MHN made the FINALS for the GoodReads best of 2014. Anybody can go vote.

Monster Hunter Nemesis is still in it!

For some reason they stuck MHN in horror. Okay, whatever. I’m cool with that. It keeps me from having to go head to head against Jim Butcher and Brandon Sanderson. Frankenstein vs. demons, yeah, okay, we’ll run with it. Horror it is!

However, I’m up against Anne Rice (the one who pretty much created a genre), Jonathan Maberry (one of the best authors alive), Scott Sigler (hey, we’ve been in anthologies together!), Dean Koontz (been reading him since I was 12), John Connolly, James Rollins (I think both of those guys plays poker with Castle), M.R. Carey (who wrote Constantine and Hellblazer), Jennifer MacMahon (I actually don’t know her, but multiple NYT bestsellers),

Yeah, so this is pretty much in the bag.

Provided you guys go vote and spread the word of course, because I’m probably the only author uncouth enough to actually ask his fans directly. 🙂

A really cool writing/music project, Foreshadows.
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29 thoughts on “MHN made the FINALS for the GoodReads best of 2014. Anybody can go vote.”

  1. Vote is in, it was a tough choice between you and Mayberry though.
    Also maybe it was just me, but it sure seemed like there was a lot of stuff in some of the other areas that should have been put in romance if you were to just judge by the covers, sad that they couldn’t get better covers for some of those books.

  2. done voted…. But you can say with pride most of your readers can actually face the Monsters and com up victorious since we do have the training and firepower.
    We don’t cosplay, we kit up.

  3. Nah, you’re just the only one who gets crap for it.

    Considering the craziness of the last year, I have to wonder what the 2014 Christmas Noun is going to be like. 🙂

  4. I have to say, I am incredibly disappointed with the science-fiction finalists. I thought there might have been some hope for the science-fiction community when “To Honor You Call Us” made it on the list, alas the finalists are all yawn-fests.

  5. Voted!

    I hadn’t even heard of any of the sci-fi finalists, but gave Earth Awakens the nod because A) I know OSC is good, and B) he makes all the right heads explode (which I say even as a supporter of SSM).

    1. Honestly, the Martian probably deserved your vote more than yet another Ender prequel partially written by somebody else. It was a very fun read. Great for near-future hard science fiction that doesn’t bother with social justice bullcrap (didn’t pick up very much politics in the book, other than a preference to NASA over private firms in relation to taking us to Mars in the near future).

      1. Thanks, I’ll check it out. (or I’ll check out the free Kindle sample, anyway — I’m way too cheap to spend $10 on a pile of pixels). Always looking for good authors to add to my list.

  6. Done….
    To the SJW types out there, all things Larry Correia can, with sometimes good reason, be considered “HORROR”

  7. Michael Connelly and James Patterson are the guys that play poker with Castle. I think you should start lobbying Nathan Fillion for a guest spot. But I get to be your personal assistant that day. Nathan has a nice PA named Michelle – met her when I was one of his con volunteers. You can’t let him out do you…

    James Rollins is no more horror than you. His stuff is labeled on his website as being in the “thriller” genre and sound a lot like Dan Brown. Kind of interesting how they lumped folks that are kind of “other” into “horror”.

  8. Like I said at John Wrights –

    I’m not sure if you and Dean Koontz actually qualify as horror….

    No sense of overwhelming nihilistic dread, where everything turns out to be hopeless. Both of your books are infused with hope, and that people can overcome, no matter how bad it gets.

    That said, I can’t get enough, so I voted for you.

  9. Yeah I don’t see the Horror in Nemesis it’s basically internets version of Chuck Norris(or insert most badass badass ever here) as the main character of 24 but instead of terrorists he is now fighting paranormal monsters and H.P. Lovecraftian stuff.

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