Lots of trolls lately, I blame the election

So there has been a deluge of trolls lately. We had Forest the super troll trapped in Trollheim for a few days, then I had another Clamps infestation, and yesterday that Pox dumb ass. And that doesn’t even count the regular, unmemorable drive by poo flingers. I think it is because of last week’s election results, so all these losers have had nothing better to do than simmer in their impotent rage. Luckily, I have a seal club and a total lack of compassion. 🙂

Shadowdancer drew this last night in honor of this week’s epic trolling.


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141 thoughts on “Lots of trolls lately, I blame the election”

  1. Sheesh, Larry! Your picture needs a trigger warning! Can you imagine what the SJWs would say if they saw that? 😉

    1. I’m sure all the Tumblr special snowflakes who claim to have anthropomorphic seal otherkin headmates are all rocking themselves into catatonia under their computer desks because of this lack of a proper trigger warning.

    1. And just who, exactly, are you? Larry is at least brave enough to use his real name and face on the internet. If you really believed your cause was just, you would not be ashamed to attach your real identity to it.

    2. You (in this case, Pox Vay), can’t win a debate if you have no idea how logic and reason work. Your points were summarily shot down every time. You can’t move the goal posts or ignore the answers just because you lost. There is no participation trophy for trolling.

    3. You know, if you keep this up, you’ll have to change your screen name to “Carry Lorreia”, or something equally “witty”.

    4. Spectator sport. The audience decides who wins. 🙂

      I responded to every single point you originally raised. I can’t help it if your points were regurgitated nonsense. Since you are just an attention whore troll, desperately seeking validation from people (hence the sad tagging of Scalzi, Damien, Joe Hill, & Sir Neil) all you deserve is mockery.

    5. LOL, the butthurt is strong with this one. Still stung that the other authors you tried dragging in wanted nothing to do with it?

      Also, you might want to google Yama/Clamps/Andrew Marston a bit before you accept him so readily. Unless that’s the kind of person you like hanging around. 😀

      1. Yeah, there’s a reason why Larry calls him a “creepy stalker”, and it’s not just because he shows up on this blog once a month whether we need him here or not.

        It’s because he is actually stalking someone. Look him up and see what all he’s pulled.

  2. I must say, it was nice to see you block someone after only a handful of tweets. These people are beneath you. The quicker you lock them out, the better.

    1. I don’t block them on the blog, but Twitter is for morons. Everything is reduced to brain dead quips. So you can see why it is the preferred battleground of SJW dipsticks.

      1. I’m WAY late to this party … but just what the heck is an SJW? I keep seeing the initials here and there, but never the long form (forgive me … it took me forever to figure out what RINO meant.)

    1. *bows* I *was* dubbed ‘Cutest Evul’ by Larry Dixon, remember?

      I actually still have another one of these to make – Hubby came up with the idea. He’s responsible for the ‘carp’ and the ‘broken seal’ jokes on this picture.

      We’re a well suited pair. *smile*

  3. Back on the Firefly discussion board (ask Adam Baldwin about the “OB” sometime), we had the tradition of the “troll-poking stick”. You start a thread about how Firefly sucks? Every response you get is of the form “I got my troll-poking stick out! *poke*” or “I’m going troll hunting! *poke* *poke*”.

    Larry, of course, has to out-do everybody so he gets a tetsubo. 😉

          1. That was my introduction to fandom: I joined the Prospero board just around the time news of Lux’s death hit, and with Adam’s and Nathan’s posts I realized what a sense of community had grown up around the show.

            And now even the archives are gone. 🙁

          2. There’s a secret FB group for refugees of the old board and someone’s recreated another forum somewhere. Not sure if it has any of the old posts, but people are going there now.

    1. There’s NEVER any Joy in Trollheim. Joy is just another addiction that supports the Patriarchy, dontcha know. (Note, with the amount of REALLY GOOD painkillers I’m currently on, it’s EASY to follow SJW ‘logic’. I mean, most of my brain is currently numbed to the point of being non-functional, so I can operate at THEIR level for the moment.

      But I’ll regret it in the morning. . .

    2. If trolls knew joy, they wouldn’t be trolls. It’s the whiny, never-satisfied-with-anything, perpetual butthurt types who become trolls.

  4. Aw, that picture makes me sad.

    It’s nice that you get a kick out of these arguments, Larry. I for one don’t like online arguments. I’m still working on learning to keep my mouth shut so I don’t get drawn into them, although sometimes they sneak up on you and a seemingly innocuous discussion turns into one before you realize it. Still, it’s entertaining to watch you go at people, mostly because I usually agree with what you’re saying and you say it much better than I could anyway.

    1. Don’t feel too sad. Those were killer wereseals, after all. They lure you close with cuteness then BAM!

  5. I don’t understand, why does this Larry fella have so many problems and drama? Has he hurt someone or wronged someone? If not, why then is he so bitterly pursued by all these strange men? Surely his critics can find something more important to do with their lives. ISIS has accounts on social networking sites, and yet nobody shuts them down or harasses them. I admit, I don’t really know Larry, maybe he is some sick fuck that likes to eat kittens for fun, but he seems like a mild mannered jolly fat man that writes silly fantasy books and keeps to his own devices. Consequently, I’m not sure I understand why all these liberal terrorists are molesting him with all these uncouth shenanigans.

    1. Hey, I’m just big boned!

      They harass me because their worst nightmare is somebody who speaks up against them who won’t be shamed into silence. Plus, they know that despite how many times they say people like me are violent, they know that is a lie. However, they won’t troll ISIS because ISIS would actually kill them, so instead they defend ISIS and blame their evil on “colonialism” or “the oppressed standing up to white privilege”.

      They’re basically a bunch of chicken shit losers without any consistent moral standards.

      1. They talk smack because they know we won’t touch them. I promise that if laws against dueling were to change, most of these people would modify their attitude in a heartbeat.

        The ones that don’t? Well, evolution in action and all that.

      2. I’ve seen one or two forums where the resident troll suddenly thought better of it after the forum owner paid a visit to their real world home.


      3. Junior, that’s why they engage in “Doxxing” so often. (It means “documenting” – basically getting someone’s real name, address, phone number and employer together and injecting it into the argument) so that someone “braver” than they are can go harass the liberal’s opponent. Often this takes the form of trying to get them fired or at it’s worst, making fake police reports in hopes of getting them killed in a raid (Known as SWATTING).

        Trolls are sociopaths, so giving them the consideration one should a normal person is right out.

      4. Dr. Mauser;
        Once in an argument, I posted my address for Andrew and invited him to come have his little ‘discussion’ with me in person. His immediate response was to scream how unfair I was, because I knew he lived in Mass. (which actually I didn’t at the time) and how there was no way he could afford to see me in person.
        Of course he didn’t give me his address and suggest that I fly to where he was instead.
        Calling his bluster about what he would do to me, really shut him down rather fast.

      5. Dr. Mauser –

        The kind of activity I’m referring to isn’t harassment. And the people doing it don’t publicly post the details of where the troll lives. They merely make sure that the troll knows that they know. It’s an implied threat to behave by the forum authorities, or hammers will be dropped.

        1. Fun fact: When many of us actually read “them” when they actually said that crap, it isn’t building a straw man.

          In fact, you might want to brush up on what a straw man actually is. I mean, since you’re clearly ignorant of the reality of what the term means and all that.

    2. One of Larry’s opponents thinks they were, in a previous life, a cow that stepped on him. Larry ate part of that cow. The rest are rallying around that person.

      Seriously, the more accurate explanations are almost as bizarre.

    3. There’s a pretty good correlation between people that will murder you and people who don’t get trolled or have their accounts banned.

  6. I find myself missing the good old days of H and K fanboys trolling ‘You suck and we hate you’ rant. At least the argument was about cool stuff that goes kaboom.

  7. Oh wow! I had no idea you liked it that much.

    Well, I’ve got a couple of other doodles related to the trolling infestation this week, so stay tuned. I’ll link ’em here when done.

    One’s suggested by my hubby – it involves a tetsubo steamroller, and a baby seal with the SJW cutie mark.

    The other: Tentacles and tetsubos.

      1. Shadowdancer: For the “tetsubo steamroller,” Google up some images of a piece of heavy equipment called a “sheepsfoot compactor.”

        I think that’s what you’re looking for… 😉


    Kiss a woman
    See snow
    Go to Des Moines
    Buy sit-down fork-lift to more easily move pallets of pimple cream
    Build glass cases for Nazi paraphernalia
    Buy a video camera so his CreatureMania fights between centipedes and scorpions are more than just a memory
    Digitize his collection of ’80s porn magazines to make room for his collection of mummified cats
    Build a gazebo for his colony of Death’s Head Moths
    Learn Urdu
    Learn to ration incontinence diapers
    Reduce washing hands to 100 times a day
    Save money for Clownophobia therapist

  9. As I said on the thread it first appeared in:

    Mine is an evil laugh. (On the inside, since my coworkers get nervous when I laugh out loud.)

  10. All I can say is that it was a wash for North Carolina. The good news is that Kay Hagan is no longer a US Senator The bad news is that she moved back to North Carolina.

    1. And Florida is stuck with Charlie the Oompa-Loompa, hiding in one of Morgan’s offices, licking his wounds and plotting his next return to the public trough.

      1. TIme to break out the concertina wire and fence charger.

        The only problem I have with voting as a means of changing our government is that we don’t get to vote on the party higher-ups who choose which candidates end up on the ballot and which do not.

        I’d certainly support a system where any candidate from any party (or none) who could pull 10% of the primary votes (which would have to be opened to any party who could prove a minimum number of members, say 10,000 or more for each state in which a primary was held, would automatically be on the final ballot.

        Sure, they wouldn’t benefit from the deep pockets of the national Siamese Twin party’s, but that would allow a populist candidate a fighting chance.

        If the Republicans don’t come up with somebody worth voting for (Ben Carson is a possibility for me), I’ll be looking to write in “Nobody”.

        To be honest, I’m seriously reconsidering what “government” should actually be doing and, if I had my druthers, it would be a dramatically pared down list of jobs and employees when I got done.

        At the same time (I’d be lucky to complete my first term), I’d gut the current educational system and turn the clock back to the turn of the century … the late 1800’s / early 1900’s (or earlier). What passes for a primary school education these days is vile smelling offal and animal by-products.

        The reason our politicians get away with their shiite is because our population is, on the whole, ignorant. While stupidity is permanent, ignorance can be fixed and I would set out to fix it.

        If you want a revolution with a chance of succeeding and the hope of continued sovereignty, fix the education system. A pissy education system is the axe of treason laid at the root of the tree of liberty. It won’t matter how much we water it or with what: if the roots are severed, it will never regrow.

      1. Dave … she’s been kicked off the podium, but it’s a safe bet that she is back pulling the same levers that got her elected to start with. Kay Hagan did not become a Senator by taking hints from the electorate and she isn’t about to start now.

        The ones we got rid of this cycle are still in the game, peddling influence, making speeches and the whole mish-mash of things they did to support the party which convinced the party power brokers to back them in their own runs for office. Until you see their names in the obits, don’t rule them out. Even then, the people they supported will still be harnessed up and ready to go.

        Shaking some of these people out of the seats of power feels good … but it’s not enough to fix a system that is fundamentally broken. For one thing, we need to break the two party stranglehold on power and the way to do that is to begin electing independents and third party candidates at whatever level we can. When one of these signals that they have been co-oped by changing their party allegiance, we need to vote against them at their very next election. Once we have third party candidates obtaining office fairly often, we need to start electing people from even smaller parties in order to avoid exchanging a two-party stranglehold for a three-way cluster xxxk.

        We need to put the 800 pound gorillas on a long term starvation diet and fill the room with sock monkeys instead.

      2. Bill: While you’re right that with incumbents the default setting should be “Primary ’em!” barring superlative performance, I’m going to disagree strongly with you about the ‘smaller third parties’: there’s places that idea is currently in practice, and it doesn’t work like you think it should. For example, the Knesset is run exactly that way (thirteen ‘major’ parties, some of whom have sub-caucuses). What happens is that, for every decision that comes up, every little subgroup that contributes to a majority has to wet its beak in return for support… as a consequence things either pass loaded with logrolling and/or badly distorted, or they don’t pass at all; getting anything useful done is at best difficult. I won’t argue that it’s time for the Republican Party to go the way of the Whigs it supplanted, though.

        As far as Kay Hagan goes, there’s no way to keep a private citizen with money and connections (or even without ’em) from lobbying his opinions… in this case, though, this particular one no longer gets to actually vote on them in Congress assembled, and that’s a fair start.

        Small World Department: I currently live down the road from you, just outside of T-Ville.

    1. UNLEASH THE CORREIAKEN More of a shirt design than anything else. Or a poster/pc wallpaper. 1920×1080

      I’ve had a couple of friends wonder why I’m using the baby harp seal as my SJW metaphor/allegory/satire. Well, first, I don’t hate baby harp seals, let’s get that out of the way – I think they’re freaking adorable and if someone gave me a harp seal stuffed toy, it would be cuddled and snuggled and given to my next baby.

      Larry’s joked that he has his ‘seal club,’ and honestly, with the way that SJWs behave – flounder about, barking ‘nark nark nark’, seem entirely unable to comprehend when to keep quiet – if nothing else, for survival… also their whole ‘OMG I’M JUST A HELPLESS SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE VICTIM OPPRESSED BY my own stupidity WHITE MEN AND PRIVILEGE AND IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE THEN YOU’RE A HATEY HATER RACIST TRAITOR TO YOUR GENDER/RACE/SEXUAL ORIENTATION’ schtick… (ach, my head hurt trying to write that out, it was so stupid…)

      It wasn’t hard to juxtapose that with the whole ‘baby harp seals should be SAVED BECAUSE THEY’RE CUTE SO SPECIAL’ forgets the whole ‘that’s also going to grow up to be meat eating predators’ part about well, seals. And with the way that trolls are tolerated amongst SJWs, along with their tolerance for predators ‘as long as they go after the ‘correct targets’ it’s okay’ double standard, the ‘cute and harmless and fighting for JUSTICE!!!!!!! mask’ just takes on a much, much more sinister aspect.

      The snowflake with the SJW cutie mark hammers it in, because SJWs are so freaking dense and constantly see things through their distorted mental lense that the obvious needs hammering in.

      And at that point, we return to the part about Larry’s tetsubo and beating in the point, and baby seals being ‘harmless’.

  11. Damien today:

    “Damien Walter ‏@damiengwalter ·12 hrs12 hours ago
    oh dear…adding Larry Correia to the list of oddballs nursing an unhealthy obsession with me. Thanks for the various links from folks.”

    This tweet is favorited by . . . Pure, Impure, Clamps’ Twitter ID.

    The comments are:

    “Arthur Chu ‏@arthur_affect ·12 hrs12 hours ago
    @damiengwalter Oh man were you not aware of this? The guy stalks you”

    and this telling reply from Damien:

    ” Damien Walter ‏@damiengwalter ·12 hrs12 hours ago
    @arthur_affect Seems that way! As soon as those types get odd I just block them. Someone flagged up his stalking today.”

    I think Clamps tried to set you up the bomb, Larry.

      1. Hey, if the name of Damien G Walter, Guardian columnist, wants to be associated with supertroll-stalker Clamps, so be it. Let’s see how that works out for him in the long run.

    1. So, he lies about what Larry said and refuses to actually link to him so readers can make up his own mind. He tries to crowdsource a witch hunt to find any evidence that Larry really is any of the things Damien already called him. He insult Larry’s publisher, who Larry is on the record of thinking the world of. All of that, and he can’t seem to imagine why Larry might not like him?

      But Larry’s a stalker? Really?

      Oh, and he blocks for a lot more than when someone “gets odd”. He’ll block the moment he realizes that you’re going to take him to school.

    1. On the one hand, deprived of context, it loses something. But more amusing is that he posted it, and it dropped without a ripple, while the other posts can generate pages of comments.

      Goes to show that even on troll-boards, he’s disregarded as a wanna-be.

          1. Which is yet another fact that shows us just how moronic he is. After all, with all that free time, it’s not like he doesn’t have time to actually learn how to not suck at trolling.

          2. Well, it seems that if there’s a place he can get a login to, he signs up, so his efforts are too diluted to understand the local culture on any board he visits. He makes himself the perpetual outsider.

            Seriously, ever notice how rarely he gets replies when he does this stunt?

          3. Usually not.

            The only people who generally reply to him on any of our usual haunts are the people who view trolls as piñatas. I won’t name any names as examples *cough* ME *cough*, but they certainly exist.

      1. I had an idle thought.

        He likes to submit the worst of my sketches and practice drawings to these bad art sites, but gets so little response. It must not be edifying for him.

        I wonder, if someone submitted his works to these places, would he get more of the comment responses he so craves?

        He constantly decries my art is not worth viewing, yet he keeps going to my deviantart page. Why bother going to places you don’t LIKE?

      2. You know, when Clamps came here last week, I considered saying that to him, but realized I’d be wasting my effort. You can’t reason with an irrational mind.

        1. *laughs* He WISH. He would LOVE it if I were actually paying him that attention.

          There’s been speculation from some of the people who know how bad it really is that Crampsy’s actually sexually attracted to me, and because I’m not ‘his little Asian doll love slave’ and he can’t have me, that this is the reason why he actively stalks me and follows me ALL over the Internet, accuses me of being a whore / slut / sleeping with ‘another man…’

          Yeah, that’s beyond creepy, that he thinks he has the right to dictate what I should do sexually, and that he likes to sling mud at an 11 year long dedicated, monogamous relationship – that I have with Rhys, not Affirmative.

          1. Yeah, I’ve figured that was part of it for a while. He’s just never progressed past the stage of development where one hits a girl because he likes her.

            It’s also why he thinks “your writing sucks” is some kind of sick burn.

      1. Actually, IIRC, the lousy cover site gives hat tips to whoever submits a cover, and yours came from one of his known aliases.

        (Sorry, been watching a Castle marathon this afternoon).

        1. See? I don’t go looking because meh, it’s not like I’ll make EVERYONE happy with my works, and his opinion doesn’t matter since it does not matter what I do it’ll always be crap in his mind, since he is not an objective person and he hates me.

          But that’s revealing, isn’t it? Since he doesn’t have actual support in saying bad things about me, he must rely on sock puppets, slander, made up claims, lies, things taken completely out of context, to attempt to smear me.

          And I’m small fry compared to someone like say, Vox Day, and Larry, or any of the big-name authors here.

          If he expends this much effort on me, imagine what he does to far better authors and artists!

    2. I said it over in MGC, but I think it’s worth repeating here.

      Look at all the accusations that Crampsy makes, and see it as projection. He claims that Larry is ‘stalking’ him? He’s projecting. He whimpers about my art not being worth looking at? He’s projecting. He yells at authors their writing sucks? He’s projecting. He stomps his feet and screams that someone is evil? He’s projecting. He tries to paint someone as misogynistic/homophobic/racist/hater/rape apologist/stalker/sexist/insertinsultthatwouldworkonaSJWhere… he’s projecting, especially since we’ve all seen him demonstrate all of the above on more than one occasion.

      He claims that another person is ‘paying other people to go to their site and ‘pretend’ to be his friends?’ He’s projecting – and you have got to wonder at how pathetic that is.

      Because he IS projecting. He relies heavily on spreading his manure at people who have no idea who he is. He relies heavily on the abuse of people’s good manners and well meaning social assumptions. RH’s abuses were hidden until they were exposed. Like termites, vampires, and other parasitic creatures they don’t survive very well when exposed to the harsh light of truth.

      Let the troll speak, I say – elsewhere, and not here- if he so wishes, so we may know how he thinks.

      *smiles gently*

      1. I can imagine him reading this and gnashing his teeth. Then he goes over to one of the sites he’s not banned from and posts his angry response to the puzzlement of the moderators.

  12. I doubt Forrest, Clamps, or Pox would be suitable for mounting – probably not good to look at, and they don’t represent enough of a challenge that you’d be proud of bagging them. Although Larry does get bonus points for the creativity for which he dispatches them – kind of like Bugs Bunny in The Rabbit of Seville.

    1. Wasn’t there a game that came out a couple years ago that gave bonus points for creative kills? Bulletstorm or something like that?

      1. I’m just saying if you think about it, it kind of fits. At first glance, they appear to be an attractive *insert gender of choice here*. But then you follow them only to find out they’re encased in blubber. At that point they’ve already led you out to sea and have dragged you into the murky depths. Though to be fair, if we’re going by John C. Wright’s description, I don’t know if Clamps has ever talked like a pirate.

      2. You’re missing the larger picture. Respected man-hating radical feminist Andrea Dworkin stated in her 1974 book Woman Hating that a coalition of neolithic matriarchal Hobbit-like sorcerers and flying mind-reading sorceresses existed. According to Dworkin, the dwarf “fairies” were “still extant in England as late as the 17th century.”

        The dwarves “set up communities in the inlands and concealed their dwellings in mounds half hidden in the ground. The fairies developed those magical skills for which the witches, centuries later, were burned.”

        In England, the short fairies “fled before stronger, technologically more advanced murderers and missionaries who had contempt for their culture.”

        Out of fear, across medieval Europe (1250-1550?), Christians commenced “the slaughter of 9 million persons, nearly all women, over 300 years.” Dworkin devotes one-sixth of the book to this witch-“burning” “Gynocide.” That’s over 80 witches burned a day for 300 years.

        “Annihilated with the 9 million was a whole culture, woman-centered, nature-centered —all of their knowledge is gone, all of their knowing is destroyed.”

        Radical lesbian feminist Audre Lorde wrote a blurb on the back of that book “To see where we are going we must understand where we have been. Woman Hating is a much needed and long overdue addition toward that understanding.”

        In the PDF John Scalzi linked for us to “bone up” on “intersectionality” Lorde is quoted about the oppressor, the “white, thin, male, young, heterosexual, Christian, and financially secure.”

        Obviously we’re under assault by a cult of vengeful sorceresses schooled in “telepathy,” and if you think I’m making a single thing up before this sentence or that one single quote mark is out of place, you don’t know how crazy these people are. John Scalzi is under a spell, or possibly a simulacrum or shape-shifting familiar.

        What’s fictional wereseals compared to that?

      3. Dworkin maintained the same thing 13 years later in her 1987 book Intercourse.

        “In Europe, women were persecuted as witches for nearly four hundred years, (which was 300 years in her 1974 book Woman Hating) burned at the stake, perhaps as many as nine million of them—untold numbers accused of coming to men, having sex with them, causing them to ejaculate: at night, when the men slept.”

        Dworkin follows that up in the same chapter with the stunning insight that for women “getting fucked and being owned are inseparably the same.”

        Bone up on intersectionality before a curse is put upon you. They are coming. They might be werewolves or vampires too, who knows. Dworkin writes “A lot of knowledge disappears with 9 million people” to which I say thank God for that.

        1. These posts were most enlightening, thank you James. I think it’s obvious to any sane man that the liberal terrorists of today are not human but some sort of demonic, subhuman, look-alike hybrids. Humans build and create, they cherish family, art, culture, love, and honor. Now look at the left, they are destroyers, they are purveyors of pestilence, there is no truth in them… Whom have liberals liberated? What have progressives progressed? Is it not death and deceit? All aspects of civilization and humanity have been exponentially diminished with liberals in power. Look at the architecture of the Imperial Age, so much beauty, so much grace, so much honor, so pleasing to the eye, all done without any computers or mechanized heavy equipment. Look at the Tudor Architecture from England or Medieval Russian Architecture from Suzdal or the Market of Izmailovsky Park, so majestic, so imposing, so magnificent, why it looks like something straight out a fairy tale. Now look at the butt-ugly new buildings and architecture being built with all this fancy technology, so bland, so devoid of heart and soul, no representation of culture, so shameful… Look at Tchaikovsky or Mussorgsky, and look at Justin Beiber or MAN GaGa. Look at “War and Peace” or “Crime and Punishment” and Hillary’s “It Takes an African Village.” Look at the white man of yesteryear, with a top hat, monocle, epic beard and mustache, and the balls to handle any situation. Now look at the average white man of today, fucking garbage, an insult to his race and ancestors. Look at the behavior of most white college students, “Dude… our best friend drank sooo much he passed out on the couch… I know, lets put whipped cream on his face, stick a Sharpie Marker up his ass, and take pictures… hahaha, so funny, now lets tea-bag him for the cameras… Then we can all start our research papers for Professor Shlomo Goldberg’s class on how God doesn’t exist, Race doesn’t exist, Gender doesn’t exist, Guns are bad, and how we should all feel guilty for nothing and let Marxism lead the way…” A Muslim, Hindu, or Jew can walk down the street being as hairy as Chewbacca, and no one will say a word, – why it’s part of their culture! A white man has a beard, – Watch Out!!! Must be a crazy killer hobo rapist off his meds… Look at the state of women; most girls today loose their virginity whilst still in elementary school, they wear more make up than a circus clown, they value nothing, they cherish nothing, their pride is unfathomable, their egos are bottomless, their arrogance is immeasurable, they are loud and trifling, and if they marry, they are guaranteed to divorce shortly thereafter. Not to mention that the average woman has been brainwashed into thinking that long natural hair is evil. How many modern women do you see whose hair reaches past their thoracic cavity? Liberals want sexual ambiguity, they want all women to have short hair and all men to be clean shaven castrated fools without a backbone. And so when reflecting on the topic of feminism and the burning of witches, it is my professional opinion, as a professional Russian, that any woman that doesn’t know how to cook, clean, or when to shut the fuck up is more than fit to be burned at the stake. And if they want to worship the Devil and summon Demons, that’s fine, that’s their choice, but who will get rid of the unclean spirits after they move out? I’m gonna move in and Beelzebub is going to start playing with my lights and heating, running up my bills, and breaking my fine china, unacceptable! And who will clean up the pentagrams off the floors or dig up the sacrificed dead babies from under the house? So yes, witches and feminists are one and the same, both are assholes.

  13. Looks like that Pox dipshit has completely disappeared from the internet now. His Twitter and Blog accounts appear to have been deleted.

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