Lorde blurbed Dworkin’s crazy book and ideas and that feminists in SFF and in general dote on Lorde as a treasured and wise icon. So does Daniel Jose Older. John Scalzi’s blog hosted a nutty racist feminist who went after whites and their “privilege” with hooks and tongs, quoting Lorde as she did so.

        Steven Gould and Jim Hines tell us to shut up and #JustListen to anything a feminist or woman says. I’m connecting dots to show you how this racist insanity has been mainstreamed right into SFF and America.

  10. Ah, this reminds me of those halcyon days in the late ’70s and the ’80s when gangs of liberal atheists got together to burn heavy metal record albums. I remember their cries denouncing heavy metal for its emphasis on nuclear families, respect for your elders, and remaining virginal until after marriage. I remember the sight of flames reaching up into the night sky and casting a flickering, demonic light on Ted Kennedy’s face as he encouraged metal heads everywhere to give up their morally upright and quietly religious lifestyles and wake up the truth of liberal atheism.

    Yes, those were the days. Thank God the SJWs are attempting to rekindle the bonfires, though only in a metaphorical sense. The actual burning of CDs releases too much carbon into the air, don’t you know.

    Here’s an idea: they can get one of those yule fire videos and play it on their computer while they delete heavy metal MP3 files. It’s not as visually appealing as a bonfire, but at least they’ll be saving the planet both from carbon and from those horrible, conservative metal heads.

    1. Unfortunately, the power of the sacrifice is in the amount of knowledge the sacrifice victim has of the process. That’s how the whole ‘explain everything to the victims before they die’ got started by the evil overlords. The had to, or the sacrifice was worthless. That’s why human sacrifices are so powerful.

      It’ll take at least 42 average SJW’s to equal one chicken’s understanding of a Hind tail rotor assembly, and even that marvelous aircraft can’t lift that much stupidity. Which is a pity, because I did feel a bit sorry for the chicken.

      To brighten your day, I think I found a picture of Tanya, Princess of Elves.


      1. Well, I guess it’s more belief than knowledge. It’s a pretty fuzzy subject. Anyhow, if you’ve been wondering why it takes days of preparations, drugs, rituals and imprisonment long enough for the hero to show up in the nick of time, now you know.

        Darwinian selection would have long ago favored human-sacrifice-drive-by’s if they actually were worth anything. It would be a lot cheaper and easier to simply gank some random hiker from behind in the name of Arrsgapbbbthptui and walk away. Need the victim somewhere at a special time? Roofies and a wheelchair will let you transport anybody anywhere. They wake up thirsty and groggy, and get more roofies in the water.

        The fact evil overlords don’t do it that way, and indeed often are willing to write off recruiting and training costs by sacrificing one of their own minions tells you all you need to know.

        Larry, as always, please feel free to copy and paste into your excellent literature.

      2. Normally I’m pretty immune to this…but my brain just shut down on the one of her in the bunny costume. Thank goodness nobody really expects intelligent anything on Mondays around here…

  11. Metal journalist is still journalist and must sympathize with the SJWs while still trying to write an article that metalheads will enjoy. Thus, the co-opting progresses.

    Sorry, fuck this guy.

  12. Maybe it’s an artifact of the area I’m in, but I’ve yet to meet a local metal fan that is progressive, or even liberal in the conventional sense.
    Libertarians by the bucketloads
    Mobs of Anarchists
    Even a few conservatives (mostly political conservatives that are religion agnostics, but I still know several people with divinity degrees that still have their metal collections at home, and on their iPhones – they just don’t pull into their church parking lot Sunday morning, car windows down, with “Enter Sandman”, “Highway to Hell”, or “Du Hast” blaring.

    Outside the fans, the differences between the liberals and conservatives on the music around here break down as follows:
    Religious conservatives: “Don’t hang with those metal fans – they’ll tempt you to sin. And, don’t bring that music into our house.”
    Liberals/progressives: “That music is harmful – it should be banned, or at least censored.”

    I think I prefer the types that prefer voluntary avoidance over censorship.

    1. Yeah, I can’t say I’ve ever met a progressive metalhead. It just doesn’t happen much, aside from the occasional Sacred Reich fan. To whatever degree metal has an ideological slant, it’s mostly toward individualism and self-respect while not trusting large institutions, which doesn’t tend to attract the “We *heart* Big Brother!” crowd. Then there’s the militaristic themes that drive off the the flower children…

      1. Just to point out Megadeth’s lyrics could be considered progressive, just listen to ‘Countdown to Extinction’, or maybe Iron Maiden’s ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’. You can find progressive ideas everywhere, just as you can find conservative ideas everywhere. As for being a Progressive I’d fit that label better Conservative, yet I’m pro-military but I was anti-Iraq War. I want boots on the ground to fight ISIS, not to save the West, but help the Kurds and other minorities in the Middle East. I’m in favour of Universal Health Care, cutting defense spending, or at least rationalizing it. I like Elizabeth Warren, and wish she would run in 2016. I want to legalize pot, end the war on drugs, I’m favour with Net Neutrality. I think the EPA and the FDA need more authority not less, I agree we need to support Israel, I have no problem with the NSA collecting metadata, and drone strikes.

        I’m a metal fan.

        And I hate being labeled by EACH side.

      2. Rick, I think the issue is one of politics versus people who hate me for waking up in the morning. To whatever extent SJWs go after metal it won’t be over the political stances you just mentioned but for being too white straight and male. SFF’s feminists default anyone to conservative merely for not agreeing with rape culture and the oppression of the patriarchy. Of course they save that for venues they perceive as overwhelmingly straight white and male. The fact they never go after any cultural expression that is non-white, gay or female shows what drives SJWs isn’t politics but racial and sexual prejudice. I don’t care about your politics, I do care if you collude to discriminate against me because of my skin.

  13. Heh. I’m a devout Mormon, female, libertarian…and I LOVE METAL. (Granted, not metal of the Norwegian black metal variety but still.) While some of the guy’s points were valid, I still started laughing when he insisted that no true metalhead could possibly be conservative…

    1. I’m, well, me: Asatru (or perhaps “Asatru leaning agnostic”–it’s complicated) far enough out in the libertarian direction that I get to call MadMike a moderate. 😉

      Something between 80 and 90 percent of my iPod playlist is metal. It’s metal like Hammerforce, Dragonfall, Within Temptation, Leaves Eyes, Nightwish, etc.

      1. Oh, I do like Within Temptation. Also Kamelot. ^_^ Nightwish is fine, but I actually prefer it post-Tarja. (About 60-70% of whatever Tarja sings makes my teeth hurt, heh.) Serenity is awesome as well–and their lead singer has a doctorate in history and found something better to do with it than be a barista! 😀

      2. A co-worker at my former job introduced me to Euro symphonic metal a couple of years ago – it was Within Temptation’s “The Unforgiving” that proved to be my gateway drug – and I haven’t looked back. I’ve got most of WT’s catalog and Nightwish’s, plus various odds and sods from Kamelot, Xandria, Pythia, Delain, Arkona and Serenity, among others. God help me, I’ve even become a huge Alestorm fan…

        NIghtwish’s new lead singer, Floor Jansen, might be the best one of the three they’ve had. She’s got the range and highs of Tarja combined with Anette Olzon’s Joan Jett-like grit. If you haven’t already, I recommend you give their new live album – “Showtime, Storytime,” recorded at last year’s Wacken Open Air music festival – a try. I especially enjoyed her version of the Nightwish classics “Nemo” and “Ever Dream.”

      3. I’d never even heard of Within Temptation until Pandora ran Our Solemn Hour past me and I promptly fell in love. Not so much into the crashy thrashy end of the metal spectrum, but WT is quite melodic. Now writing down the names of a bunch more bands to try. Thanks!

      4. @jabrwok: Oh yes, I have Sabaton on there. “Uprising” is my favorite, although during my more megalomaniac moments I’m tempted to make “Carolus Rex” my personal theme song.


      5. I never realized American culture, Heart, Pat Benatar and Meatloaf banged back at me in English was Euro Symphonic Metal.

      6. I think I’ve caught Sabaton here and there on my power metal Pandora station. I’ll have to take a closer look. And I shall have to check out Nightwish’s new stuff–I liked Annette, but I don’t think I’ve heard the newest one. I love Kamelot from their second singer (Roy Khan) through their new guy (who, if possible, has an even more powerful set of pipes than Khan–and that’s saying something).

        Also, Christopher Lee (yes, THAT Christopher Lee) just released a heavy metal Christmas song. 90+ years old, and he’s still metal. (Pity his other metal album is impossible to find)

  14. Just wanted to say, I read “This message is Skippy approved”, and my brain interpreted it as “This message is Skinny Puppy approved”, and for a second I became all excited and thought “Hey, one of my favorite authors might have been at that concert too!* ” But then my brain corrected itself, and I thought to myself “Self, that makes more sense. Plus, Skinny Puppy is Industrial, rather than heavy metal.”

    *Skinny Puppy is the headline act for the Eye vs. Spy tour, they played Salt Lace City on the 13th. It was epic.

  15. So the wife and the daughter are involved for the last few years called Aeterno Elementum A heavy metal opera. About a year ago they got some flack along the same lines. Now given that the wife has been known to forge her own blades, has worked fugitive recovery, fought (and won) tournaments and rock a dress, she was unamused. here is a link to the reply article

    and a link to the music for free for those who are interested in operatic heavy metal

    1. That article seems to dismiss the couple of African acts that have already made it outside of the continent… probably because they’re mostly (gasp) white.

      It’s a bit of a shame that “artists” like Die Antwoord and Jack Parow get recognition for their ironic value, when there are perfectly good bands like Fokofpolisiekar that make genuine music. On the plus side, Scandinavian artists proved that metal doesn’t care about language as long as it sounds badass, and Rammstein proved that it can even be somewhat mainstream, so metal’s a very likely avenue for native-language artists to make it big.

      Provided of course they can make it sound angry enough.

  16. my goodness – I have zero sympathy for SJWs, but equally I have zero sympathy for those who threaten and bully online.
    Quite frankly, a number of posters here seem to have no problem with the latter.

      1. Let me guess: The posters “c1ue” vaguely referred to failed to flagellate themselves because an SJW was threatened (or claimed they were) and therefore it must be something they don’t mind.

        Which somehow makes be believe “c1ue” has a bit more sympathy for them than he/she wants others to believe.

      2. “Bullying”: “hitting back.”, specifically of a non-leftoid against an Anointed One or Official Narrative.
        Example: “When Guardian editorialist Daniel Jose Older. expressed his victimization by Dead White Male H.P. Lovecraft, Larry Correia engaged in bullying behavior by making Daniel look like the little bitch he is.”

    1. Oh, shock and horror, I’ve noticed we didn’t cover Touhou remixes in our discussion of Japanese Metal.

      That could totally be what you are complaining about.

      Someone could have fallen into a suicidal depression because their waifu might’ve been overlooked.

      Quick, everyone do their part to stop bullying and threats!

      [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyVJKgzkbh8&w=560&h=315%5D

    2. Tell that to the morons who racially and sexually harass me 24/7 because of the East India Company or me suppressing all knowledge of black folks in medieval Bohemia. That’s when they’re not lecturing me on how to properly write non-whites, women and gays with their moronic writing the “other” workshops. I’m trying to imagine myself telling black folks how to write Irish, complaining about them culturally appropriating automobiles by driving them and having whites-only writing workshops. I can’t. All I see is “STORMFRONT” in big flashing letters. Add to that boycotting all-white convention panels, segregated rooms and whining at any Table of Contents that’s all white. You tell me who the dipshits are. And I can find that among SFF editors, award-nominees, officers of literary orgs or webzines on any given day. That’s not just “bullying,” that’s a constant stream of generic blood libel that takes out everyone from Edgar Rice Burroughs to Frank Herbert to George R.R. Martin for the crime of being white and men. What moron writes “Is Game of Thrones Too White?” Oh, gee, by an amazing coincidence it’s the same moron who never shuts up about white people week in and week out. But don’t let me object to a black James Bond while Arab Muslims playing Jews skate off free cuz fairness.

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