SJW Cannibal Feeding Frenzy

Personally, I love when SJWs begin to eat each other.

So this article has been making the rounds, and I’ve repeatedly been asked to comment on it.

Apparently a member of the literati SJW army—and super prestigious Campbell nominee for BEST NEW WRITER—has turned out to be a huge internet troll, with a bunch of aliases, attacking and tormenting people. Of course, those of you who read this blog or followed Sad Puppies are like, duh… They attack and torment Larry, and anybody who agrees with him nonstop, but no my friends… Benjanun Sriduangkaew did the unthinkable and used their regular SJW tactics of threats, insults, intimidation, and career sabotage against fellow SJWs, and that is super badthink!

Now, when you threaten, intimidate, troll, and try to sabotage the career of anybody who disagrees with the Social Justice narrative, then that is doubleplus good! Try not to get confused.

I tried to read that article linked above, but the first page is caveats and trigger warnings and excuses and namby-pamby blah blah blah to ensure that nobody of any protected groups gets their feelings hurt. She could have just copy and pasted ONE OF US! ONE OF US! a couple hundred times and saved some space. Yes, author, the audience is now aware of your proper goodthink credentials. Get to the point.

But by the time she got to a paragraph of hand wringing about Ferguson—where her total ignorance of the facts of the case make me really glad we have a functioning justice system that requires things like jury trials and evidence—I’ll admit that I gave up and started to skim.

Basically, this “up and coming writer” who was nominated for a prestigious writing award for having one pro sale short story and being a Thai Lesbian (which is totally worth like ten books of actual writing) treated fellow SJWs the way that SJWs treat all of us, and that is the worst thing ever. And now she should be shunned by all the other proper good thinkers for hate speech crimes and unsafe feels. She will now be banned from Wiscon’s Racially Segregated Safe Zones and I’m sure people will threaten not to attend WorldCon because she might call them fat.

A note on being an “up and coming writer”, as far as I know this woman had a handful of short stories, only one of which would have counted as a professional sale, and a blog where she wrote about Social Justice crap, and that was enough to get her nominated for the Campbell Award for Best New Author. It doesn’t look like this nominee for Best New Writer has published much since.

Meanwhile, when I got nominated for the same Campbell award a few years before I was “controversial”, “threatening”, and “a right wing hate monger”, who “made them feel unsafe” and if I won it would “end literature forever.” But then again, I had only published two really successful novels and several short stories at the time, and since gone on to publish ten more novels, a few dozen short stories, and some novellas… Only, we all know as a libertarian minded Republican I can never be a *real* writer.

Yet, when I say that the Hugo awards are biased in favor of the liberal cause of the day, I’m the controversial one. Go figure.

So anyways, UP AND COMING WRITER and SUPER PRESTIGIOUS AWARD NOMINEE turns out to be an anonymous troll douchebag on the internet. Whoop.

The fun part of this for me is watching all of the politically correct writers freaking out this week about how her behavior is totally unacceptable. How career sabotage, fake reviews, slander, libel, trolling, doxxing, and threats are the worst things ever… Yet, I wonder… Where were all these people when it was me getting attacked?

Oh, that’s right. I’m on the other team, so anything goes against non-SJWs.

When writers say something that doesn’t fit the SJW narrative, we know to expect their trolling, attacks, death threats, and calls for boycott from the caring SJWs. We expect to see our names dragged through the mud, with unsubstantiated cries of racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist, hater applied. Showing up in major newspapers with fabricated quotes attributed to us? No big deal. We expect to be labeled as “rape apologists” to tens of thousands of complete strangers.

But that’s totally cool. Lies and slander are perfectly fine when directed at right wingers. The same people condemning Sriduangkaew’s behavior manage to overlook or even laugh along with the exact same behavior when directed against people who aren’t part of their little incestuous tribe.

If you follow history you know that leftist movements always end up with leftists eating each other. This article was just Trotsky getting the ice axe to the head.

The SJWs are perfectly aware of their hypocrisy. They talk about how Sriduangkaew was praised for “punching up”, meaning that it was okay for her to use these tactics against non-members. Threaten somebody of the correct sex and race, cool. Threaten somebody of the wrong sex and race, bad. If you have a brain, you will find that sexist or racist, but you are not thinking like a proper SJW. Anything they say isn’t sexist or racist, but anything we do is. Simple.

If you really want to see just how stupid people can get, read the comments, where SJWs argue about “privilege”, where a bunch of white, liberal suburbanites excuse attacks on people who disagree with them, because they probably possess some nebulous concept of privilege. Like me for example, I grew up with Portuguese Dairy Farmer Privilege, where all that back breaking manual labor, knee deep in cow shit, at 3:00 in the morning, in order to scrape by in near poverty all those years, somehow turned me white and made it so that it was okay for SJWs to lie about me.

Behold! The face of privilege!  (yes, this person has Holsteins. The truly disadvantaged would be forced to milk Jerseys)
Behold! The face of privilege! (yes, this person has Holsteins. The truly disadvantaged would be forced to milk Jerseys)

Privilege sounds awesome. You guys should totally get some of it.

This article is hilarious. They actually break her trolling down with graphs! GRAPHS! Yes, they literally analyze Sriduangkaew’s obnoxious behavior based upon the race and sex of who she attacked. Because they are equal opportunity assholes!

A reasonable person would say, hey, maybe you should just not troll and slander anybody, but reasonable people only say that because of privilege (and sanity). A proper Social Justice Warrior knows that since they’re full of shit, all they’ve got is dirty tricks and outrage in their toolbox, so they can’t give that stuff up. That would force them to debate with logic and facts! And everybody knows logic and facts are privileged cisgendered colonial patriarchy!

This is one reason I’ve been enjoying the hell out of GamerGate. First, it has been awesome having a great big group of people witness the same bullshit that my industry has been dealing with for years. Second, SF/F people tend to be squishy and polite, with a handful of outspoken outliers like me and the rest of the Evil League of Evil, so SJWs have run roughshod over my industry… But gamers? Holy shit. You really think you can pick a fight with people whose brains are programmed to win? Gamers will outlast, outthink, and outfight the SJWs. Tell a Gamer that there is loot or XP in it, and he’ll grind SJWs to the grave.

So enjoy this SJW cannibal feeding frenzy, sane people, because tomorrow they will be back to telling you that you are enjoying yourself wrong.

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494 thoughts on “SJW Cannibal Feeding Frenzy”

    1. Here’s what I love about this whole rising pushback: every time we put up one of the enormous number of SJW quotes, and the sick quotes of their heroes – namely gender feminists – they lose sales.

      On the other hand, SJWs have very few quotes and people to work with. They rely on smearing the Golden Age, smearing Heinlein and Asimov, lying about SFF authors, lying about history, and pretty much everything. SJWs have no racist institutionalized voices to push back against and concentrate on multiplying two or three people into an army and otherwise lying. SJWs look at an innocent photo of convention organizers, see a lot of whites, and declare a KKK.

      Every time people watching this realize SJWs can’t back up their smears with actual quotes and facts, SJWs lose even more sales and we actually gain sales in sympathy. SJW lies about diversity are coming unglued and exposed, and naive water-carriers are also getting uncomfortably out on limbs they can’t back off from and quotes that will be on the internet forever.

      Any cult that has Andrea Dworkin or Charlotte Bunch as a hero won’t survive that knowledge being exposed in America. SJWs cannot and will not disavow those women without disavowing the entire basis of their ideology: the idea of a non-binary gender-fluid-diverse future battling against an oppressive privileged white heterosexual cis-patriarchy. That’s just nuts.

      1. Here’s what I love about this whole rising pushback: every time we put up one of the enormous number of SJW quotes, and the sick quotes of their heroes – namely gender feminists – they lose sales.

        Because they really ARE racists, sexists and bigoted against various sexual orientations. And they have clearly and openly stated they are. I think I’m going to run a post soon on Fantastic Worlds which will list some of these authors and their nasty statements.

        They were willing to make these statements in public because they’ve absorbed critical race theory and intersectionalism, under which it’s okay to denigrate whites, males and heterosexuals — in fact, they’ve absorbed a more complex version of the theory under which there is an elaborate theory of members of which groups can insult members of which other groups without it being seen as offensive. Problem is, nobody outside their little academic cult really thinks this way, and they are offended when they find out what these writers have been saying.

        We, on the other hand, aren’t racists or sexists, and hence we don’t say such broadly-offensive things. They are limited to making broad, unsupported accusations against us — and such are very unconvincing to any neutral readers.

      2. That’s it in a very elegant nutshell Jordan. In fact it’s amazing how well you summed up what is a very complex mechanism and history. Quotes speak volumes, and it’s simply a matter of connecting the dots. Those dots run in a direct line back to radical lesbian gender theory of the late ’60s. The newest wrinkle is the intersectional part, which throws in race, colonialism, etc.

        I believe a lot of these folks, especially the men, don’t even know where this all comes from. That’s the point. The point is how this insanity has been mainstreamed and normalized. When Alex MacFarlane at calls for the end of “binary” norms in SFF, she is almost directly quoting gender feminists of the ’60s who call for an end of heterosexuality as the norm, and see it as an artificial construct meant to control women. Those are their words, not mine. I have books of this shit. “Privilege” in the exact same sense it’s being used today in SFF is also used by those ’60s folks. The difference is people used to understand those folks were nuts.

        Just yesterday Damien Walter Tweeted “Feminists aren’t ‘SJW’. They are people who believe women must be treated equally.”

        That’s bullshit, at least in SFF, and he knows it. If that was the issue I’d be and am first in line. They spout that crap occasionally to make it seem like we hate equality for women. I’m not against that, I’m against what these people are really selling, and it’s the psychotic visions of Andrea Dworkin, Audre Lorde, Jill Trebilcot and Charlotte Bunch, among many others.

        At this point many in the SFF community are running on later-generation versions of this madness where it’s couched in terms of “anti-oppression,” and so it seems a lot more plausible when it’s hidden inside the 3 great anti-oppression movements of the last century: women’s, civil and gay rights. But make no mistake, it’s being hidden. It’s being hidden the same way Jew-hate is hidden inside some anti-Zionism.

        By hiding within anti-oppression narratives, the psychotic breaks of these lesbian fanatics have plausible denial. Their innate loathing and fear of normal sex becomes my oppression and misogyny. You have to read Jill Trebilcot to understand what that means: “First, intrusion. Men — male voices — would overhear my thoughts and want to get in. The second stage was control. The invaders not only wanted to get in, they wanted to take me over once they were in . . . This then is the core of the craziness — invasion and control, and the threat of invasion and control.”

        That’s a tenured lesbian professor talking about her late twenties. I should add there is as great a difference between that and just being a lesbian as there is between being KKK and just a heterosexual. These are not typical lesbians but crazy bigoted supremacists who believe men are spiritually and morally inferior. Suddenly all this stuff in SFF makes a lot more sense.

        What’s really funny is to see Jim Hines, Scalzi, Kowal, and Paul Weimer parrot this stuff like it’s the civil rights movement without a clue as to the actual insanity and bigotry behind it. Have these intersectionalists been successful at camouflaging all this? You damn well better believe it. The problem is that eventually they have to come clean, or there’s no point. Well, they’re doing it and the wheels are starting to come off as people get a whiff of a cult that openly calls for the end of heterosexuality, the nuclear family and America’s institutions. All that “cis” bullshit didn’t come from liberalism, which is the other great lie being sold. This has nothing to do with liberal vs. conservative. It’s just convenient to portray their sickness as the Dem mainstream and our horror as reactionary GOP gun-toting militia who want women barefoot and with no pencils.

        Once you understand what’s going on, all their comments make perfect consistent sense. It’s no coincidence the most famous phrase in core SFF today isn’t “faster-than-light” – it’s “straight white male.” People have been chumped, and big time. SFF’s a Jim Crow? Really?

  1. I read Laura Mixon’s post on Friday and wrote this:

    I agree with you about the Ferguson stuff, which annoyed the hell out of me, but mostly I focused on how they’ve been doing this stuff to us for years, but the difference is that if someone like this Requires Hate tries it on us, we yawn and move on.

    After all, when you’ve been called every “-ist” name in the book enough times, it just loses it’s sting.

      1. Thanks. Glad you approved. And yeah, Clamp’s been kind of active lately.

        Sarah blocked him last week as well. Not sure what she’s up to. I’ve only blocked him twice, so I need catch up. 🙂

        1. I think Clamps has a Google Alert set up for anytime somebody mentions my name anywhere, he shows up, under some new alias and starts talking about what a shitty writer I am. The dude is mentally ill. Now he’s on Twitter too. Even in 140 characters he’s so stupidly predictable that I suspected it was him within 2 posts.

          The RH crazy lady is an artist compared to Clamps. He’s as shitty at trolling as he is at writing, or life in general.

          1. I think he’s got a Google Alert set up for R.K. Modena as well, since that’s when he showed up at my blog this time. (I’ve mentioned you before and no signs of him for some reason). Of course, that’s the kind of behavior one expects from such a dedicated stalker.

            As for him and RH, I love pointing out that at least RH could get her stuff published. Yet another way he completely sucks at his chosen craft. 🙂

          2. So they’re praising a guy who stalks and threatens women for figuring out something that everybody else figured out months ago?

          3. I just posted on her twitter who it is. She said the time to tell her was 6 months ago. I said: Somebody posted a link to this to my blog today. I don’t like you, doesn’t mean I want you to end up with a stalker creep.

            That’s the difference between sane people and SJWs. They wish insane stalker trolls on us. Hell, they cheer lead them. Personally, I can’t stand stalkers and spent a decade of my life teaching women how to defend themselves, but oh I forgot, I’m the rape apologist.

      2. I ended up changing a bunch of security stuff and got 100+spams that I think are from Cl@mps’s “associates.” I so needed that at 0600 on Thursday.

      3. “RH is not a reason to take the right of other people away to use pseudonyms” – Ann Somerville

        “Nice to see you again, Mr May (or would you prefer your Guardian nom de guerre of ‘Fail Burton’).” – Ann Somerville

        Conclusion: hypocrisy reflux due to evacuating her enormous bowels. Such movements can constrain common sense.

          1. There are those of us who have managed it. To bring up Damien’s fish semen again is like going into a public forum and announcing “You all just lost The Game. Shame about that five year streak you had going.” 😉

    1. Look at it from their POV. They’ve accepted the whole insane, Byzantine rules about who can insult who and what words they may use and who is on the crap-list for having violated these rules. They’ve taken it seriously, internalized it. In some, really disgusting cases, they’ve made personal life decisions — begun or broken off love affairs or friendships — to better conform to the rules.

      Their reward was that they got a special “victim” status which they could parlay into literary success — maybe not in terms of high sales, but in terms of access to like-minded publishers and editors who would ensure them some sales as long as they continued to toe the line. And they really sacrificed things to get these status.

      Things which no decent human beings would have sacrificed — decent human beings would have said “Sod off” to the first demand that they break a friendship or an engagement or mutilate their own ideas or whatever to better conform. But they were told that by doing these things they would be special and precious and shielded from harsh criticism.

      And along came RH and criticized them anyway. And in some cases, was believed (RH frequently lied about the victim-group status of her own personal victims) and they lost what they had sacrificed to gain.

      So yeah. I can see why they’re unhappy.

      Not that I sympathize with them, but I can see it.

      1. Check Jim Hines new post about this, and a reminder of how an entire cult of people have lost the ability to reason. Basically RH’s violently racist rhetoric disappears in a puff of smoke, while just being a random white person replaces its status.

        Stirling is a more open in the comments than he could be on Mixon’s Church of Safety First, White Men Last. The funniest part is how Hines thinks someone calling him “rotten meat” is worse than his routine defamations of 100 million white Americans on zero evidence.

        Where do I get the zero evidence from? Hines has admitted it more than once. In his Guest of Honor Australian speech, he said he wished he was exaggerating racism in SFF and then admitted he had no proof. That meant he wished he hadn’t been forced to exaggerate nothing, which for Hines is a par 70 in doublethink.

        I’m pretty sure a fleet of asteroids is coming to punish us so get out your little Wile E. Coyote umbrellas.

  2. 1) I always thought that while you were essentially right about the SFWA having gone insane, that you were being a bit hyperbolic. Having tried to read the comments on Mixon’s post, well. I’m sorry.

    2) They still having people posting, OUT LOUD, that if only the troll had kept to attacking those with “privilege” it would have been okay.

    3) Mixon won’t let you call the troll, who drove someone to try suicide “evil” because…. SJW reasons? I dunno.

    4) Apparently the troll caused a lot of trouble on boards but nobody would ban it because that’d be racist? Apparently much hand-wringing over this?

    5) I see that Alex “bigender normative” MacFarlane is considered a minion of the troll? Alex must have been shocked that her normal tools broke on the granite that is Larry Correia.

    1. Yeah, I can’t imagine the butt hurt and frustration when an SJW runs into the worst thing in the world, someone who disagrees with them and doesn’t give a crap about their semantic games.

    2. Damien G Walter of The Guardian was also a supporter of Requires hate, back when it was cool.

      Funny how the Usual Suspects keep turning up, again and again.

      1. If there is a rhetorical battle you can be pretty certain which will be the losing side based upon where Damien plants his dumb ass.

        Damien was in the running for dumbest man on the internet, but then I met Forest last week, so now I’m torn.

      2. I call it the current approved line of thinking. As a SJW of good standing, you do NOT think, you follow the current approved line of thinking. Should you deviate from the current approved line of thinking, you are hereby declared heretic and excommunicated from the realm of Social Justice Warrior and persona non-grata.

        The problem with SJW’s thinking is that it’s inevitable the current approved line of thinking will contradict last week’s approved line of thinking, and you now have to either denounced last week’s approved line of thinking and all of those that still embraced it, or exercise some critical thinking. Critical thinking is mutually exclusive to SJW thinking, so that’s not an option.

      3. The SJW’s have it better than Communists in a real dictatorship in that nobody’s going to kill them for deviating from the Party Line. They have it worse in that there is no coherent Party hierarchy, so they are left to figure out the Party Line as best they can from the signals of the whole group, instead of reading it in the Party papers or hearing it in broadcasts.

    3. Speaking of Alex Dally Macfarlane, has anyone noticed her post-binary series on has been absent for the last month? Interesting timing, that.

    4. Apparently the troll caused a lot of trouble on boards but nobody would ban it because that’d be racist? Apparently much hand-wringing over this?

      The term is “hoist by one’s own petard,” and “hoist” means “blown up” and a “petard” is a black powder demolition charge.

    5. I’m right there with you. I thought that maybe Larry was engaging in some poetic license. Visiting that post and reading those comments, I had to retreat to my save place and chant some mantras to prevent my triggers from overwhelming me. Those people have a different colored sky.

    6. M-E-N-T-A-L H-E-A-L-T-H I-S-S-U-E-S

      We’ve got to start recognizing who these people are. They are not free-wheeling eccentrics but deeply troubled people selling their convoluted rationalizations for their odd obsessions and sociopathic group hatreds and racism as a commitment to compassion and social justice as a solution to my oppression for just existing.

      They truly believe they are fighting a feral woman-hating KKK Jim Crow in 1930s Alabama and keeping gay women PoC in safe-spaces using an underground railroad to get them published. They truly believe there are marginalized people hiding in caves like the Fremen while we Harkonnens harvest the spice. The fact they’re doing that in SFF publishing is such a bizarre delusion I have no words to fully describe it. They are not fighting racism since no such movement has ever existed in SFF. They are feeding into the hate of resentful bigots and people who are plain paranoid.

      The nice thing is they and their naive water-carriers are really starting to organize into groups where their nuttiness stands out. I’d give a lot to know what a psychiatrist thought of those comments at Mixon’s. I’ll tell you what I see: extremely mentally fragile people on the verge of permanent nervous breakdowns capable of being traumatized by virtually nothing. The problem is they are very good at selling their fake compassion and complex rationalizations from decades of practice at this sort of rhetoric and so they are moving policy.

      These are people badly in need of an intervention and the calming hand of an adult to say “Really?”

      1. Mr. May:

        What they are is indoctrinated. This is what many of our schools have become. Nothing more than centers of left-think indoctrination.

        The scumbags that started this crap in the ’60s and ’70s warned us all that they were gonna do a Long March through our schools and institutions. We didn’t believe them. They did it. Now, in may areas, they own the children through the entire education process.

      2. Yeah, instead of trigger warnings, they need advice:

        “If reading about a certain subject or subjects causes horrible psychological reactions, seek immediate professional help.”

  3. Coming from a group that’s denounced Charlotte’s web as being sexist FOR having strong female characters? I ought to be surprised but somehow…

    1. I’ve known somebody who had to ejaculate hogs for a living. I do believe that is probably the worst job in the world.

      1. My uncle used to run a pig raising establishment. As far as I can tell, nothing to do with raising pigs qualifies as “fun.”

        At the very best it’s “not unpleasant.”

        30 years later he STILL enjoys a slab of ham on his sandwiches and specifically enjoys it because he’s eating pork.

        1. The best tasting hamburger I’ve ever had was from a stringy, old, tough Brahma-Holstein cross (in other words, an unholy abomination) that ran me down and trampled me when I was 7. Because privilege. 🙂

          Those burgers were seasoned with vengeance.

      2. Not even close. I just saw an episode of Mike Rowe’s ‘Dirty Jobs’ where he was milking domestic turkeys using a straw and his mouth to provide the suction. Fortunately the dinner bell rang and I didn’t have to watch all of that particular segment.

  4. I just looked at the top 100 SF kindle books, does not look to me like the books by SJW are represented very well. Seems to be full of good old fashion adventure and good verses evil books.

      1. MHN made their Editor’s Choice list for best novels of 2014. Sadly, as a Wise Latino I have no idea what Requires Hate had to say about me, but I’m betting they just LOVED ME over there. 🙂

      2. I don’t know if you caught this but they still don’t actually know who this person is. Some are stating with certainty Benjanun Sriduangkaew is an alias. There may still be sub-levels to this gender-justice-asylum not yet explored. I’m guessing it’s a top Al-Queda guy in Gitmo who discovered the wonders of non-co-ed gender-fluidity.

      3. those stating it’s a pseudonym are, in my experience, those clinging to the notion that obviously there has to be a white male behind it all.


  5. Here’s an ugly part that seems to have slipped by:
    The whole point of the Gamergate situation has been those horrible, Gamergate-ish trolls who threaten women and minorities on line.

    How many of those famous death threats and insults come from SJWs like this nasty little person? For that matter, how many of them came from her, specifically? It seems she racked up quite a score of terrible behavior in various online communities…

    1. How many reports have we seen of real life “racial threats” that turned out to be perpetrated by the one who filed the report? This is why I don’t take all the threat reports as anything other than appeals to sympathy…. of which I have none.

      1. The kicker is that some of the anti-GG voices have stated, for public consumption, that they have had to pack up and leave their houses due to threats. No sane person says that for all the world to see — what you do is call the cops and the FBI and let them know that someone’s making threats on your life, THEN bug out. You’re damned right it’s an appeal to sympathy.

  6. Before GamerGate, I was only dimly aware of what was happening to comic books and completely unaware of it happening in SFF. As an avid SFF fan I was saddened to hear of it, and I hope that one day SFF can be freed of this nonsense as well.

    It seems to me SJWs have taken to picking on nerds in general in hope of winning some easy victories against people who don’t thrive in confrontations. Truly we cannot catch a break.

      1. Nerds are the hardest bastards in the world.

        We have been forged by torment since grade school, tempered in the fires of rejection as teens and reach adulthood as adamantine square pegs that reshape every round hole they try to hammer us into. And we know -everything-. Never irritate a nerd.

        By the way, speaking of SJWs and gender-bent angst, did you know that the greatest scandal in the entire world is the number of white men in punk rock? For your reading pleasure:

  7. #Gamergate is on WoW forums now, SJW’s better watch out, they have no idea what true trolling is. If you haven’t made someone log off in tears vowing to never play the game again you aren’t a true troll, and I know plenty of people that pay the 15$ a month just so they can do this…grabbing popcorn and logging into the battlenet forums


      I’ve had friends whining from the anti-GamerGate side. I’m debating outting myself as being one of those racist, sexist haters and seeing what happens.

    2. The anti-GG had me laughing. Because they REALLY have no idea what they were up against. The tactics they think are so freaking awesome? They have not run up against the average Lineage II Seamonster / c-monster, and the stuff that goes on inside and outside of game would have them unplug their computers for LIFE.

      And now they’re going after WoW? really?!

      They know not their peril!

      Can the forums be read openly? I could use a giggle whenever I take a break from writing/art work stuff. =)

      And on that note, I really enjoyed the promotional CGA movie-clip that Blizzard did for Overwatch.

      Kinda wish it were a CG-animated movie, it looks like so much fun.

      1. I watched the gameplay trailer first; I was like “Okay, it’s sort of like Halo, but with a really interesting mix of alternate characters.”

        Then I watched the cinematic trailer, and decided “Screw the game, I want the ‘Halo meets the Incredibles’ movie.”

        Anyway: yes, the forums can be read without being a member. I’ve been playing WoW for over two years now and I’ve yet to join those forums because I REALLY don’t want to get bogged down in that much stupid. 🙂 I just click when a search pops up what I’m looking for, and then leave. I didn’t even join Wowhead for over a year, and that’s a MUCH better place to hang out.

        1. My hubby loves watching and keeping an eye out for interesting cinematic trailers and he was the one who pointed it out to me.

          And yes, yes I want the “HALO meets The Incredibles’ movie too!!!!!

          Seriously, if Blizzard ever went into making full length cinematic movies, I’d CHEERFULLY BUY THEM ALL.

          I don’t play WoW at all – I played D3 but haven’t gotten around to playing the current expansion. Don’t have much time to log into L2 either, the way I used to do for YEARS, but I do it sometimes. When I do want to turn my brain off, I log onto Minecraft and work on my farm.

          1. People have tried getting me into Minecraft, usually because I’m one of those guys who does public shows and displays using Lego. (Usually either a medieval setting or space stuff, the latter for when I display at the National Air & Space Museum twice a year.) ‘Course, I always tell them “So because I build with real Lego, you think I’d enjoy fake Lego?”

            However, Blizzard is not the best at creating a coherent story. I had to work for a while to make a non-self-contradictory timeline for my friends and I to roleplay with, and that one is still contradicted by in-game stuff. And the expansion launching in just a few days is extra-weird on story; not because it’s hard to understand, like the Internet seems to think, but because the characters are being forced into the wrong-sized pegholes. My friends and I had to selectively edit the story to make the campaign make sense. :p

            I spent about a year and a half saying they needed to hire me as their story-content editor. 🙂 Then I got hired by a different company with truly awesome benefits, so I’m not sure Blizzard can afford me now.

          2. *grin* There’s Minecraft-related Lego now.

            As a mum with a son who enjoys Minecraft, we told him, ‘No, that’s why we have a server,” in reply to “Mummy, can we buy that?”

            He got some Warcraft related Megabloks though, because dragons.

          3. Heh, I prefer Legos myself, but he’s not that big a Star Wars fan. Also, he was on a big dragon kick. (Moving a bit to dinosaurs now. *grin* )

            Which is why he also got Ninjago that Christmas. He still plays with the things, so that’s good.

          4. You should see if there’s a LUG in your area (Lego Users Group). I belong to WAMALUG (Washington Metropolitan Area). I’m also active with BrickFair, which is a four-location (currently, anyway) East Coast franchise of Lego conventions.

            And if you go on Bricklink, you ought to be able to find a few dinosaur Lego parts for reasonable prices. They’re out of print now, so “reasonable” might be a relative term, but you ought to be able to come up with something.

          5. *apologetic smile* The chances of that existing in a garrison town in Australia aren’t that high, I’m afraid.

            And I just realized it’s November. Oh gods. So not looking forward to the Christmas shopping season this year. I’m vaguely tempted to give the kids money and then take them shopping and turn the whole thing into a fun math lesson, but… that’s just not Christmas, y’know?

          6. I believe there are at least four established LUGs in Australia, and I think two separate conventions and who knows how many enthusiast groups that aren’t actually LUGs (it’s an official designation, and even though the requirements aren’t strenuous they’re still something not everyone meets). But yeah, garrison towns aren’t always near the hub of happenin’. :p

          7. <—- geek, married to a geek, living with a geek, raising geeks

            Common complaint: "Damnit, I can't turn the gamma level down!" "That's the windscreen, dear." "Well, shit that's why my Photoshop/game settings aren't there!"

            ^.~ hubs of happenin' aren't our usual venues.

      2. Tell me about it, re> Blizzard and a non-coherent story. They’ve got some gems occasionally (I am the biggest nerd for everything to do with Wrath of the Lich King), but WoW is their Kitchen Sink game and they don’t really care about how much their lore resembles a plate of spaghetti.

          1. I like the lore . . . or rather, I like its potential, and said potential exists in spite of the people who created it.

            Here’s the timeline if you want to take a look: It took me four tries to find something that could be internally-consistent, and I list the methodology at the bottom.

            Eventually, my friends and I are going to finish a particular project and post a story, which includes a few edits for Warlords of Draenor.

  8. And the graphs are based on hearsay, cherry-picking and private emails. However at RH’s actual site, you can see her reviews listed by author name on a single page. They are half men, half women and only a small percentage are virtuous PoC. None of THEM are racially defamed.

    ROTYH herself writes at her site “…though I’ve called R. Scott Bakker a shit-eating roach (and will happily continue to!), you can be sure I won’t be calling any minority writer anything like that, and have never done so.”

    In other words Mixon’s post is pure bullshit. You only have to Google M. J. Locke (alias of Mixon) “Patriarch’s Day Part 4” to understand the nobility of Ladyland and the “toxic gas” that is the straight white male. The real pie-chart looks more like “GUARANTEED 100% WHITE OR THAT CONSTITUTION THINGY BACK!”

    Meanwhile RH has quotes which number in their literal hundreds like “… we consider buffaloes especially stupid as animals go. The perfect analogy for white men.”

    One of RH’s posts alone has “Whitey McWhite,” “Caucasoid,” “Aryan” and “Ms Honky.”

    “IT IS TIME TO BEAT THE ROTTEN CARCASS OF A DEAD WHITE MAN” is how RH refers to a post about Tolkien. Her argument that Tolkien is a racist in part consists of the statement “straight white males are not usually very self-aware.”

    You’ve heard of all-day candy “Jawbreakers” – well, breaking down the logic in that sentence would be like breaking down a “candy” ball-bearing.

    As proof of this woman’s psychotic break from reality, RH wrote this in all sincerity:

    “Because we must simper for whitey every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year for our entire lives with the happy, happy knowledge that so will the next generation after that and the one after it, forever. This is why I can’t ignore the luxurious jacuzzi tub of privilege they enjoy.”

    What we’re seeing is a cult of psychotic bigots and naive morons suckered into buying into all of it.

    A “PoC” “anti-racist” woman angry at Mixon’s post and John Scalzi for his “lack of intersectionality” hilariously wrote this racist response at Locke:

    “Having PoC friends does not add legitimacy to your actions, white person. You are still white. You are still benefiting from an imbalance of power and this will not change in your lifetime… Women must be put in their place. People of Colour must be put in their place. Young people must be put in their place. And so on, and so forth, ad infinitum, until you, white person, probably straight cishet and able-bodied, have put everyone in their place and are left standing atop a pile of bodies.”

    The response at Mixon’s house of fun was along the lines of “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

    Scalzi is not lacking in “intersectionality.” Remember, Scalzi asked us to “bone up” on “intersectionality” and on his site linked us to a PDF about the “multiplicatively privileged” which quotes the nutty lesbian anti-heterosexual feminist Audre Lorde as being the “‘white, thin, male, young, heterosexual, Christian, and financially secure.’”

    Lorde in turn enthusiastically supported the Andrea Dworkin who wrote “‘Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies'” and also this:

    “‘The incest taboo can be destroyed only by destroying the nuclear family as the primary institution of the culture. The nuclear family is the school of values in a sexist, sexually repressed society'” and “‘Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies'”

    You can’t get any more intersectional than Scalzi.

    And Steven Gould and Jim Hines want us to #JustListen to ANY woman, no matter how crazy or we default to far right wing haters and bigots. If I just listen to these morons I’ll be plucking the Magna Carta out of some ruin and shouting “Eureka” about 1 million years in the future.

    Mixon’s post represents the week Vox Day declared moral high ground by virtue of “compared to what?” and kicked out the entirety of the SFWA, leaving only himself.

    My own personal response is a number of creative vulgarities you can name for yourself since they include all ever invented plus “ha-ha” to the Nth power and stretching to the Kuiper Belt.

  9. I found this quote in the first part of the article Hilarious.

    “Our genre has always had a soft spot for sharp-tongued souls. The person who speaks embarrassing truths has an honored—if discomfiting—place at the dinner table, in our SFF Island of Misfit Toys.”

    Because when I read that I thought immediatly of Vox Day.

    1. Yes, Vox has an honored spot at the table. Outside. In the rain.

      And in the comments, NK Jemesin is a victim of this horrible RH troll. She is kindly saint, who has never harmed a fly, nor said an discouraging word to anyone…

      1. Yeah, N.K. Jemisin and Mary Robinette Kowal both being listed as “victims” really tickled me to no end. They, who repeatedly attack others, are “victims”? OK, whatever.

        Of course, when you live by the SJW sword, you die by the SJW sword. Any group that requires ideological purity is a group I want no part of. I prefer to have free will.

      2. Heh. The SJW sword is the most unvorpalest sword in the entire universe. Mostly, they knock themselves out with its blunt edge trying to replicate Star Wars kid tricks. Because Star Wars is cutting edge SF. Metaphorically speaking, of course: cis-cutting edge…well, it self-identifies as sharp!

      3. Go look at the comments, or at least “cntrl-F” and look for “VD” Apparently someone known as “Worrel” is a bad guy in this because, near as I can figure, he pointed VD to RH, and that was “evil” (note that Mixon won’t let you call RH “evil,” but here it goes unremarked).

        VD was then mean to RH. So remember, despite everything RH has done, VD is worse. Probably because he was right about RH?

        1. Actually, (I saw the tweet recently but can no longer find it) Worrad tried to sic Vox Day on RH (basically, “let’s you and her fight!”) and was told she wasn’t interesting enough to spend his time on.

          1. To give Worrad credit, he did a satire post about me being some crazy gun totin’ redneck. Okay, fine, whatever, but then Clamps/Yama/Andrew Marston showed up in the comments, but worse, another troll who I won’t name because I truly believe him to be mentally ill and actually dangerous posted. When I pointed out to Worrad who was commenting on his blog and some links to these people’s history and behavior, he was surprised. Then when the crazy troll posted some vaguely threatening things about missing his shot at me, Worrad pulled the posts down and warned me.

            I was like, welcome to the party dude. You want to appeal to the people who hate me, that’s the crowd you’re going to get. Lunatic stalker trolls. Have fun!

            Of course, when these people search for mentions of my name across the internet and then fantasize about burning my house down, that’s totally okay, because I don’t like SJWs. In fact, they should be praised for their courage to “punch up”.

            Yeah, I’m fresh out of pity.

      4. Lemming: Worrell’s used to getting hassle from both sides, left and right. To quote Omar Little “It’s all in the game.”

      5. There is no such thing as a “caucasian bloat” in SFF. That makes no more sense than saying there’s a black bloat in blues music. It’s not on purpose and it doesn’t mean a thing.

      6. Actually, it’s not a case in point. One would have to make a case, which I did, and then defend it, which you didn’t. I’m not on a “side,” unless something I’ve believed is wrong for everyone since I was a kid is a “side.” “Everyone” isn’t a side. You are confusing steadfast principle with a “side.”

  10. The thing that really saddens me is that John Campbell’s name is associated with this hysteria.

    I’m 62. My Dad loved Science Fiction and subscribed to Astounding/Analog magazine for his whole life.

    I grew up on John Campbell’s editorials. They helped make me the right wing wacko that I am today.

    Campbell has to be spinning in his grave to see his proud name associated with this bunch of losers!

  11. “This article was just Trotsky getting the ice axe to the head.”

    Oh, yeah. See also Ernst Röhm, Robespierre, Lin Biao, Che Guevara (who I still think was set up by Castro)…

    As the saying goes, after the Revolution, revolutionaries are superfluous.

    1. Che was set up by the peasants he was trying to “liberate”. They got tired of being executed for not being revolutionary enough, and couldn’t sell him out fast enough to the local army and the CIA.

      1. Agreed, but I think the reason he was there in the first place was because Castro deliberately sent him out to get killed.

        There Can Be Only One when it comes to the Marxist strongman gig.

      2. Wasn’t much of a loss. As a revolutionary commander, Che was great at growing a wispy little beard and not much else. See if you can find a copy of his book about his “revolution” in Africa…. all you’d need to make it perfect is a looped recording of Yakkity Sax and a laugh track.

    2. The battle against apartheid and for civil rights in SFF continues. Sometimes there’s rocket ships ‘n’ shit. But for now, the racial imbalance must be cured even if – as John Brown said – “it rushes us into a sea of blood.”

      Let’s seize the warehouse of books at Harper Collins and emancipate some contracts for our misused and marginalized.

  12. Like I said in another post,

    I sorta liked ROTYH.

    Not because of her methods, or her ideology. She was a high-order troll.

    No, I liked her because buried in her rantings their were kernals of truth. When she went after “the windup girl” for being lazy writing (on top of being racist and sexist) I laughed out loud. Only because so many folks in the sjw/sfwa/worldcon world gave it high praises and claimed it was the best thing ever, simply because it fit “the narrative that Sf needs” (actual quote from a sf inteligenti).

    She did that multiple times…I really laughed when mary kowal went to rotyh’s blog with her hat in hand begging forgiveness for using the term “half-breed”…or when Scalzi (and that twit cat valente) was defending ROTYH during her feud with peter watts and rscott bakker by saying just because she was hypebolic and insulting in her death threats calling her a “rabid animal” was misogynist, or racist, or something.

    Watching the confusion ROTYH caused was delightful.

    1. Stalin said some truthful things too.

      It’s an exhibition of power: “You have to stick to PC-ness, but I can break with the approved narrative if I feel like it.” It’s also supposed to hearten the enemies of the person getting the truthful talking-to, and thus make them liked a little by onlookers such as you. “You and I both know this, and so you’re better than the rest of the twits who don’t know; but I’m the one who came out and said it, so I’m better and you should support me.”

    2. You’re right… up to a point. Let’s not forget she was a neo-Nazi occasionally… OCCASIONALLY… pranking other neo-Nazis, not an R. Crumb or Zap Comix.

  13. Here’s some funny backstory: I used to read RH in real-time. I couldn’t believe the pass she was getting or get over seeing SJWs like Liz Bourke, Alex MacFarlane, Shaun Duke, Jonathan McCalmont, Aliette de Bodard and others making sympathetic remarks in the comments sections of posts that were over-the-top Stormfront.

    In response, I wrote a bunch of wacky, insulting and vulgar underground comix-like stuff about the SJWs themselves, minus the racial and sexual group defamation, and with SJW racist quotes backing up what I said. I knew what the response would be. Without listing all the quotes in response I’ll say I was called “batshit racist” though I left out any racist stuff, aside from paraphrasing actual SJW quotes they didn’t recognize as their own.

    In some of the posts I even referenced I was doing RH “performance rage”, (de Bodard apologist quote) and they still didn’t get it. Significantly, de Bodard has since edited her apologist bullshit about RH’s death threats from her blog where she uses that quote; probably because I linked to it. I re-linked it using the Wayback Machine after she scrubbed it.

    Lacking any sense of humor or satire, or their own bigotry, the SJWs imagined me as Adolph Hitler but instead saw themselves in a mirror. What a surprise they didn’t like what they saw, though my version was considerably cleaner, and again, satire, not the ideologically serious bullshit they march around in jackboots.

    In other words, a much lighter and satirical version of RH had the SJWs confirm they are “batshit racist” multiplied. Thank you for your stamp of approval SJW morons. Pranking humorless racist morons is as easy as eating apple pie and washing it down with a nice glass of milk. I think of the neo-Nazis in The Blues Brothers when I think of SJWs.

    Now clear out of my genre. I’ve got a lot of work to do cleaning up the mess you made.

      1. I hope that they might find my response. And think about what I wrote. If they ever bothered to truly self examine their own motivations, I would hope that they cold grow out of the childishness they are currently living in and propagating through their actions.

  14. This is a byproduct of being aligned with the dominant view of popular culture. Everyone they know thinks like them, as do the people in the media they consume. The vitriol isn’t directed toward them, and having not experienced it or seen it directed to their friends, they are disproportionately impacted. Without ever being challenged, much less attacked, they have no callouses or emotional endurance. This is often compounded in writing communities, which are frequently very very soft. There’s probably a sense of betrayal as well. She was supposed to be one of them, and she did the bad thing. As always, traitors are more hated than common enemies. Worry not, they’re in the process of taking away her club card, and will have plenty of time to hate on their usual targets soon enough.

  15. “Privilege sounds awesome. You guys should totally get some of it.” I was brought up to believe that every privilege carries with it corresponding and countervailing responsibility. If one neglects the responsibility, one’s title to the privilege becomes invalid. All right then, if as a White man I have Privilege, what are the corresponding responsibilities? Too, if one enacts those responsibilities, wherein is the criticism of the corresponding privilege valid?

    1. “Responsibility” is a code word for the imposition of the white Christian hetero patriarchy on helpless victim groups.

    2. what are the corresponding responsibilities?
      Simple answer: guilt.
      You must let the privilege-guilt flow through you. You must come to the understanding that everthing you can do, everything you have, everything you achieved and will achieve is only because of privilege.
      As the proud owner of all the possible privileges out there (except thin-privilege, but am working on that) I am slowly coming to the realisation that 1) I was pretty lucky with my starting position in Life, and 2) I will never feel guilty for achieving something by using that privilege.
      Then again I think I was lost for the SJW-cause when as a child i started playing with Mecano.

    3. Okay, this just begs for this:

      The White Man’s Burden
      Rudyard Kipling

      Take up the White Man’s burden–
      Send forth the best ye breed–
      Go bind your sons to exile
      To serve your captives’ need;
      To wait in heavy harness,
      On fluttered folk and wild–
      Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
      Half-devil and half-child.

      Take up the White Man’s burden–
      In patience to abide,
      To veil the threat of terror
      And check the show of pride;
      By open speech and simple,
      An hundred times made plain
      To seek another’s profit,
      And work another’s gain.

      Take up the White Man’s burden–
      The savage wars of peace–
      Fill full the mouth of Famine
      And bid the sickness cease;
      And when your goal is nearest
      The end for others sought,
      Watch sloth and heathen Folly
      Bring all your hopes to nought.

      Take up the White Man’s burden–
      No tawdry rule of kings,
      But toil of serf and sweeper–
      The tale of common things.
      The ports ye shall not enter,
      The roads ye shall not tread,
      Go mark them with your living,
      And mark them with your dead.

      Take up the White Man’s burden–
      And reap his old reward:
      The blame of those ye better,
      The hate of those ye guard–
      The cry of hosts ye humour
      (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:–
      “Why brought he us from bondage,
      Our loved Egyptian night?”

      Take up the White Man’s burden–
      Ye dare not stoop to less–
      Nor call too loud on Freedom
      To cloke your weariness;
      By all ye cry or whisper,
      By all ye leave or do,
      The silent, sullen peoples
      Shall weigh your gods and you.

      Take up the White Man’s burden–
      Have done with childish days–
      The lightly proferred laurel,
      The easy, ungrudged praise.
      Comes now, to search your manhood
      Through all the thankless years
      Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom,
      The judgment of your peers!

      1. Shadowdancer: What is really hilarious is that the humorless Social Justice Weenies will have no clue just how sarcastic Kipling was being when he wrote this, shortly after his son was killed in a colonial war.

        1. My high-school history textbook quoted The White Man’s Burden as if it were meant literally. It was years before I’d read enough of Kipling to reread the poem and see the sarcasm.

          1. And wrote one of the savagest poems imaginable about his satisfaction over the death of the Kaiser, “A Death Bed”.

            “The war was forced on me by my foes.
            All that I sought was the right to live.”
            [Don’t be afraid of a triple dose;
            The pain will neutralize all we give.
            Here are the needles. See that he dies
            While the effects of the drug endure….
            What is the question he asks with his eyes?–
            Yes, All-Highest, to God, be sure.]

      2. Oops. Got my imperialists mixed up, sorry. Thanx for the correction, Mr. Kratman. I’ll put my tard hat back on.

        Still, the sarcasm is there for anyone with a brain to see.

  16. GGer here.
    It shocked me when I heard just how many communities and hobbies got torn apart by SJW. And it was always the same routine, too.

    How could this happen?

    1. Communist playbook dating back decades. Infiltrate, marginalize the opposition, shun those who don’t fall into line, take advantage of the polite, play the victim card, run off the marginalized opposition, take over.

    2. Look up Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube. Dude was a KGB agent who defected to the US and did a bunch of interviews in the 80s where he laid out what the USSR was doing to tear down America from the inside. It had several steps and he goes through how every single one of them was supposed to work. Scary stuff.

  17. Haha, not just gamers, but where d’ya think most of the people like yourself fled to when their hobbies became ‘soft?’
    There’s a crapton of eco-geeks and punks running around in the hashtag too, and they are absolutely NASTY to the sjws. They’re not just fighting for one lifestyle, they’re fighting for two, or three!
    There’s usually a small flood of 70s punk in the wee hours every couple days. One of them got banned because he posted Cock Sparrer’s Take’Em All and it was construed as a death threat LOL.

  18. “So enjoy this SJW cannibal feeding frenzy, sane people, because tomorrow they will be back to telling you that you are enjoying yourself wrong.”

    I find it surprising you’d say that after praising how steadfast and unrelenting gamers are. I’ve been paying close attention to gamergate and the people within it, and many of them are willing to keep it going for over a decade. I haven’t seen a single one willing to quit any time within the next six months. In fact, they regularly advise each other to take breaks to avoid getting burnt out because they’re in it for the long haul. Almost all of them are well aware that this is going to take years to deal with, and they’re more than willing to wait that long.

    These are people that waited fifteen years for Duke Nukem Forever to come out. These are people who can grind mindlessly for hours a day every day for years. SJWs picked a fight with people willing to fight back that aren’t going to stop until they win. SJWs are over.

    1. Why would it be surprising? It is totally true. They will be back tomorrow, and people like me will continue mocking them. I’ve been fighting these guys for years. Them going after gamers has been like Christmas for me.

    2. He’s saying the feeding frenzy isn’t going to last long, not that anyone in #GG is going to capitulate.

      But right now, a moment of respite as they eat their own. Once the corpses are devoured, they’ll be back at it.

      1. Yep. GamerGate isn’t going anywhere. My industry was filled with squishy types afraid of giving offense. SJWs truly don’t understand the fight they picked this time.

        Another funny bit, all the media narrative about how GamerGate was flawed and doomed as a movement because its beginnings were questionable and some of its members were unsavory – said the democrats who don’t own slaves unironically.

      2. You know what this reminds me of? That scene in Riddick (the newest one) where he finally get past the monster in the pool.

        (I would apologize for the mental image, but this is Larry’s blog, and most of us have read his books)

        Anyway, he slides under it and guts it, spilling out all the innards. What does the monster do? Stop and swallow them whole.

        When you’ve made Richard B. Riddick disgusted you know you’ve gone too far.

      3. Well, not new new at this point. Came out not quite a year ago. Its much more like Pitch Black in feel, but continues the story about the Necros somewhat. But none of that matters because Vin Diesel is as good as always, and Katie Sackhoff is in it.

  19. A commenter at James Nicoll’s ’80s-style beeper he calls a blog said they thought Sarah Hoyt and RH were one in the same because of the similarity of their rhetoric. I cannot get over a community of readers and writers who literally do not know how to parse the English language.

    1. The Scooby Gang removes the mask: and Sarah Hoyt was secretly a Thai Lesbian ALL ALONG!

      Actually, no. Because that would mean that the SJWs actually paid enough attention to Sarah’s work to honor her with an award nomination.

    2. Ok, that has to the funniest thing I’ve read for years 🙂 + 100! next Nicholl’s little circle which magically divine it has to all old white men’s fault, and yeah I’ve forcing Sarah to do these wicked things. Man, these left wing loonies have all the brains (in a bowl. for breakfast).

          1. So you mean we can look forward to the day that they don’t ‘exist’ any more?

            Or at least pretend WE don’t exist and they’ll leave us the hell alone?

            Yeah, wishful thinking, I know. But they’ll do that to ‘each other’ anyway.

        1. That is actually really interesting about the END BINARY GENDER lady.

          Back when I responded to her essay, and then responded to Hines’ sad attempt at fisking me, I received a whole bunch of messages from people in fandom, some authors, con people, mostly liberals too, about MacFarlane. They were from people she’d slandered, maligned, attacked, and sabotaged, and they were thanking me for arguing against her bullshit, and complaining about the “white knights” who’d ridden valiantly to the defense of the poor damsel in distress against the Big Evil Correia.

          Mostly because this poor damsel in distress had treated them like dirt or harassed them at a con. You know, classy stuff, that is okay when applied against the right people. Kind of like the point of this whole essay.

          Of course, none of these people could come out and say anything in public about the damsel in distress, because they are part of the Goodthink Tribe. So they know going against proper goodthink would get them in trouble. See, for the people in that group, they have to check and see which direction the wind is blowing before sharing an opinion. It is all about group perception and acceptance, rather than just telling the truth… I find that really sad.

          Honestly, not about this Macfarlane person, but just in general with the SJWs in fiction, you guys would be stunned some of the authors I’ve spoken with who agree with me. I’m not talking politics, because some of these people are flaming liberals, but they believe in free speech. Some of these people are huge, way bigger sellers than I am, but even they won’t talk because they know it isn’t worth the flack they’ll catch.

          It is kind of liberating being the International Lord of Hate. 🙂

          1. Speaking about SJWs in general, you might get a kick out of the guy I’ve got over at my blog right now. I can’t really call him a troll, because he does seem to be trying to debate. However, he just trotted out the “everything is political” line. I had to ask him out taking a leak was political, and was it because I went standing up rather than sitting down?

            Seriously, what is it with these people?

          2. Yeah, I really appreciate what you’re doing too. On my end of things, I honestly am aware that most of the people who’d like nothing more than to write books don’t have the technological resources I’m lucky enough to have (read: literal in house network security sysadmin) to deal with the hacktivism a lot of these guys do, are capable of, and flatly, get away with.

            I sometimes wish I could be more open and detailed about the sheer level of harassment I get, but I can’t, for security reasons – not just my own’s, but my family’s, especially my children’s, due to the nature of the threats I’ve been receiving.

            So, I’d be surprised about who had agreed with you probably, but not about what they agree with you about. If they’re scared, and they’re big names in the industry… I’m just a little indie with one little novella under my belt so far and a few books co-authored. To the gibbering horde, I’m prey, because I never have, and never will bend the knee to their wishes.

            I hope you like the doodle and if you want a higher-res version, I’ll upload it.

      1. Requires Hoyt is totally plausible. Sarah would just need to be secretly writing twice as fast, able to actually pass as leftist, and be capable of restricting herself to relatively few short stories for that identity.

        Can anyone tell me how often R. Hate writes about Kit Marlowe?

    3. Did Sriduangkaew turn up at the Hugo ceremony? Are we certain that this identify is real?

      If it turns out that she is a SWM in New Jersey, it will still be true that a whole bunch of people gave her a pass on the belief that she was punching up, but there will be an attempt to shrug this off as more bad behavior by the privileged.

      1. I’d like to know if all the people she threatened would ever feel safe sharing a convention space with her after this.

        1. Well, now that some of those people know who she is, the question becomes whether she will feel safe sharing a convention space with them.

          After all, her side applauded her “punching up” fantasies of throwing acid on people and such, so…

  20. The worst part is, most of the SJWs will never realize the real source of the problem. They think they can fix a problem like Requires Hate with hashtags like #RequiresLove and everything will be better. They created this problem, and I don’t think RH will be the last or even the worst to be spawned by that toxic ideology.

      1. Well, come on. Mixon’s blog is the same place where she warned someone from referring to RH as “creature” because it was dehumanizing, but “Alabama cracker” in the same comment was completely accepted because, well I guess then the racial slurs are just “punching up”.

    1. As you can see from Mixon’s crowd, though they bleat about equal rights they have no interest in equality before the law. In principle what they dispense is the same as a type of color coding in apartheid S. Africa. There are shades of citizenship – literally. They themselves argue from positions of race and gender where the most oppressed has the largest voice and the most credibility. It is a bigot’s dream come true as well of that of people with sociopathic mental health issues. How much money would you bet about the use of prescription meds among SJWs as compared to those who oppose them?

      In other words, they perfectly mirror a kinder gentler version of RH’s race gender hierarchy and RH herself learned it at their feet. Mixon’s post does not represent a clash of principles but is instead in-fighting among members of the same Klan who have the same enemy.

      When you think of the sharp perceptions and insights needed to write literature, especially SF, the idea these people will produce anything worth reading is simply laughable. That endemic failure only produces more reasons to believe they are being discriminated against.

      Though each SJW is convinced they argue from the same perceptive viewpoint of Orwell in 1984, in fact these are the people Orwell warned about. SJWs possess no tools of self-criticism that would allow them to see that, because one must have principles and be willing to accept and learn from personal failure.

      SJWs are a cult of failure which denies reality itself. It is as if the last place nags of racetracks around the country organized into a union and created a meticulous social science that explained why they should actually be winning half the races. They suffer from a shared hysteria they have successfully involved allies in by producing that meticulous fantasy as oppression.

  21. Larry is obviously commenting on something he knows nothing about. Benjanun had numerous pro short stories sale in a fairly small time frame and also released a novel. More than that, she had befriended many of the same people she was attacking under her pseudonym.

    Instead of addressing any of this, Larry has decided to use this as an oppurtunity to type ‘SJW’ over and over again. Because obviously people who are against trolling must be SJW’s! So stupid, Larry. So stupid.

    Hugos aren’t biased toward a liberal cause. They’re voted on by people. The people that seem to be most engaged in the Hugos seem to be more liberal. Or, maybe, they just seem to not like Larry and the other ‘Sad Puppies.’ It’s not a liberal’s fault that the Hugo audience likes them better. Awards are always, ALWAYS, about popularity among the voting crowd. Larry doesn’t have enough, even with a campaign.

    If someone like Larry Correia would simply STFU and get on with their career they’d have nothing to fear from the supposed ‘SJW’s.’ You can even share your political viewpoints without losing favor. What you can’t do is be combative towards large groups of people and expect it not to have an effect. Or be clearly motivated by hatred (like Vox).

    Which, I should clarify, I don’t think Larry is. I think he’s just a loud mouth punk who’d needed to be disciplined as a child and taught a few manners. Why he feels the need to associate with the Evil League of Assholes is beyond me, especially when there’s others associated with this philosophical league who are bottom feeding scum.

    I’ll take any responses off the air.

    1. Wow. That’s some pretty concentrated bile right there. Perhaps he’s calling them SJW’s because they call themselves that? Just, you know, throwing that out there.

      So the people voting are liberal and actively seek to ostracize stuff that doesn’t fit their narrative, but there isn’t bias. A dictionary (perhaps applied directly to the head?) might be in order.

      Everyone has biases. The best way to filter them out is by having a large sample size – but the Hugo awards are voted on by something like 0.1% of the fantasy/sci-fi audience, and even that guestimate might be generous.

      Be quiet and get on with their career is pretty much just a nice way of saying shut up and don’t make waves. One side here wants their opposition to shut up, the other wants the first to keep talking. I could explain the significance, but that’s almost a dead horse.

      And while your anti-Vox hatred is cute its a bit misplaced at the moment. We’re talking about the vile stuff one of the in crowd did, not what Vox did, supposedly did, or in fact didn’t do.

      As for taking any responses “off air” A) you don’t deserve the site views, B) even if you did that’s rather arrogant hi-jacking, and C) its basically a low attempt at disguising a drive by comment.

      I could go on, but I’ll tag out, I’m sure someone else wants a crack at it.

      1. Jared,

        No, nobody calls themselves Social Justice Warriors in any serious sense.

        The AWARDS aren’t biased. It’s not the Hugo’s fault that Larry doesn’t have fans who like him enough to outvote anyone else.

        I’m all for sharing political points, but not belittling individuals or groups of individuals, as this blog post so clearly does.

        As long as Larry freely associates with Vox, it’s relevant.

      2. You must not know the people I do – I have seen SJW applied to people as a badge of honor quite often. There have even now been movements to expand it to Social Justice Cleric, Social Justice Rogue, and Social Justice Wizard. Serious or not they call themselves that, just as John C Wright, Larry, and Sarah call themselves the Evil League of Evil to poke fun at the utterly limited imaginations of the people attacking them. I mean seriously, even if every single thing about Vox is correct they say about him, he is a far cry from the epitome of evil, not having actually put any of these hateful things into the realm of action.

        The award is intrinsically linked with the people who decide it. It is completely factual to say that the American elections are biased towards American interests, because it is Americans voting on it. WorldCON has been steadily becoming less and less relevant with a shrinking attendance trend, and even the biggest voting total ever is smaller than even a regional Comic Con attendance in its first year.

        So if Larry can be tarred because of his tenuous relationship with Vox, but to say anything about the SJW’s because one of their cherished in group turns out to be a vile backstabbing Troll is out of bounds? Got it.

      3. “The AWARDS aren’t biased.”

        It’s just a coincidence the supporters of the core ideology of The Fellowship of Andrea Dworkin swept both the Hugos and Nebulas. It’s just a coincidence that Ancillary Justice, an SF novel that defaults to the most fervent dreams of Charlotte Bunch, Jill Trebilcot and Andrea Dworkin had an unprecedented sweep of SFF awards.

        That Fellowship that is routinely statistical zero in Amazon rankings and in larger American culture. That Fellowship is routinely non-existent in Publisher’s Weekly rankings. That Fellowship’s presence on is far greater than their sales figures at Tor Books.

        Once again we have a person who literally doesn’t understand what the word “biased” means or how to determine it if they did.

        Do your homework before accusing others of not doing theirs.

      4. One of your analogies is simply wrong. Larry knows what Vox is all about. Folks who associated with Benjanun didn’t know that she was Requires Hate/Winterfox. There was deception involved and Larry certainly can’t make that claim about Vox.

        If anyone’s taking up the SJW label it’s only for comedic effect. I saw that Hines has talked about the Social Justice League, but it’s completely tongue-in-cheek.

        1. We use the term Social Justice Warrior because it encapsulates three lies in one term.

          You are one dumb point missing motherfucker. Folks who praised Benjanun didn’t know who some of her alter egos were, but they only condemn her actions when she attacked the WRONG people. Not that her actions were wrong, that her targets were wrong. They praised her for attacking some groups, but not others.

          As for Vox, dude can fight is own battles. I know you’re a weirdo creepy stalker troll, but when you take your strange obsession over to somebody else’s board it is just pathetic.

          I know Vox is outspoken, opinionated, and I often disagree with him, but he is consistent. He traded insults with somebody else who constantly hurls racist insults, only like Benjanun, she only insulted the right people, thus it was okay, and Vox insulted the wrong people, and thus must be burned at the stake. Because privilege, or something. Hell if I know.

          But back to your cannibal feeding frenzy, because the rest of us don’t share your strange obsession with Vox Day. SJWs are hypocrites and liars. This is just another example, which is why we’re all having a grand time laughing at it.

        2. Bullshit. Now we know you’re lying.

          Especially since multiple people knew who she really was, and backed her various plays.

          Or, maybe Larry isn’t the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      1. “So the people who buy Larry’s books and vote with their wallet mean less than the small clique of Hugo voters? Got it.”

        Larry sells great. He probably writes great. So why aren’t folks willing to shell out a few more dollars to vote in the Hugos? I have no freaking clue. Maybe they like the work better than the man.

        Sure, I’d call him a punk in person. I doubt we’ll every see each other, but I don’t think he’s going to suddenly get violent over being called a punk.

        And if we’re talking about sales. There’s a few other liberal writers out there. Stephen King, Joe Hill, George RR Martin, Neil Gaiman. They all sell pretty well.

        1. I got a couple hundred people who don’t attend a con to buy memberships to that con, just to prove a point.

          It was $40, to get a packet of books. Mine they already owned and most of the rest are things they don’t like. And I still got a couple hundred of them to do, just for the kicks.

          Please, do continue to call me a punk, Anonymous Internet Pussy. My name is Larry Correia. That is my real name. I live in Utah and do book tours, signings, conventions, and events all over America. No. I wouldn’t get violent over being called a punk, but considering how laughably insecure and pathetic Anonymous Internet Pussies are, I can’t predict the same for your reaction when I insult you back.

          And I made a handy chart of writer success. Yes, you were able to name some famous people. Good for you.

      2. I love how you cherry-pick four of the highest grossing authors out there, with King arguably not being purely a genre-fiction author anymore. Are any of this year’s winners in the Top 100 in genre sales? Top 1000? I know Tor has been trying to prop up “Ancillary Justice” with little monetary success, but wow, it won the Sci-Fi tripple crown.

        And I never suggested Larry would beat you for calling him a punk. I’m saying you wouldn’t have the stones to do it in person, which means you shouldn’t say it all. Maybe if people had to talk face-to-face more instead of anonymously over the Internet, society would be more civil and this kind of crap wouldn’t happen. But I won’t hold my breath for such class from anyone on the SJW side.

      3. Those 4 writers are actual liberals. They don’t obsessively write about privilege and how all men should listen to all women. They don’t write about how men use heterosexuality and rape to keep women in fear. They don’t write how misogyny is embedded in the English language or that America is truck-dragging face-punching fest carried out by “white cis guys” towards gays, women and PoC.

        Didn’t you read “Intersectionality 101”? Here’s a hint: it’s not about liberalism. It came highly recommended by the Gunga Din for gender feminism. He wrote “Old Man’s War on Women” and novelized 2 min. of the first Austin Powers movie where there’s a joke about how nameless henchmen die and he called it “Cis-Hetshirts.”

      4. I see that our Poxy Proxy admits that the Hugo Awards aren’t about the best books, but rather about the person that you “like.” He wrote:

        “Larry sells great. He probably writes great. So why aren’t folks willing to shell out a few more dollars to vote in the Hugos? I have no freaking clue. Maybe they like the work better than the man.”

        So not only does he comment on Larry’s inability to be popular while obviously being popular, while admitting he’s never read the books he’s damning with faint praise, he also confirms that the Hugos are all about whether someone is likeable rather than if the story is at all good.

        Thanks, Poxy Proxy! You can go home now, you’ve made our point for us.

    2. And I agree Larry has a loud mouth. Most of us are here because of it. He won’t be quiet and stand by while people blather on and distort or lie about issues that have been brought up.

      If you want to call him a punk, I suggest you do it in person. And if you don’t have the courage to do that, you should STFU.

    3. Weak. But I should expect as much from an anonymous internet pussy with a screen name like that. What? Are you too sad to forge your identity that you can only exist as a parody?

      As usual, your drive by trolling is a large amount of bullshit, but I don’t have the time to destroy you in depth with proper mockery.

      1. Know a lot about it. Thanks.
      2. What was her number of pro sales when she received her Campbell nomination?
      3. Of that tiny number of pro-paying printed words, what exactly other than her outspoken political beliefs merited her award nomination?
      4. She befriend and attacked? So? Meaningless to my point that SJWs are hypocrites.
      5. I call them SJWs, because unlike you NO LABELS fucktards, I like the convenience, because typing Wannabe Literati Asshole Jerks Who Sabotage Careers and Slander People Who Disagree With Their Social Justice Narrative is too long.
      6. You can declare something stupid, but this is a spectator sport. You need to demonstrate to the audience why something is stupid. You did a lame drive by with some checklisting. I mock you. Which is why I’m popular, rich, and successful, and you are a sad little anonymous internet pussy.
      7. Hugos are biased toward liberal causes. Demonstrated. Here let me refresh your memory of what Sad Puppies was.
      – I said the Hugos are biased, and that those who don’t agree to the libprog narrative will be actively sabotaged and campaigned against.
      – I was called a liar.
      – So I got some conservatives nominated.
      – They did everything I said they would do, and more.
      8. My people don’t go to WorldCons. Duh. Not exactly shocking. We like fun cons, rather than mandatory diversity panels and racially segregated safe zones. My getting enough fans to vote to sway the nominations caused endless panic attacks. And yes, your tears are delicious.
      9. Never expected to win. I’m a retired auditor who did statistical analysis for a living. I knew I wasn’t going to win, said I wasn’t going to win, and in fact, winning would have been counter productive of proving #7. Duh, you idiot.
      10. I have nothing to fear from SJWs as it is now, because I’m too successful for them to hurt. Believe me, they’ve tried. I do this for the writers who can’t speak up.
      11. As usual, the left wants to silence the right. The right wants the left to keep talking so the undecideds can see just how full of shit you are.
      12. I’m motivated by many things. I hate bullies, statists, thought police, and control freaks, so sure, I’m motivated by hate. Why not?
      13. Vox is a big boy, able to fight his own battles. The main thing we have in common is that we are nails who stick up, which is why people like you can’t sleep at night until we are hammered down.
      14. You don’t think I’m motivated by hate? Then you clearly haven’t been paying attention.
      15. If I got one thing from my youth, it is the ability to take a beating and never give up, so please, Anonymous Internet Pussy, come get some.
      16. I have excellent manners. I reserve them for when I’m dealing with sane and rational people. For dealing with curs and fools, I give them the back of my hand, as any gentlemen would.
      17. Unlike you, I believe in the free exchange of ideas and free association.
      18. I’m sorry, I don’t join witch hunts.
      19. A typical tactic of the cultural leftists is to dangle the carrot of acceptance. If I join in condemning somebody they don’t like, then maybe, just maybe, they’ll accept me. Or they’re motivated by hate, but maybe, just maybe, I’m not… This is merely a form of concern trolling, and the proper response is to never play by the SJW’s rules. The proper response is Fuck Off.
      20. You won’t take any of my responses off the air, because you are on my turf, and unlike you, I actually have readers. The only reason I bother to respond to a shit stain like yourself is that I have an audience.

      Whew! That is another demonstration of Brandolini’s Bullshit Asymmetry Principle, in that it takes an order of magnitude more effort to refute bullshit than it does to create it!

      1. Nice! An excellent beating, delivered with panache. That’s why I like it here, the troll smashing is superb.

        Why can’t more people in this world tell the likes of Poxy to fuck off? Its all they deserve, and so much more satisfying than the hand wringing and angsty fluttering over at Mixon and company. What a pack of whinging girls.

      2. 8. My people don’t go to WorldCons. Duh. Not exactly shocking. We like fun cons, rather than mandatory diversity panels and racially segregated safe zones. My getting enough fans to vote to sway the nominations caused endless panic attacks. And yes, your tears are delicious.

        That sounds like Wiscon which bills itself as being about feminism, gender, race and class.

        It doesn’t much sound like the Worldcons or regional SF cons that I’ve attended. Sure there may be a program item about diversity here and there, but program items abound, choose something else. Throw an International Lord of Hate party.

        Do you not do any regional SF conventions? As I recall, you went to Westercon; did none of your people turn up there?

        1. I do a lot of cons. I did 13 in 2014, ranging from 500 people to 120,000 people. I’ve done one WorldCon and I was bored out of my mind. Of the few dozen different cons I’ve tried now over the last 5 years, I’d put it up toward the top for stuffy, pretentious, and boring. But keep in mind, I was also a little biased because I’d spent the months leading up to it listening to people complain about how my showing up for the Campbell ceremony made them feel “unsafe”.

          That said, I’ve got a lot of respect for the people who administer the Hugo awards. One of the goals of Sad Puppies was to do an audit because of various allegations over the years of missing ballots. I found them to be extremely honest and professional the entire time.

      3. If I join in condemning somebody they don’t like, then maybe, just maybe, they’ll accept me.

        And, of course, whether they do or not, you would have been corrupted by betraying your own. If the SJW’s are so noble, why are they using tactics right out of the Diabolic Evil Mastermind playbook?

    4. LOL, oh Poxy, Poxy, Poxy….. same old shtick. Vox is still living rent-free in your head, too.

      “If someone like Larry Correia would simply STFU and get on with their career they’d have nothing to fear from the supposed ‘SJW’s.’ You can even share your political viewpoints without losing favor.”

      Now you’re either delusional or a massive liar. Thanks for the laugh on a busy Monday!

      1. Just standard concern trolling.

        Free clue for those who’ve never seen one: No matter what they promise, you will never be allowed to sit at the cool kids table. You will be expected to wear a zippered gimp hood, and be properly grateful for thrown table scraps.

        Just laugh at them and tell them to sod off.

    5. Anyone with a supporting membership can nominate and vote in the Hugo awards. They are biased to the degree that Hugo voters are biased.

      What I did notice is that when the Hugo slate was announced, several in the SJW crowd were falling over themselves to proudly announce that they would No Award the Sad Puppy nominees, sight unseen.

      I thought it might be a good idea to read nominees, though I must admit, consuming the entire Wheel of Time in the allotted time just wasn’t going to happen.

      George R.R. Martin may be on the left, but the reason Martin prints money is because he delivers the goods… eventually. His books are enjoyed by readers across the political spectrum.

      If Martin made every book about a checklist of the prevailing political attitudes of Hugo voters, he might do better at the Hugos, but I doubt he would sell as well.

      1. Yeah, pretty much called their reaction.

        If only it were the No Award Sight Unseen crowd. It was the ones who accused me of racism, sexism, homophobia, wanting to punch women and minorities in the face, wanting to drag homosexuals to death behind my pickup, and unsubstantiated allegations of spousal abuse. All of this was shared on so many places to so many complete strangers who knew nothing about me that people who hadn’t spoken to my wife since college reached out to her, concerned for her safety…

        But yes, Pox, please lecture me more about how the left totally wouldn’t use hate. 🙂

        Not that I mind, because I set out to get the SJWs to show their pretty pink panties to the world, and they were more than happy to oblige.

      2. Khazlek wrote:
        “I thought it might be a good idea to read nominees, though I must admit, consuming the entire Wheel of Time in the allotted time just wasn’t going to happen.”

        SLACKER! I accomplished it.

    6. Funny. I actually agree with you that Larry’s association with Vox Day is frustrating – though I also think that attempting to enforce ideological purity helps no one.

      However, the assertion that there’s no liberal bias in the Hugo Awards or SFFWA would be hilarious if it weren’t incredibly obviously wrong. I don’t think that the kinds of things done by BS/RH are necessarily common, or that they are a conscious conspiracy of ill-intentioned people. They are, however, a very ideologically intolerant, socially reinforcing and self perpetuating echo chamber (something that I do also often see in all strongly politically identifying communities, but it’s very, very obvious in the SFFWA, so your assertion is simply wrong).

      1. What exactly is my total association with Vox?

        1. I recommended one of his short stories?
        2. I refuse to join in the SJW approved witch hunt?
        3. I won’t issue some sort of public condemnation of the man?
        4. I point out that the people attacking him were vile, awful, and cruel also?

        Other than that, where, in public, is this association with Vox? Seriously. I say that he’s a big boy who can fight his own battles. We share some mutual enemies? Yet somehow that makes us… What?

      2. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless the enemy of my enemy don’t dance, then they ain’t no friend of mine!

      3. Perhaps I misunderstood the Sad Puppies campaign – it seemed like there was a sense that voters were encouraged to vote in a block. I do remember some solid posts promoting, you know, actually reading all the books and stories, and that didn’t seem like a problem to me.

        1. There was no encouragement for block-voting. There were people posting their slates, and no requirement to copy them. I certainly didn’t copy Larry’s slate, because I didn’t know what all the books were about.

          Heck, my election ballot this last Tuesday was more of a block-vote than my Hugo ballot, and that one included a lot of write-ins as protests. (This year’s theme was “famous authors.” Larry wound up with the slot for a circuit judge, because hilarious.)

    7. Here we have the classic internet troll. Not the generic troll-under-the-bridge making life less fun for everyone, but the Troller:

      Troller is looking for a response…ANY response, and he will chum the waters with complaints, insults, compliments, and inflammatory tidbits hoping that someone…ANYONE, will take the bait. Generally quite harmless – practices a form of catch and release. Nonetheless, he can upset the delicate ecology of a discussion forum. Once a forum becomes aware of his presence, however, all feeding activity ceases and Troller must move on to more promising waters.

      The taxonomy still holds; unfortunately the species has evolved immunity to older counter-measures.

  22. I feel like someone has probably already asked this, but I feel the need to say it anyways. What the hell does Ferguson have to do with Literature?

    1. The same thing intersectional lesbian gender supremacy has to do with SFF. People obsessed with a thing feel their obsession is quite normal no matter how inappropriate the venue is they stick it. These freaks honestly believe that lesbian gender feminism is not only the future of SFF (I have the quotes) but that SFF defaults to it.

      They are completely wacky people lost in their fantasy world that in fact is a psychotic break with reality they normalize while treating normality as an anomalous oppression.

      The goofiest of them believe that when “old white men” die off people will stop reading the Top 100 at Amazon currently roundly ignoring them, heterosexuality will die because we made it like we make toaster ovens, and SFF will go “queer.”

      Damien Walter says straight up “Science fiction needs to reflect that the future is queer.” Unfortunately I don’t think he’s figured out what the “white” and “male” means in “straight white male.” A .333 average is good in baseball, not so much in noble Ladyland.

      1. You know what’s really funny? I mean, rolling on the floor laughing hysterically funny? Most of these people, maybe all of them, if you asked, would say human beings originated through a process of Darwinian evolution. Now, do you think a Darwinian evolutionary origin process might have some affect on human sexual behavior? Like for instance making the vast majority, circa 96% of the species, hardwired for heterosexuality?

        The only way the future will be queer is if genetic engineering makes it that way.

    1. Is that the video that made the claim that #notyourshield people don’t exist and that picking (blood) red as a warning color is completely arbitrary?

      No thanks.

    2. He doesn’t seem to actually know anything about the military. And thus apparently doesn’t like it. At all.

      The rest of his screed suffers similarly. Doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, and so doesn’t like it.

  23. Larry, glad you could join us.

    1. Huh?
    2. Exact number? I don’t know. I know she was showing up in a lot of pro periodicals and anthologies. As much as you? No, but it was a Campbell award.
    3. Subjective. I’ll be honest, I didn’t like her work and would not have nominated her. I don’t like surreal sci-fi that loses it’s human connection. Plus, the atrociously complicated names didn’t help. Part of that was because she was Thai, but part of it was just because people think long weird names belong in Sci-Fi.
    4. I haven’t seen other Liberal writers attack with the ferocity of Requires Hate. There was some really atrocious things on her blog and I don’t think her situation applies widely to SJW’s. It’s an anomalous data point.
    5. Umm, okay. But it’s pretty silly.
    6. You want to know my name? I’ll send you an email if you promise to keep the secret. Besides, I’m a nobody. I use a pseudonym, big deal. If I didn’t, would it change anything?
    7. You can be sabotaged from the Hugos if the voters turn out. They didn’t. People disliked Sad Puppies mostly because of Vox Day. You, Torgerson, and Weisskopf would have much better results without that p.o.s. sharing his stink.
    8. I’ve never been to a Worldcon, so whatever. But you don’t have to go to Worldcon to vote, right? Your fans could have just sat on their asses and voted for you, but they didn’t.
    9. Nice for you to have that contingency plan. No matter what the outcome you would have celebrated, as we now see.
    10.Do what? Be mean to people?
    11. The left wants people who preach hatred to stop disguising it as a political view.
    12. You hate bullies, yet you’ve just written a blog post laughing at people who’ve been bullied. And yes, this reviewer bullied both right and left-wing authors.
    13. Vox is trash. Not a nail. He’s a bad person. Any person wishing to be taken seriously should stay far away. He’s not right-wing, he’s dangling from the edge of the spectrum.
    14. Didn’t you already say this?
    15. WTF are you talking about? Did I threaten you physically? No, so shut up.
    16. Umm, no you don’t.
    17. No, I agree with free thought exchange. But also believe bigoted ideas should have social and career consequences.
    18. You are constantly on a witch hunt. You just think yours is justified.
    19. You don’t need my acceptance. But you sure as fuck shouldn’t accept Vox.
    20. Ummm, okay. Blow it out your ass, I’ve got balls of steel. Duke Nukem seems the only prudent response to number 20.

    1. “11. The left wants people who preach hatred to stop disguising it as a political view.”

      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! You sir, are an everflowing font of humor! You’re so full of projection, you could operate a movie theater by opening your mouth. Thanks, I needed a good belly laugh!

      1. As the left gets caught cheer leading a hatred preacher, only when the hatred preacher gets caught attacking the wrong people.

    2. Then you won’t mind if we start forwarding SJW racist Tweets to the Southern Poverty Law Center. You can do the same. I know who’ll win that war because I’ve seen the SPLC definition of a hate group.

      Even as biased as the SPLC is, even they will be impressed by the wave of racist filth from editors, presidents of literary orgs, editors, and award nominated authors. Maybe the SPLC will even designate SJWs as a hate group. I already have.

    3. You are very bad at this.

      I don’t actually care what your name is. I only point it out to demonstrate that you post as an anonymous chickenshit loser.

      No, actually she wasn’t showing up in a bunch of anthologies before her nom. You are talking out of your ass. By my standards she’d published what amounts to a chapter. She got her nom for one reason, it salved white liberal angst. But hey, you came on, talking about stuff you didn’t know anything about, and I used it to demonstrate that you’re stupid. Spectator sport, remember.

      You haven’t seen the ferocity of liberals attacking? Well shit. What would I know about that, having only been on the receiving end of it? Or in other words, just because you are ignorant doesn’t mean something doesn’t exist.

      Let’s see, more attempts at carrot dangling, concern trolling, blah, blah, blah.

      Uh… My fans paid money, just to vote. Not to attend, to vote, just for the delicious angst it caused to SJWs. It was enough to get my entire slate nominated, at a convention that is predominately absolutely opposed to me and my kind, and it caused such wonderful outrage and so many tears.

      The lefts wants people to stop preaching hatred? Fuck off. I’ve been slandered by everybody and their dog. They fabricated quotes and put them in major newspapers. When called on it, they crowd sourced a witch hunt, going through everything I’ve ever said or written, trying to find something sexist, racist, or homophobic, and came up empty handed. In response, they just made up new lies.

      Vox is a grown up who can fight his own fights, creepy weird stalker dude. All I did was recommend a short story to my readers.

      You CAN’T physically threaten me. I’d scrape you off my shoe.

      I have to repeat myself a lot, because you people are fucking stupid. This can be demonstrated by the way you regurgitate tired bullshit that I’ve already written whole blog posts about.

      No, you don’t agree with the free exchange of ideas or free association, because you arrived and immediately engaged in tired tactics of shaming, concern trolling, and trying to silence dissent. You got called on it, brow beat, and mocked.

      This isn’t a witch hunt. I don’t sabotage people. I don’t sabotage careers. I don’t call for boycotts. I attack their ideas on the merits of their ideas. I save the direct attacking to people to clueless trolls, who won’t be convinced, and whose only use is as a pinata. If I hit you enough, perhaps delicious candy will fall out.

      Again with the creepy Vox obsession, weirdo stalker dude. I recommended a story, the fact that it sent your side into endless spirals of sputtery rage and got them to demonstrate exactly what I said they would do was an added bonus.

      You are a creepy stalker troll, annoying me on my blog with your strange obsession with another blogger. Seriously, fuck off, loser.

  24. Larry,

    If you find yourself in Southwest Virginia, shoot me an email. We’ll get together, have some coffee, call each other punk, talk about SF, and maybe smoke a cigar. Hell you can bring Tom Kratman over too. He lives just down the road from me. Just please, neither of you shoot me.


        1. Put Lol in there again so we know you’re funny.

          Eat a bag of dicks. I don’t want to be your friend. Kratman would scrape you off his boot.

    1. See, that throwaway line at the end is the kind of passive-aggressive bullshit most of us here hate. You didn’t come out and say Larry would shoot you and you could play it off as sarcasm, but really, in the back of your head, you think it could be an issue.

      Pathetic. If you had actually ever fired a gun or been in any kind of firearms safety course you would know this isn’t something a gun person would even think of doing. That kind of backwards-ass thinking is what perpetuates the anti-gun nuts in this country.

      1. Actually it was just a joke seeing as they’re both gun advocates. I have fired a gun a more than one occasion. Where I live it’s a part of life, though it’s more about hunting than self-defense. I’ve handled both hand-guns and rifles though.

        I like how classy Larry’s being right now. Is telling someone to ‘eat a bag of dicks’ is a conservative value?

        1. For too long conservatives have played nice with a group of people who have demonstrated that they will do anything to destroy their political opposition. So in this case, direct honesty is a refreshing conservative value which is making a come back.

          So really, fuck off. Your concern trolling is weak. You bore me.

          1. I wonder if this “Pox Vay” wants to be banned so perhaps ignoring his nonsense would work better.

          2. I only ban people when they start to bore me. I don’t think Dranklin Relano Droosevelt has done that sufficiently yet.

          3. I wonder what SJW “creds” somebody would get for being banned by you. I doubt that they’d believe that you ban somebody for being boring. [Wink]

          4. Well, in all these years and I don’t know how many tens of thousands of comments, I’ve only banned like 4 or 5 people. Sure, I’ve banned like 30 IP addresses now, but most of those are Andrew Marston and that psychopath from Washington who keep coming back.

      2. There is an explicit reason why “Pox” and Larry detest each other.

        To anger a Conservative, tell them a lie. To anger a Progressive, tell them the truth.

        THAT is why you two tap dance on each others nerves. I just hope to see Larry break out the Tetsubo and finish this cowardly little “Pox” off.

      3. ” in the back of your head, you think it could be an issue. ”

        No, actually, he doesn’t. If he did, he wouldn’t show up here, given how easy it is to figure out where to find someone, and take the chance that he might actually succeed in p*ssing Larry the “kill-crazy gun-nut Evil Lord of Evil” off enough to actually take the time to do it.

        He doesn’t believe his own BS; why should anyone else?

    2. Larry and Tom wouldn’t waste ammo on you. Either one of them could break you in half with one hand while stirring a drink with the other.

  25. I find myself reflecting on the Newspeak word “blackwhite” which could be used as either praise or approbation, depending on the target.

    When used to describe a loyal party member, it meant being so committed to the cause that one was able to believe that black was white if the party said that it was. When used to describe an enemy of the party, it meant someone so deluded as to believe that black was white.

    Reading over the “Damage Done” post, I see the exact same behavior praised when done in the service of the party and condemned when done against the party.

    This kind of thinking frightens me.

  26. Hi Larry, you mentioned that being a Thai lesbian is worth writing ten actual books. I would like to be a Famous Writer without doing the hard work of writing actual books. Can you tell me how many points I get for having a Thai aunt? (She’s not a lesbian, or if she is my uncle wasn’t aware of it, but she is indisputably pure Thai on both sides.). I also have another aunt from another Asian country, do I get any points for her?

    1. Well, it is a complicated measurement, which only SJWs can instinctively understand. However, for example, when Brad Torgersen was nominated for a Campbell, he’d published tons of short stories and won some reader’s choice awards from the biggest magazines in sci-fi, that’s a +1. He is in an interracial marriage, that’s another +1. However, he is a political moderate, that is a wash. But on the downside he was in the military (-1, unless you are a libprog, then it is +4), he is white (-1), male (-1), heterosexual (-1), Mormon (-1). So Brad ended up with a net negative and was out.

      Me on the other hand, I showed up and it was like Sold Machine Guns -100, and I’ve been doomed ever since. 🙂

      1. Crumbs.

        I wonder if my aunt is worth a grant? Perhaps to write poetry (God knows I won’t get anywhere with poetry on talent).

      2. T. L. wondered where he’d be; up that well-known creek without a paddle, sounds like.

        What seems really stupid about all this is that we’re talking about THE WRITTEN WORD. Until the invention of the camera, most readers had no idea what an author looked like, and if it’s an article or short story we still don’t. I don’t care if a writer is a white guy or a left-handed lesbian Thai worm farmer. I care about the words on the page. And also, I can suspend disbelief pretty darn far even with actors, probably because I like opera. Opera fans learn early on how to deal with heavy strawberry blondes playing sexy Sicilian ladies or black guys playing homicidal Italian clowns. If I can look right at somebody who doesn’t match the part, and still enjoy the story, I’m sure not going to get worked up about someone’s author photograph.

        1. It is kind of like that scene in Django Unchained where Kristoph Waltz tells super racist Leonardo DiCaprio that his favorite author Alexandre Dumas was black. (and holy crap, if you’ve not read the story of Dumas’ father, you are missing out. That dude was old school adventurer bad ass).

          1. Well, he was one cisgendered son of a gun. The dude was a bad ass, and all the Parisian ladies loved him. Seriously, the guy was like an Assassin’s Creed character.

      3. Pogonip commented: “If I can look right at somebody who doesn’t match the part, and still enjoy the story, I’m sure not going to get worked up about someone’s author photograph.”

        Ah, but you see, it’s all about the internal experience of someone based on their genetics or which magazine pictures they like to look at. For example, someone was complaining to me the other day about how no one cares about him because he’s Mexican, the police are stupid, and gays are creepy, adding that the day he gets an apology for being mistreated is the day he becomes a Republican.

        And then he reminded me that, and I quote, “You’ll never know what it’s like to be a Mexican immigrant, and I’ll never know what it’s like to be a guy in a wheelchair. We can’t walk in the other’s shoes.”

        Took him a moment to realize what he said. ‘Course, I don’t find that to be an insensitive idiom, because I’m not as smart as an SJW. 🙂

        1. You had him being ableist and you let him off the hook? Duuuuuuude. You missed a golden opportunity.

          Of course, no one ever slips up like that with my own disabilities, so I never get the chance.

          1. Well, contrary to what you might see on Facebook, I don’t ALWAYS go after someone with hammer and tongs. 🙂 If there’s a hope of using reason, I tend to be reasonable. Otherwise, hey, might as well have fun.

            Plus, I find it amusing to watch someone get their liberalism in a twist because I’m a straight white male who still gets to claim minority status by their own standards.

          2. I moderated a panel on worldbuilding at AwesomeCon last year. When one of the authors was talking about how, because she was white, she had to get some others to help her with the research, I thought to look down the table. Everyone was white, half of us were male. I was the only visible minority. It normally takes someone pointing something out for me to actually notice skin color.

            It did give me one advantage, though. When I moderate a large panel, I have a rule about injecting my own commentary (the usual fatal flaw of moderators everywhere), but this one time I broke it. I summed up the concept of asking others based on their experiences (implying, I hope, that one does not do it based on how they look), claimed argument from authority as a minority myself, and then moved on. What could have been all the authors attempting to seem enlightened and taking up the rest of the panel turned into a mere two-minute digression, counting both of us, and we got more topics in.

            Interestingly, I was complimented on how well I handled everything and kept the panel on track. 🙂 I guess herding cats is good life-experience.

          3. I’ve never understood how some people think that they’re not qualified to research a subject because they’re not X group.

            Of course, I’ve never understood the problem of a white author writing about a minority group, so long as they do it well. If they do it poorly, it doesn’t really matter what they’re ethnic grouping is.

      4. Pogonip wrote:
        ” I don’t care if a writer is a white guy or a left-handed lesbian Thai worm farmer.”

        You’d read stuff written by a left-hander? *SPITS* Outa here, pervert!

    2. Wins you absolutely nothing, I’m afraid. I’m Asian, female, not white, interracial marriage, and NOT LEFTIST.

      Unless you’re a man-hating, hyperfeminist who spends her time bashing non-Leftists and hating white men and emasculating a white husband, cheating on him with a lesbian transsexual lover or five, and cheering about your aborted babies, you’re probably not going to get any points at all.

      *Note: I wrote the second paragraph as exaggeration, but on reflection, I realized just now that it may NOT be an exaggerated requirement to ‘prove’ SJW credentials. And that’s just depressing.

  27. I’ve seen Tom Kratman in person. I think we could have a pleasant conversation, or at least a civil one. But, you know, I guess not everyone’s capable of that.

    1. I save my pleasant conversations for people who don’t show up talking shit about things they clearly don’t understand as they call me names. For people like you I get right down to where we are going to end up inevitably anyway. I don’t do the frenemies game. This isn’t high school.

      And I’m guessing you don’t know shit about Tom Kratman.

      1. I called you names? When was that? The punk thing? I didn’t know you had such thin skin. If you dish it out you better be ready to take it, Monster Hunter.

        1. So, Super Troll…let me get this straight.

          You come onto his blog and call him a “loudmouth punk”, which was clearly a case of name calling, then get pissed when he responds in kind? Really?

          Dude, you really suck at this.

        2. Yes, Pox, you are super nuanced. I should like totally take a whole bunch of time engaging you on the finer points of all that bullshit you wrote. Oh, wait, no. I won’t. You are a dumb ass who showed up spouting dumbassery, and now I should respect you? Go fuck yourself in whatever your acceptable post binary gender manner is.

        3. Pox Vay: Larry, you’re a punk. (A MOMENT LATER) Can we be friends?
          Larry: 🙄
          Pox: Why are you so thin-skinned and immature?

          Reminds me of this script some right-wing-nut posted on the Internet:

          Liberal 1: Attack, attack. ATTACK!
          Liberal 2: Attack attack, attack attack!
          Conservative: Defend.
          Liberal 1: How rude.
          Liberal 2: Indeed, how rude.
          Liberal 1: You Sound Angry.

          Between the Pox and Clamps you’ve got quite a plague of trolls going on, Larry.

          1. Yeah, it is almost like my first impression of Pox was so accurate that I wrote it a year before we met! 😀

      1. Maybe, maybe not. I’m willing to make conversation and discuss and debate with people I don’t agree with. Tom might be willing to also. Clearly, Larry isn’t that kind of guy. I’d have no problem meeting someone I’m in opposition to. Except Vox, but there’s more than just philosophical differences there.

        1. I’m not willing to debate?Except, doofus, you are trying to sell that to the readers of my blog who’ve seen me debate with many different people over the years. The difference is, they didn’t show up shit talking. For people like you I go right to mockery. Saves time and energy.

    2. Amusing: Everyone scroll up to Poxy’s first posting, then down here.

      Ah yes, “Civil”. We have dismissed that claim.

  28. Three Tweets for the Dworkin-Queens under their PhDs,
    Seven for the cis-het Dwarf-women in their blogs of banhammers,
    Nine for Allied Cis-Men doomed to die,
    One for the Marginalized Derp Turnip on her Derp throne
    In the Land of Patriarchy where the Privileges lie.
    One Tweet to school them all, One Tweet to squee them,
    One Tweet to shame them all and in the darkness libel them
    In the Land of Patriarchy where the Derps lie.

  29. Maybe someone can clarify a point for me. When an old, straight (presumably), white woman like Laura Mixon posts something like this, complete with semi-meaningless graphs and charts, does that count as “whitesplaining”, “oldsplaining”, or “straightsplaining”?

    1. No, because she is explaining the correct things. If she was explaining incorrect things, like math, logic, economics, or reality, then that would be bad.

      1. And the fact that she doesn’t understand basic investigative techniques doesn’t help.

        Look at her graph for writer demographics. She couldn’t find one for SFF, which happens. However, she opted for children’s literature. Why children’s lit? Why not romance, or historical fiction? Now, chances are good she couldn’t find a breakdown for any other group. However, I don’t recall seeing any reasoning to use that particular group over any other group. (I could be wrong. It’s been a few days since I read it.)

        Of course, then the fact that the one group she chose presents the demographics she likes, then uses that to extrapolate a comparison between RH’s victims and SF writers in general. Sorry, but I reject the comparison because there’s zero reason to accept that SFF – especially since so many publishers seem to be going out of their way to find non-SWM writers – has a similar demographic breakdown.

      2. I was wondering about the children’s literature thing. That seemed a bit fishy.

        That being said, I still think there’s value in showing that those claiming to retaliate are actually indiscriminate or even backstabbing.

        1. There’s a very good reason it seems fishy. Using that data makes no sense at all. There might be a reason she chose to use that, but it looks like she just grabbed whatever she could.

      3. I think romance readers run nearly 100% female, but the writers are a diverse (sorry) lot. Fern Michaels, who’s been a big name in romance forever, is a man. He may even be white; I’ve never seen his picture. (He says his wife helps him with the sex scenes so they won’t end up sounding too masculine.). As far as I know, romance readers have never objected to Mr. Fern. Readers of other genres, so far as I know, don’t carry on like this either. I wonder what makes SF fans so cranky?

      4. That being said, I still think there’s value in showing that those claiming to retaliate are actually indiscriminate or even backstabbing.

        Yeah, but, it’s enough to say “by the way, she’s attacking literally everyone, even those she’s professed to speak for” and move on, versus spending several pages and five or six graphics on “she’s targeting MUH MINORITIES”.

        They can’t be outraged about the fact RH is hateful and violent. They have to be outraged about RH being hateful and violent to the wrong people.

    1. While it may be tempting to assume everything Damien says is completely wrong, that would require a greater genius than he possesses. He’s probably right about the characters needing to be more interesting. They weren’t Asimov’s strong suit and that is likely a problem for TV.

      1. Funny how I remember The Mule, the cigar chewing Mayor Hardin, the wily trader Devers, and the old man Barr who flumoxes Bel Riose. And Asimov could make two people sitting at a table having a conversation interesting. That’s because the conversations were to the point and clever. I recommend re-reading those conversations between Bel Riose and Barr. A lot happens when nothing is happening. There’s no wasted space in those books.

        Asimov innovated restraint and subtlety into space opera in a way no one had. And the entire structure is damned clever.

        I see a lot of people ripping on Foundation these days and in my opinion they don’t know what they’re talking about. Even a frickin’ robot like R. Daneel Olivaw was interesting in Caves of Steel.

        Asimov’s redo of Foundation in the ’80s are wordy, boring, unlikely and not very good but his early stuff is choice.

      2. It has been a long time, but I remember the conversations being interesting because they were talking about interesting things, not because the characters were memorable.

        I’m not complaining that I didn’t enjoy the books, but rather that characters weren’t a big part of the appeal.

        The only Asimov I’ve read in the last 10 years is iRobot and I recall some of those characters being nearly indistinguishable.

    2. There’s lots of plot and there’s . . . a few characters. Some are even memorable.

      And better than anything Damien (hasn’t) written.

    3. Well, twitter is for retards. Poor fella can’t process more than 140 characters at a time, how sharp can he be?

      Wonder if he’s ever gonna get that book written?

  30. Hey, dumbass Pox Vay just told on me on Twitter to Scalzi and Damien Walter. What a dipshit.

    Yes, he sure did show up looking to have a nuanced debate of the issues. 😀

      1. Opposite day and anti-time day. None of us had any idea who Damien “writing a book” Walter” was until he went of his way to attack Larry and lie about him.

      2. Yes… I totally targeted Walter after he fabricated quotes from me in order to portray me as a sexist, racist, homophobe, in his national newspaper column. After I targeted him with my cismale hatemongery, he took to Twitter to find actual sexist, racist, or homophobic quotes from me and failed. I’m such a bully. Especially that time I got him to admit to lying and fabricating quotes about my publisher too.

        So mean. Maybe you can join Damien on his next “meditation holiday” and help him finish that book he’s been working on for 4 years.

      3. Five years? Jeez, I’m still a completely unpublished author and I’ll have written three novels in just over two years by the end of this month. Granted, two of those will _never_ see the light of day, but by gosh the third will. He’s like a walking example of why you write a book, edit it, then immediately move on to the next one rather than beat the dead horse. And add to that the fact that a) his day job is as a paid writer, and b) he got a grant specifically to write a book.

      4. Isn’t he getting some kind of government “art grant” for “writing” his “novel”?

        That would explain why it’s taking a while, eh?

        1. Yeah, but how much money can you get from a grant to justify spending almost five freaking years writing a single freaking book?

          I mean, that grant must be some serious cash.

    1. The really creepy part is how he went from full attack mode to conciliatory man-flirting once you’d taken him down twice.

      Damien may have competition!

      1. Oh, that’s just what the world needs. I do not want to have to nuke my own planet from orbit, just to be sure, thank you very much.

  31. Bwahahaha…..
    Cannibal feeding frenzy? THIS just popped up!

    MailOnline Editor-at-Large Piers Morgan isn’t happy that he’s being labeled a “racist” by online “trolls” following his latest opinion piece on the “n-word.”

    Loose one little midterm election and its Game Over!

    1. Your attempt at debate got swatted down very quickly because it was a bunch of tired bullshit. Hell you got numbered bullet points. Since then you’ve posted a bunch of times about how nuanced you are. Got anything else or should I just keep calling you names?

      1. Interesting narrative you’ve spun. What I’ve seen is you overreacting to a slightly inflammatory comment. Then, when confronted with someone who’s actually willing to talk the issues, you quickly degraded to name-calling.

        1. If you actually came to debate, that would be one thing, but you didn’t. I responded to your points, then I insulted you, because I’ve been doing this a long time, and I could tell that you were an attention whoring concern troll. Since then you’ve done that weird pretentious douchebag thing where you argue about the nature of the argument. However, you demonstrated that my initial judgement call was correct when you took to Twitter to tattle on me to Scalzi and Damien. Good for you. They’ll pat you on your tender head and tell you that you are one of the cool kids.

          So, yeah, kiss my ass, you pathetic concern troll loser. Nobody here is dumb enough to buy your nonsense.

          1. Yeah, I like how I’m the bad guy because I refuse to join in on their mandated witch hunt for Vox Day, but they’ll freely ally with stalker of Asian women, Andrew Marston, because apparently he only threatens and menaces the *right* kind of women.

            Which just goes back to the original article. They’re a bunch of dishonest hypocrites who will engage in any tactic against their foes, no matter how sleazy, and the second their tactics are used against them, they turn into a bunch of cry baby victims.

          2. ROFL! Pox and Clamps, they deserve each other. Oh Poxy, if you’re reading this, you might want to google your new friend Marston there. We’re really not arbitrarily throwing around the “creepy stalker” label. But you probably won’t, since you’re too arrogant and stupid.

            These silly prog trolls are the gift that keeps on giving!

          3. Went there, read it, and see that Cramps neglected to mention why Larry calls him a creepy stalker.

            Spoiler alert (just for Cramps): It’s not because he keeps showing up to bother Larry, but how he follows Shadowdancer all over the internet, regardless of what she’s doing there, and tries to attack her there. You know, a “woman of color” and all that?

            But hey, if he dislikes Larry, I guess all is well.

      2. Get this straight. Being hurt and/or offended by someone insulting you is not the same thing as not giving them further opportunities to do so in the future or responding in kind.

        You could call us names till the cows came home and we won’t give give a crap, but that doesn’t mean we’re just going to let you keep doing it.

      3. @Joel: It was rather inevitable they meet, since they have a mutual hatred for Vox Day. I’m sure that they’ll start their beautiful bromance of shared hatreds soon enough, and the social plague will start ranting about what people and work to hate…

        If only that were enough to get them to leave us alone so we wouldn’t have to suffer their presence and persistent inanity, but alas, that respite will likely not last long.

    2. Perhaps I’m just not mature and evolved enough, but it just never occurs to me to create a blog with the sole purpose of hating on someone, no matter how vile I believe them to be. Pox definitely appears to have some issues. Desperate for acceptance by those who have no interest in accepting him (her? it? shim? I’m so confused). Perhaps Pox has not found a way to be happy IRL so must spread unhappiness via keyboard. Sad.

    3. Really?


      I know I’m late to this game and you won’t see this…but…this is just sad.

      Btw…. you never DID bring up a topic for debate.

    4. I was under the assumption that debate involved expressing points and counter-points in a polite and respectful manner. What are your points for discussion in the following direct quotes from your first post?

      “Larry is obviously commenting on something he knows nothing about.” Sounds like an attack instead of a point to be discussed.

      “So stupid, Larry. So stupid.” Kind of rude and also not a point to be debated in a polite manner.

      “If someone like Larry Correia would simply STFU and get on with their career…” I don’t see this as any way polite and my first response to someone who wants me to “Shut the F*** up” is, understandably, going to be less than polite.

      Last but certainly not least:
      “I think he’s (OC: Larry is) just a loud mouth punk who’d needed to be disciplined as a child and taught a few manners.” Condescending and rude with a side of arrogance.

      Please tell the rest of people reading this blog how any of those direct quotes from your first post were in any way mature and open to true honest dialogue. Additionally, the shit talking started right there. With your first post. Larry was just able to make your shit talking look amateurish and juvenile. From my point of view, the immature one is you, sir. Just you.

      1. What is up with the record number of trolls over the last week? I had a Clamps infestation, I had that Forest guy, now this douchebag. I blame the election. Their people got soundly trounced, so now they are taking out their impotent rage on the internet.

        1. Good question.

          My own favorite theory is that they got their asses beaten last week and realized they like it, so they take to the internet to replicate the experience.

          But your theory works too. : )

      2. Then Pox Vay and Andrew Marston will have babies. Andrew will bear them, because he’s the femme of the pair. They will share the shining intellect of both parents. And Pox and Andrew will live hatefully ever after! 🙂

    1. Says the strangely fixated attention whore concern troll who has taken to twitter, inexplicably tagging me, Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill and telling them that I hate liberal authors.

      Yep, called that one early.

    2. Gee Poxie if you keep digging that hole it’ll either collapse on you or you’ll hit bedrock. Ooooooh wait!!!! SJW’s can’t stop digging cause that would mean that they (A) are wrong and (B) have to admit to mistakes.

      1. What he thinks he’s hoping for is to release the Larryog.

        Take a look at that link to Larry with the Tetsubo elsewhere in the thread. Change Tetsubo into Flaming Two-Handed Sword.

        Poxy better be careful what he wishes for…..

  32. “Personally, I love when SJWs begin to eat each other.”

    Larry, I am shocked, SHOCKED, to read that a good Mormon is into GLBTIQWF porn. And did I neglect to mention shocked?

    1. Tom, I’m into all sorts of stuff, wereseals, dino-porn, that kind of thing.

      But you should scroll up, you were cited as an example of reasonable gentlemanly discourse, who would totally take the time to converse with a numbnuts concern troll. 😀

          1. Cute. I wonder which blog Clamps will use to complain “she’s a terrible artist; that doesn’t look anything like me!”

            Note of caution: using actual names/handles of trolls leaves them the option of complaining to the web host about “death threats”.

      1. Magic wereseal falls in love with lighthouse and dies in thrilling climax. Lighthouse names twin brick offspring “Whiskers” and “Farnsworth.” Bricks swim out to sea to found undersea kingdom. Drown because of brick-to-water ratios. Sad droopy-eyes ending has clowns crying down by the river under a weeping willow.

        “Best Evolutionary Cul-de-Sac since Hild” – Lighthouses in SFF Webzine

        “I cried like a gender-neutral baby.” – Extinct Horizons

        “Patriarchy takes one straight in those useless nuts.” – Clarke’s Sack

        “Old white men dinosaurs will die soon” – A Dribble of Eunuchs

        Banned on TV show “What Works.”

        Sweeps awards for best fiction not written by a cis straight white dudebro neckbeard. No dry eyes in the house.

        God launches fleet of asteroids at Earth

        1. Yes, you did get the keyboard, but it’s not dead. I got smart and got me one of those keyboards that survive spills and like to be washed – and bought a few of ’em since they were on sale. Forward thinking precaution, since I’ll have a rumbunctuous baby boy sometime in the next few months, one who just spent the past half hour kicking my ribcage. I fully expect my morning coffees and daytime teas and colas to get kicked, grabbed and swung in enthusiastic arcs.

  33. Larry.. dude… seriously… don’t dis the Jerseys – the ones I’ve milked are serious Over Achievers in the cream department….

    1. They just stare at you with their GIANT BUG EYES.

      Naw, seriously, I’ve got nothing against Jerseys. They were great for people too poor to own Holsteins and too proud to milk goats. 😀

      (a little dairy farmer smack talk for the rest of you guys)

    2. I was about 10 yrs old the first time I visited one of my uncle’s farm. He had Jersey cows. My cousins all took me out, pail in hand, one morning to milk them for my first time. I managed to get pissed on, stepped on, shat on and (well beshatted) tail swiped several times. Good times had by all, because privilege, donchaknow.

      Thinking on it, that experience shares many similarities to dealing with all these Progressive Trolls.

  34. So he took it over to Twitter, tagging a bunch of other authors in, hoping that they’d pat him on his pointy little head. He went for the semantic games where I’m fixated on him. Never abide by their rules, never let them set the terms, so boom, blocked on Twitter. Done. 🙂

    Not banned here though. Twitter just makes for the most idiotic conversations. Dipshit can still post here. I expect he’ll be back. The weirdo stalker trolls always come back.

    1. Over and over these Turing-failing Trolls remind me of the sword fight scene in Firefly – “He thinks he’s doing well, doesn’t he?”

      “He’s being toyed with.”

    2. But are these other authors looking for their own drooling little bug eating sycophantic Renfield to follow them around?

  35. The Story Thus Far

    Morlocks: Larry winning a Campbell = the end of literature.

    Larry: Your awards are just popularity contests.

    Morlocks: The Hugos are awarded on merit!

    Larry: Hey, MHN. Here are my Hugo picks. Now watch the Worldcon Puritans blackball them.

    Morlocks: The Unclean One was nominated! Vote him and anyone his shadow has chanced to fall upon below no award that we may purge the cult of his corruption.

    Larry: Like I said…

    Morlocks: We have cast the Unclean One and his summoner from our midst! Ritual purity has been restored.

    Larry: OK. You agree that awards are just popularity contests, then.

    Morlocks: We agree that you’re unpopular, since you lost!

    Larry: I’ll just have to console myself with the considerable sums regularly shelled out by my legions of loyal fans.

    Morlocks: Your works are impure! Those who read them must be cleansed in fire!

    Larry: *between mouthfuls of popcorn* Keep it up. You’re on a roll.

  36. Oh Man. First, I got to read a hilarious post about SJW’s attacking their own. Then, I got to watch Larry beat Pox Vay so bad he went crying to Scalzi and Damien. Today was good.

  37. So, I see on Twitter that Larry tried to warn Ann Somerville and Natalie Luhrs about Clamps. But Ann Somerville blocked Larry, so she can’t read his warning. Of course. God, these people deserve each other, don’t they?

    1. “So, I see on Twitter that Larry tried to warn Ann Somerville and Natalie Luhrs about Clamps. But Ann Somerville blocked Larry, so she can’t read his warning. Of course. God, these people deserve each other, don’t they?”

      She gets what she deserves. Some Cramps.

    2. Well, while it’s true that Cramps likes to stalk Asian women, since most of his targets are people who don’t toe the SJW line, they’re fair game.

      I wonder if white male Cramps is “punching up” when he goes after an Asian female?

          1. Well, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume he’s hetero.

            After all, there was this one discussion on LJ where it took him two days to finally say that he wasn’t gay (after heavily implying he was), so…

          2. Yeah, I read that, But I really didn’t quite get that impression out of it. Considering how often SJW’s act offended on others’ behalf, I think he just wasn’t smart enough to realize the implications of what he said until he was hammered over it enough.

          3. Yeah, I’m not saying he is. It’s ambiguous in my mind.

            Gay, straight, bi, whatever. An asshole is still an asshole regardless, (which brings us back to the current fiasco in the SJW world, now that I think about it) and should be treated as such.

            Of course, if he ever does come out of the closet, he’ll finally have something that identifies him as a “minority”. Goody for him.

  38. I would just like to point out that I spent the better part of today “enjoying myself wrong:” I played a game featuring the clearly misogynistic character Riddick (“Escape From Butcher Bay”). I will concede my gender traitorism as I have no intention of giving up gaming because some delicate little hand-waving feminist lunatics and their male sycophants (who are clearly just trying to get into some feminist or another’s pants – good luck with that gamma losers!) want to kick me out of the female treehouse. As I never did fit in well in that particular environ, I would happily give up my woman card if there were such a thing.

    And now I shall watch a couple episodes of “Justified” and contemplate a Riddick marathon to celebrate Veteran’s Day (it makes sense to me).

    1. What? That’s two female Riddick fans on this blog? The level of gender treason on display here is off the scale!

      1. @Anthony: While I won’t deny I enjoy watching Vin Diesel flex his muscles, I’m also a big fan of the Riddick universe. I would love to see it fleshed out more. And also, it’s fun to watch somebody – anybody – be a total badass on screen.

      2. Riddick’s fun for me partly because (despite their own intentions, it would seem) Riddick never quite manages to actually be all that evil. Sure he’ll kill you if you cross him, but aside from mercs (who were there to capture him anyway) he doesn’t even start anything really, in any of the movies.

      1. Oh, Escape from Butcher Bay’s been out for years! I don’t think it’s on Steam, though. (Checking…nope, not on Steam..)

        I have heard it kinda plays fast and loose with the movie canon, though.

      2. Yeah, I have CoR: Assault on Dark Athena in my Steam list (Curse you Steam sales!) and can still install it, but you cannot buy it any longer.

      3. One of my favorite parts of the whole Riddick thing is the stories you hear of Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, and Judi Dench playing D&D at night after shooting had finished.

        Its pretty obvious what kind of character Vin Diesel plays, and I am convinced Judi Dench would play a Paladin. Karl Urban? Not so sure.

        And we are (hopefully) getting 2 more movies – one about the necromongers and underverse, then one about Furyia.

      4. The sad thing is, I’ve never actually played it. (Of course just going through my backlog on Steam would take me at least a few solid years)

        1. *looks at her Steam account*

          …when I got it ages ago one of the first things I got, out of pure nostalgia, were the Hexen/Heretic series.

          I’ll play them someday – just waiting on the whole ‘everything gets ported over to Linux’ because I refuse to pollute my comp with Wine.

      5. @Shadowdancer I’ve got it for the PS3 (it comes with both games on one disc) and I’m finally getting around to playing them myself. Not the greatest game I’ve ever played, but the controls are actually decent and Vin did the voice. I guess he is hugely invested in the Riddick character and universe (which makes me happy since it means he has the motivation to keep pushing to make movies – and hopefully more games).

        @Jared Don’t you dare tease me with that info about two new movies! I have been DYING for a more in-depth treatment of the Necromonger religion and Underverse. I even bought the novelization of The Chronicles of Riddick just because I heard it had a tad more info about it (don’t judge me!).

        Riddick is hands down my favorite SF universe. I feel like there are so many interesting stories that can come out of it; the history of the Necromonger religion alone would make an interesting read.

        1. I heard that yes, he really likes the character and universe. YES!!! on the two new movies – yes please!

          I kinda wish he’d try have a good D&D or Dragonlance movie made. Preferably CGI, IMO. Maybe working with Blur Studios? (They did the Deadpool Movie test footage, and have some other examples up on their site. Good fun to watch, especially that League of Legends: A Twist of Fate cinematic.)

          1. The only decent D&D movie that’s ever been made was that Dragonlance animated adaptation.

            The main issue is that despite D&D’s popularity, it takes a lot of butts in seats to make a movie popular; and they spent too much effort on all these films to make them fit system tropes that became obsolete with the next edition. This was especially true starting about ten years ago, when I quit reading the Realms novels because I seriously could hear the dice rolling in the background. If I want that, I’ll actually play it, thank you very much.

            However, I would definitely go for a Pixar adaptation of Elfshadow (by Elaine Cunningham), one of the few gaming novels out there that does a good job of standing on its own as a story. Not only is Pixar great at story and visuals, the humor of Danilo trying to romance Arilyn is right up their alley.

          2. The first two Dragonlance trilogies have a good, solid storyline that would survive a transition to the screen, I think. So would the Icewind Dale trilogy. (I am not so sure about the Dark Elf trilogy.) There are a number of books that could do that too. The key would be the use of animation as opposed to live action, and the use of good voice actors.

      6. Lot of folks don’t get into anime, but I still say Record of Lodoss War was the best D&D adaptation ever put to screen. Beats anything western like a rented mule.

      7. Eh — unless you are actually setting your work in a world with RPG rules, like Order of the Stick and Rusty and Company (both webcomics), what’s the diff between a D&D movie and a regular old Sword & Sorcery one?

        1. Nothing. That’s why I think the stories themselves would survive – and indeed, do very well – by being adapted to the animated medium. They were very much character driven stories, and bar Elistan, they were all very interesting characters.

          I kind of really wish they’d get Tasslehoff right though. He was cute, innocent and annoying, not obnoxious.

    1. I watched the Remembrance Day service in Ottawa. Rededicated the National Monument, had a message from the Queen read by Princess Anne, and the whole thing was Done Right.

      Puts the SJWs on display here in a certain unflattering light, I should say.

      My father’s generation defeated the Nazis in Europe, I see no reason we should put up with their ideological descendents here at home.

    1. Hmm, K Tempest Buttford there looks like a barrel of laughs. Real fun at parties, I bet.

      Speaking as a member of the “white people” group, I believe I will continue doing what I always do: whatever I want. Because free country. I’d encourage KT Pinchyface to get down off the cross and get on with her life, enjoying the amazing freedom that she has to do whatever she wants.

      Of course if what she wants is to harass and oppress the “white people” group, then I think maybe we won’t get along.

  39. There are several people at the linked discussion (SM Stirling, for one, but not the only one) pointing out that the lesson should be “don’t pile in on the mobs even when you don’t like this week’s target”; about half to two thirds seem to be missing the point, but the message is getting through to some.

    Ms. Mixon herself seems to realize eventually that the “punching up” excuse may have been a mistake, but only when confronted by the existence of an actual victim whose reaction to the attacks is pain (the reactions of people like Larry, whose reaction is counterattack, don’t provoke the same reaction).

    1. I’d like to think a few of them *might* learn the right lesson from this. But I’m not as hopeful about such things as I once was.

    2. Stirling is a great writer with a unique blend of conservative and liberal views. He’s also supremely REASONABLE, which puts him at odds with the SJW crowd. This was him attempting a teachable moment — sadly, I doubt it’ll get through to any of the crazies.

    3. You’re living in a dream world. That is a self-reinforcing clique of mental cases and complete idiots. Stirling had to mask his comment to get it through and make it oblique to the point it lost all its sting. As always, if you challenge their “safe space” without concern disclaimers and your eyes averted, you get deleted. You cannot directly address these people because they are so invested and lost in their delusion of a Jim Crow SFF they are unreachable.

      I have never in a long life seen a group of more sick, unprincipled, ignorant, stupid and toxic people. Look how many are claiming PTSD. They are signal boosting other completely racist posts that have lovely phrases like “Having PoC friends does not add legitimacy to your actions, white person. You are still white.” (And in THAT post someone claims “I also suffer from mental illness.”) In other words they are still sanctioning RH behaviors. Anyone who’s read RH’s site knows the No.1 target was whites – period, and that’s still fine. In fact, I’m not even sure why they’re angry at RH. Even if their pie-charts were accurate – which they’re not – they’re still sick. They’re arguing don’t defame WoC. How about don’t defame anyone by race? No, that goes straight against their white patriarchy grain.

      These people are lost. They are lost, done and fried. They’re using terms like “dominant culture” as if a white demographic is some de facto system of apartheid. That term means absolutely nothing unless you’re nuts. It’s racial profiling by people who never shut up about how wrong that is. Enter: stupid.

      Tanya Avakian – who wrote a biography of James Tiptree, Jr. (Alice Sheldon) – writes “I feel a strong need to reiterate that RHB does not fit the description of anyone working for social justice… She got her way because of the basic idealism of her target group.”

      Wrong. RH fits these “social justice” freaks to a “T,” and she got her way, not because of their idealism, but because of their eagerness to grasp at bigotry and anything that props up their insane view they’re under assault by white straight men. Elsewhere, someone pointed out colonialism in Thailand. Someone else reminded them Thailand was never colonized by the West. Like fucking clockwork some Orwellian nuthatch stood up and changed the very meaning of the word to remind everyone there is more than one type of colonization – like Coca Cola maybe. There are no hoops these people won’t jump through, no part of history they won’t throw down, to make sure their compass unerringly always points to white Western menbeards.

      They’re beginning their comments with “I am a white woman” and “I am a queer Woc.” Who in the hell in their right senses talks like that outside a Chinese Politburo circa 1960?

      “Hi. I need my car fixed. I am a Polish immigrant with a Khazakh grandmother and detached corneas. My ancestors both colonized and were colonized. What does the Jiffy Lube race/gender chart say about my discount or penalty?”

      This could all end tomorrow – the entire thing in SFF – by simply respecting the principles of law. Or maybe going outside their car, job and internet. Forget that.

      Now I know why commies used to put intellectuals on farms. “This is dirt – it is dirty. This is fire – it burns. This is water…”

      1. Well, Damien is in Thailand. Is that English Colonialism rearing its Ugly head again?

        Is he dating the locals, or paying for them? And are they really girls?

        I’m sure his grant money goes further after conversion to Baht.

    1. Personally, I’d rather discuss it without them as well.

      I really hate being told about my “privilege” despite me not being one of those who can’t check anything on the EEOC forms.

  40. Well, the assassination is over at Mixon’s. RH’s career is probably toast and that of a few along with her. White men won’t miss them, since RH’s witch-circle’s main order of business wasn’t SFF, but attacking those men. Since the targeted are all lesbians, by the very tenets of the oddball feminism Mixon venerates, she is an elderly white cis-dinosaur that has launched a homophobic racist and sexist attack on a marginalized woman of color and her posse. Tough bounce that.

    Robert Stacy McCain wrote this at his site today:

    “Anyone who believes feminism is about ‘equality’ is so hopelessly stupid that I doubt they could read or comprehend this sentence. Feminism isn’t about equality. Feminism is about hate. As Jim Goad says, every word of feminist rhetoric is intended to ‘degrade, humiliate, and demoralize men,’ and this is especially true as regards feminism’s deliberate demonization of male sexuality.”

    That statement is 100% accurate. Out of the thousands of profilings of men, whites and heterosexuals I’ve run across in the SFF community by our sick SJWs, they are 100% negative. By that same token, those about women, gays and PoC are 100% positive. That’s how #JustListen happens. I am an ear and they are a mouth – permanently.

    When is obvious obvious? I defy anyone to challenge that data. I’ll tell you right now, it can’t be done. That entire group lodged in SFF with their lies about “diversity,” “equality” and “social justice” are in fact a racist, sexist, supremacist cult, and nothing more.

    1. There are Gamma males who try to appease them, hoping that they might get a little of the good will of the Feminists. Only there isn’t any.

      In the Battle of the Sexes, they aspire to be POW’s.

      1. I have mixed feelings on that. I mean, if the want to be POWs because of the handcuffs and blindfolds and that’s it, well…to each their own and all that.

        I just wish they’d quit throwing the rest of us under the bus.

        1. To each HIS own. Sorry, I won’t let the Grammar Feminazis win on that one. (Especially since the male pronoun is appropriate in this instance).

          I have a worse joke though, “If there’s a war on Women, I wanna run the POW Camp.”

    2. If I blended 20 to 40 of these SFF writers into one, and 500 million straight white males were a single real individual, I could probably get a restraining order. I could probably get them booted off of Twitter. I could get them booted out of any convention and banned under their own rules of sexual and racial harassment.

      That’s how relentless these morons are.

      Seeing how Scalzi went out of his way to pressure conventions on those principles, the very principles they routinely ignore, that’s extraordinary.

      Even now Hines is bleating on his blog about “online bullying and harassment.” That’s because these folks literally have no true definition of those words. What they really mean and always translate to is only when straight white men do it and we only have to breathe to qualify. LC breathes and Damien Walter quotes him as racist woman-hater.

      I’ll tell you why that is: under gender feminist logic, everything is politics – EVERYTHING. That seeps down to water-carriers like Scalzi and Hines by osmosis. A common vulgar slur by LC becomes “obvious misogyny” according to Scalzi.

      “Misogyny is so pervasive that it’s embedded in our linguistic system, but such a point would be lost on these morons.” – SFF feminist blogger Cecily Kane commenting to Scalzi afterwards

      The reason Jim Hines looks at a photo of white convention organizers and sees a conspiracy is because he is a trained seal; 10 of us in a room default to an ideology of oppression and supremacy.

      “…the context always includes politics. The story always has a message.” – Ann Leckie

      There’s your SF, and here’s what kind of message is in that SF:

      “… I spent this past weekend in Madison for WisCon, which is sort of My Con, because it’s almost more like an intersectional revival meeting than anything else” – feminist SF author Sunny Moraine

      Even our sex drive is ideology: “From a feminist standpoint, however, this is nothing but male supremacist ideology. Far from being ‘natural,’ phallic sexuality is a moral and political activity.” – Denise Thompson, Radical Feminism Today (2001)

      Thompson adds “Pornography is the ideology of male supremacist masculine desire writ large and shameless. It is the clearest, most unequivocal expression of male supremacist ideology in existence.”

      These very nutty people have no understanding of the meaning of words.

      We are a Jim Crow, KKK and anti-gay collective just by breathing, and we’ve got to go. Hines and Scalzi will learn they are in the same boat as the rest of us. Even now each are being attacked, Scalzi for featuring Tricia Sullivan’s exact book on Thailand that RH went after Sullivan for as intersectionally insulting. Hines and Scalzi and the other “allies” have to swim and swim just to keep their heads above water. They minute they stop, they’ll be done. The problem is they’re already committed to supporting the ideology of Andrea “incest” Dworkin, Charlotte Church and Denise Thompson, crazy shit they can’t publicly support and can’t publicly NOT support. Tough break.

      As new institutions form out of the ashes, next time someone comes up to you talking about “diversity,” just walk away, because “diversity” is a Trojan Horse for “we hate you for excluding us because of your racism and sexism.” Think of “diversity” as “comrade” and you’ll be a lot closer to the truth.

      1. Thompson adds “Pornography is the ideology of male supremacist masculine desire writ large and shameless. It is the clearest, most unequivocal expression of male supremacist ideology in existence.”

        So, she’s saying that she agrees with the right wing anti-porn Christians on that?

        I wonder if she realizes that she’s taking a position more akin to Jerry Falwell than I’m sure she’s comfortable with.

      2. It goes even further than porn. If the SJWs ever actually bothered to read anything outside of their own narrow little circles, they’d probably find some allies for their “campaign against misogyny in gaming” in places like Focus on the Family. In point of fact, they’re only repeating what’s been said for years in those venues. However, the SJWs have managed to so thoroughly alienate the social conservatives with their honorless antics that anything like the NOW-FotF coalition to push anti-porn legislation back in the ’80s and ’90s is now little short of fantasy.

        1. The funny thing is, I don’t think that FotF would be the ones most put out by the suggestion of such an alliance.

          After all, feminists honestly think that a group of people they consider an oppressed minority can simply push the so-called oppressive majority to legislate against that majority’s interests (which obviously include oppression and stuff).

          Before someone screams about the Civil Rights Movement, keep in mind that southern blacks had a lot of allies up North. So many of these feminists seem to think we’re all out to oppress them because penis, yet they actually think their antics will convince us otherwise.

    1. Anti-segregationists in favor of segregation. Anti-racists defining themselves solely in terms of race. People who want a fair fight- but only after amputating their opponents’ arms and legs.

      In other words, losers who need a tilted table to win.

      Science fiction indeed.

          1. Plus, they’re very “ends justifies the means” oriented. For a lot of them, it doesn’t matter who they hurt (or even kill in some cases), so long as they accomplish their goal. It’s that whole “you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs” thing.

        1. I agree. Fake “news” or fake “truth” is not only contradictory- it is an expression of an inner cognitive dissonance or indeed mental disorder.

          Their interpretation is their own- but at least base it on actual stuff that has happened.

          A related problem is their over identification with strangers and groups they have no relation to. So keen to be alienated and estranged. And offended.

  41. I know I’m late to this comment thread, but I wanted to supplement James May’s comment where he said:

    “Just yesterday Damien Walter Tweeted “Feminists aren’t ‘SJW’. They are people who believe women must be treated equally.”

    That’s bullshit, at least in SFF, and he knows it. If that was the issue I’d be and am first in line. They spout that crap occasionally to make it seem like we hate equality for women. I’m not against that, I’m against what these people are really selling….”

    The great blogger Scott Alexander of Slate Star Codex has popularized a name for this strategy: the motte-and-bailey defense. See a great write-up of it here:

    In case you don’t want to follow the link to read his (very long) post, I’ll copy-paste the relevant part:

    The writers of the paper compare this to a form of medieval castle, where there would be a field of desirable and economically productive land called a bailey, and a big ugly tower in the middle called the motte. If you were a medieval lord, you would do most of your economic activity in the bailey and get rich. If an enemy approached, you would retreat to the motte and rain down arrows on the enemy until they gave up and went away. Then you would go back to the bailey, which is the place you wanted to be all along.

    By this metaphor, statements like “God is an extremely powerful supernatural being who punishes my enemies” or “The Sky Ox theory and the nuclear furnace theory are equally legitimate” or “Men should not be allowed to participate in discussions about gender” are the bailey – not defensible at all, but if you can manage to hold them you’ve got it made.

    Statements like “God is just the order and love in the universe” and “No one perceives reality perfectly directly” and “Men should not interject into safe spaces for women” are the motte – extremely defensible, but useless.

    As long as nobody’s challenging you, you spend time in the bailey reaping the rewards of occupying such useful territory. As soon as someone challenges you, you retreat to the impregnable motte and glare at them until they get annoyed and go away. Then you go back to the bailey.

    In summary, what SJWs really believe and what they really like talking about in their echo chamber is, basically, that anyone not fully on board with every facet of their SJW nuttiness — and especially all white males and anyone else they’ve deemed “privileged” — is oppressive, bigoted, hateful, racist, sexist, *ist, etc. But as soon as they’re challenged for their hypocrisy, lies, vitriol, intolerance, and deeply malicious tactics and accusations, they’ll say, “Oh, no! We’re just about equality! No hatred here! No misandry here! No white-bashing here! If you’re for equality under the law and equality of opportunity, I promise you’re a feminist just like us! That’s what feminism is, after all: treating all individuals equally and fairly!” No it fucking isn’t. Real feminism, sure. Not their feminism. Their feminism is collectivist, exclusionist, hateful, victim-mongering, white-bashing fascism. Get in line or be destroyed.

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