Great deal on a story bundle.

I am putting up a post to plug some friend’s work. Kevin J. Anderson sent me the following message.
I’ve put both FANTASTIC HOLIDAY SEASON anthologies in the new Holiday Fantasy Bundle from, along with books by Jody Lynn Nye, Kristine Grayson, Dean Wesley Smith, Dave Sakmyster, Carole Nelson Douglas, and Mark Teppo. Nine books for $12 (or more if you feel the holiday spirit move you!) The bundle runs for only three more weeks.  For the full details, please send people to my blog post   or just to the storybundle homepage, I am very proud of both books. With all the great authors in these anthologies, it was a pleasure to work on them
So you’ve got a whole bunch of eBooks for super cheap. Check it out. There is even a Christmas Noun in there!
I was going to put up a longer blog post, but I’m down with the stomach flu. So copying and pasting this has just about finished me off for the day. Now I’m going to go lay on the bed and stream Criminal Minds on Netflix and try to drink some Gatorade.
Fisking the Guardian again, this time for HP Lovecraft.
Shared Nightmares, a new horror anthology I'm in.

10 thoughts on “Great deal on a story bundle.”

  1. Yuck bud, thanks for the post for more good books!

    Hope you feel better soon. We need you for the next run by fruiting of Tad Williams when he’s being a tool.

    Or just bring the Tetsubo again.

    Seriously, feel better. Get some rest, if you haven’t got your health…

  2. Criminal Minds is a good show that started fantastic. When Mandy Patinkin left the show there was a lost element that took it from great to good. I still follow the series, but with less of the anticipation from the first two seasons.

  3. Get well soon Larry. You don’t have time to be sick. You should be working diligently on whatever work of art you have in progress because I love to read whatever it is. Hopefully a new Christmas Noun or a new MH or… yeah you get the idea. Seriously though, get well soon.

    1. Sorry for double posting but I just had to recommend that you watch some Justified episodes if you can find them on NetFlix. I love that show.

  4. It’s probably about time to start our own annual awards. It doesn’t matter how small it is or how many people vote. Big things come from small beginnings. I propose calling it the Burroughs Award. He straddles fantasy and SF. He kicked off what we recognize as our genre 100 years ago. His influence is probably greater than anyone’s.

    We’ll separate fantasy and SF, and have only Best Novel and Best Short Fiction. Maybe Best Film and Best TV too. Keep it simple at the start.

    By tacit agreement, no one who engages in Social Justice Warrior ideology to attack race, sex, religion or creed is eligible. Open to all others regardless of race, sex, religion or creed.

    I propose 4 blogs host the four categories of Novel, Short, TV, and Film, each with an SF and F entry. This could perhaps be determined by lottery.

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