MHN makes the GoodReads Best Of semifinals. You can go vote!

So Monster Hunter Nemesis made the next round for best horror novel of 2014. You can go vote here:

I’m only up against Anne Rice, Richard Kadrey, Dean Koontz, Jonathan Maberry, James Rollins, John Connolly, Scott Sigler, Charles Stross, and Lauren Beukes, so this should totally be in the bag. 🙂

Lots of trolls lately, I blame the election
SJW Cannibal Feeding Frenzy

10 thoughts on “MHN makes the GoodReads Best Of semifinals. You can go vote!”

  1. Voted again! Come onnnnnn, Nemesis!

    Rats, my write-in for Awake in the Night Land didn’t succeed. My sad puppies are inconsolable. It’s a travesty that it wasn’t on there. 🙁

  2. What’s great is out of 60 SFF titles only about 10% are intersectionalist SJWs as opposed to the 100% who won the Hugos and Nebulas this year.

    SJW wallets meet realty. They are marginalizing themselves right out of their own field. All they have to cling to is name brand, but Nebula and Hugo, two words I used to associate with literary excellence in SFF and why I read the stuff, I now roundly crap on as racist canards that demonize me every day of the week on some Tweet or blog by some fuck.

    Don’t let the door slam your enormous postcolonial gender-neutral marginalized cis-buttocks on the way out. Frank Frazetta and Heinlein are persona non grata, huh? Nope. Guess what: you are.

  3. Sort of off topic:

    The Martian, by Andy Weir.

    Self published, then put on Kindle-self publish as a reader service, Went to the top by itself, and earned him an agent and a paper publisher.

    An excellent survival story … member of the first Mars expedition gets left for dead after a fall from a cliff …

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