Happy Cyber Monday! FREE Audiobook from me, Murder on the Orient Elite. Limited Time Only!

Super exciting stuff from Audible.com.

Here is a brand new Grimnoir novella, Murder on the Orient Elite, starring Jake Sullivan and the nefarious crime lord Dr. Wells as they try to stop the sabotage of a luxury airship. It takes place a few years after the events of Warbound. And as a thank you for you guys being so amazing and supporting my books in audio so much, it is FREE to download right now.


This story is only available in Audio right now.  So exclusive and free, you know you want it. 🙂

ADBLCRE-3918_Murder_on_the_Orient_Elite_FINAL (1)

Also, brand new in Audio is a another Grimnoir story, and this one is special because it takes place in the 1950s. Tokyo Raider is about Joe Sullivan, son of Jake and Lady Origami. As a Marine officer he is “diplomatically” loaned to the enemy Imperium (by the ever helpful President Francis Stuyvesant)  to help drive a giant fighting robot in a battle against Stalin’s pet super demon.

Tokyo Raider


And also because today is Cyber Monday, Audible is featuring my novel Into the Storm as one of their super deals of the day. Think steampunk Dirty Dozen of knights armed with mad science lightning swords fighting steam powered fighting robots, and yes, it is that awesome. It is super cheap, today only.


Into the Storm (3)

Shared Nightmares, a new horror anthology I'm in.
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59 thoughts on “Happy Cyber Monday! FREE Audiobook from me, Murder on the Orient Elite. Limited Time Only!”

    1. I just finished it over the course of a couple of lunch breaks. Totally awesome! I love it when Jake kicks ass! Bronson Pinchot did an incredible job. I kept having to remind myself that it was him talking. Totally didn’t sound like how I remember him from TV.

  1. Woke up early this morning and was ordering copies of hard magic as Christmas gifts, when Amazon recommended me Tokyo Raider.

    I freaked out to learn there was a Grimnoir I hadn’t read. Good to know I didn’t miss it, just found it early. Bronson brings these books to life!

  2. I’d be happy if I could get Audible to work on my windows device… I can’t even get the %@@$@#$@ software that’s required to download the book to install on my computer. BAH!

  3. I’d be happy if I could get the Audible program to work on my windows device. I can’t even get the required download software to install! BAH!

  4. Already own Storm. Just scooped up the other two. THANK YOU! I’ve been wanting more Grimnoir and can’t wait for the next series.

    1. I actually listened to both Dead Six, Swords of Exodus as well as Into the Storm on audio book before reading them. I think I’ve spend enough money on Larry for him to pay for a weekend at his local range.

  5. I have to have the audible app in order to hear the book, if I download the audible app and then sign on to it I would be liable for a charge of $14.95 per month. I just don’t want to do that. If I am mistaken, please let me know.

    1. You’re mistaken. Installing the Audible app and signing in doesn’t subscribe you to the service. I have it installed and haven’t subscribed yet.

  6. Correct. You don’t even need to have a subscription to purchase from Audible (subscriptions have other benefits). So you can get and run the app without having to pay anything.

  7. There was some game that had the world powers develop giant monsters rather than nuclear weapons as a doomsday device. I believe the Russian one was called “Proleterranadon”.

  8. Yay! I do love Grimnoir. Bought both audios. So far really enjoying the Orient one. Already have Into the Storm, and yeah, anyone who doesn’t have it really should get it, even if they know nothing about the world it’s set in.

  9. Finally decided to sign up for Audible so I could get this and your other books. I am really enjoying the serialized version of Hard Magic that Baen has on their podcast, even though I had already read the paper version. When I found a promo deal where you could get the first 3 months for 1.95 a month, I decided it was time to pull the trigger.

      1. No clue, I just found it kind of ironic that it turns out that a treatment for sad puppies involves large weapons

  10. Japanese super robot in my Grimnoir chronicles.

    Please tell me that there is some kind of henshin sequence and a rocket punch included. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what I needed in my life.

  11. Listened to the first story last night, and it got me wondering.

    We know what happened to Hitler in the Grimnoire setting. What about Mussolini? Did he rise to power in Italy? And what happened to the Eastern European nations – i.e. the ones stuck between the historical Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union – in the aftermath of the Great War?

    1. I mention in the series that Hitler was executed by the Kaiser before his rise to power. (he’s one of the chapter quotes).

      I don’t ever touch on Mussolini.

      There never is a Nazi Germany in the Grmnoir world.

      In the 50s Grimnoir world, Eastern European nations are either absorbed by the Soviets or living in fear of invasion. However I’ve not written about them yet.

  12. I ready Tokyo Raider first before these two audio version. My question is this, did you wrote Murder on the Oriental Elite first or Tokyo Raider (mainly due to a plot element in Tokyo Raider).

    On Murder on the Oriental Elite, I enjoy the Chekov’s Gun lampshade hanging. You actually even hang the gun in question.

    One last thing, what is the spelling of the German? I got Oskar (and the rest of the name I cannot phonetically make out). I figure out who the historical figure of the Russian easy enough (and he really didn’t start his meroitic rise in NKVD until 1938 in our timeline).

  13. The German is Otto Skorzeny. He’s a rather famous, and daring, historical World War 2 Nazi. Look him up. He’s worth reading about.

    1. Bleh. Screwed up the reply again. That’s twice in this thread.


      In any event, the historical Skorzeny is best known for two things –

      1.) Operation Grief, in which his unit disguised themselves as American soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge, and
      2.) His successful rescue of Benito Mussolini after the latter had been arrested by the Italian government following the Allied landings in Sicily.

      1. After the War, he ended up (among other things) aiding the Mossad with this-and-that. Who says that irony isn’t dead?

  14. I’m trying it, but I’m not really sure I’m an audio book kind of guy. I’m too easily distracted, and then realize I’ve missed hearing several minutes worth.

    I did run across one thing that bugged me. Around the 6 minute mark, you got the “Can’t trust you as far as I can throw you” metaphor backwards. If Jake could throw him farther with his power, that would mean he could trust him more, which is the opposite of everything else he’s saying.

    1. Haha, I noticed that metaphor problem too. “Wait, but you can throw him a really long way, so that means you do trust him,” I thought.

      I think I actually get more distracted while reading a book than listening to an audiobook, unless someone comes up to talk to me or something like that, then I just rewind. With physical books, I often read something that triggers other thoughts, and I end up staring into space for a minute or two thinking of that other thing before I remember I was reading a book. That seems to happen less when I have someone talking in my ear.

  15. I have read Tokyo Raider multiple times and now listened to Murder. The Grimnoir Chronicles is the series I am recommending to everyone right now. I am so happy to be reading the beginnings of the next installments in the series. Can’t wait for the fireworks to begin! Thank you so much Larry for giving us Murder on the Orient Elite as an early Christmas present! I look forward to your future works.

  16. I’m another hopeless Grimnoir addict who doesn’t get the concept of listening to books and desperately pines for sweet, sweet EPUB.

    Pretty please?

      1. I just finished Tokyo Raider over the course of a couple of lunch breaks. That…. was….. AWWWWWESOME! What an epic kaiju-style fight! Now I’m pumped for more Grimnoir stories! I can’t stop using exclamation points! 😀

  17. Larry, I’m not one for audio books. A misspent youth listening to loud noises has rendered me a mite deaf.

    But, I loved the Grimnoir trilogy and can’t wait to buy the new stories in Kindle format. My only fear is that, like a delicious amuse-bouche, I will devour them all too quickly.

  18. This is great news, I was just searching for any books I might have missed of yours on Audible the other day when I noticed Tokyo Raider, odd how Murder on the Orient Elite didn’t come up though. Your link worked so that’s good enough for me (though I did double check and searching for Murder on the Orient Elite doesn’t bring your book up).

    I’ve been loving all your audiobooks. I might have missed it but was there any update on the Detroit Christmas recording?

    1. Tokyo Raider is the last story in Baen’s Big Book of Monsters. I haven’t found the printed form for Murder in the Oriental Elite yet.

  19. I just finished both, and I thought they were very enjoyable, but I wanted to say that I really love the covers for these two. Art style, font, etc. I really hope the next Grimnoir series uses this style for the covers.

  20. Got the free audio book, and now I am hooked on Grimnoir, and have to read or listen to HARD MAGIC, and so on. I believe this marketing technique works with drugs, too.

  21. Missed the window for “Murder on the Orient Elite” appears to have dropped off Audible. Will this be available again? Want to buy.

    1. It can be found on Amazon now [since they bought? allied with? Audible] – that’s how I found out about it, by doing an author search on ‘zon, to see if any new MHI or Grimnoir books were extant. Regrettably, it’s still not in print [e- or otherwise. Dead trees, clay tablets, I don’t care: I can’t stand talk radio, so audiobooks just aren’t my thing. I’d happily record/read aloud for others, I just haven’t taken my stories in the format since I was ~ 4 or 5…]

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