8 thoughts on “Great Review of Shattered Shields”

  1. Obviously I haven’t been haunting your blog nearly enough lately. I’m thrilled to hear that The Keeper of Names is a story from a greater world. I’m really looking forward to reading your upcoming fantasy series. 🙂

  2. I didn’t like the way it ended, Larry. Of course, that may be because you totally sucked me in and I didn’t want it to end. Now I have to wait for the novel to come out. You really ought to take up sadism, as your next hobby. You’re already quite accomplished at it.

  3. Read it yesterday. Overall it was pretty good. I ended up skipping two stories, one was the Black Company story cuz it was just too hard to read. I tried reading the novels and they had too many made up names that were hard to read and the short story was the same kind of thing. Probably very enjoyable if you made it through the novels.

    The other one I skipped was the one the reviewer raved about towards the end of the review. The “missing element” and “unusual twist” of the Bonded Men story is that all the characters are men…and lovers. I quit reading after they spent time kissing and making crude comments in the first few paragraphs.

  4. Can’t wait to see this. Especially the cover and map. Those are my favorite part of fantasy novels. I mean, apart from the words, that is.

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