We are now experiencing technical (WordPress) difficulties.

I don’t know why, but some of my blog posts have vanished from my feed. The fisking of the Deseret News post is still there,


It just isn’t visible for some reason. I’ve checked the settings and it is public, like every other post, and I didn’t change anything. I can’t really figure this one out.

EDIT: Now the Brad Torgersen Book Bomb is gone too.

EDIT: Okay, now it is back, but editing and updating the Fisking article doesn’t bring it back.

EDIT: Yep, it was some corrupted script in the book plug post. Deleted that and everything is visible again. The book plug is good to go without it because we got the author to #1 in her genre that day anyway. 🙂

Utah book signing this Friday, noon-2, University of Utah bookstore
Book plug! The Raven, the Elf, and Rachel

34 thoughts on “We are now experiencing technical (WordPress) difficulties.”

      1. Having recently retired after 35 years of incompetent programming, I resent the implication that I cannot be capable of malice.

  1. Go to your WP dashboard

    Under Settings, select WP Super Cache

    Click on the option to Delete the Cache

    Go back to the dashboard, and choose Plugins

    Turn off the WP Super Cache Plugin

    Refresh the page

    Turn the WP Super Cache Plugin back on.

    See if that works.

  2. I actually noticed this problem yesterday, but thought it was just my browser, because I was checking the blog from work and we are using an out of date version of Internet Explorer, because the government makes simple shit like updating your browser require an act of Congress to actually happen, and everything showed up just fine on my phone. Everything still shows up just fine on my phone today.

    Interestingly, I also noticed that on the browser, when you reload the page the fisking article will show up for a split second, and then vanish again once the page finishes loading. I dunno if that helps in troubleshooting, but maybe it will.

    I haven’t tried it in any browsers other than an old IE and the one on my iphone. Would any Firefox or Chrome users like to chime in?

  3. Same issues here with either Firefox or Chrome. I see the Fisking for a second, and then it disappears.

    Fisking article DOES show up and stays visible on my phone.

    This feels more malice than incompetent programming. With your visibility… Its not paranoia when they really are out to get you.

  4. For me, clicking on the link above takes me to the article and it’s commets without a problem. Going to the home page the article will show up where it is supposed to be between othe articles, btthen vanishes after a few seconds. The book bob is showing just fine. I’d call this a Word Press glitch.

  5. I believe the problem lies somewhere in the Book Plug article. When loading just that article, the right side bar (with the books) is missing, which would seem to indicate you’ve got an open tag somewhere that doesn’t close and is eating posts on the main page as well as the sidebar on the Book Plug post.

    That, or wordpress just simply can’t handle all the awesome of both a fisking and two amazing book recommendations (Mrs. Wright and Brad Torgerson) on the same page.

    1. I think you may be on to something here. Looking at it again, even on the phone where all the articles do still show up, the “older posts” button, which usually shows up at the very end, shows up in the middle of the Book Plug article for some reason, right after the italicized description of the book. Also, after the italicized portion the rest of the text in that article doesn’t have the same indentation before starting as the text of the rest of the articles.

      I didn’t look into it too closely, and am hardly an expert in any case, but looking at the source just out of curiosity, I THIIIIIIIINK there might be an extra /div tag at line 262 or 263, right after that italicized portion. (In between “…Raven’s wrath down upon her” and “This book is for young adults.) Like I said, I’m not too familiar with how WordPress does things, but the only place I see two /div tags right next to each other in any of the other articles is at the very end of the article. It seems like the articles that are getting cut are the other ones that would have appeared on the first page of the blog, so maybe the page is trying to load the articles that would normally show up on the second page immediately after the Book Plug article, because of that tag? Just a guess, but it might be a good place to start looking.

    2. That seems very likely to me as well. The indenting of posts below the book plug post is messed up, indicating a style has carried over from that post and a tag is open.

      I would recommend deleting the content of that post (or the entire post, though you’ll lose the comments) and recreating it from raw text.

      1. I agree with you and bjlinden.

        The Book Plug post is where it messes up. After the quote from the book, several elements (the text after the quote, the “Filed Under” info) are outside that post’s div. Removing (or unpublishing) and recreating that post might be a way around it.

  6. You have a extra /div between the following paragraphs”

    Oh, and the Raven with blood-red eyes continues to watch her. It is said to be an omen of the Doom of Worlds. Will her attempts to save her world bring the Raven’s wrath down upon her?

    This book is aimed at young adults, and it is the 2nd in the series (you can snag #1 in the link). L. Jagi Lamplighter is cool. She even created the Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts–the magic school from the books–has its own website,should anyone wish to learn more or enroll:


  7. A few more clues on this.

    I can see all of the missing articles when no-script is blocking the scripting from monsterhunternation.com. When I allow script from monsterhunternation.com, several articles disappear.

    I also note that the padding varies. Specifically, the last paragraph or so of the article “Book plug! The Raven, the Elf, and Rachel” is flush against the lines, whereas every other article (and the preceding part of that article) has padding between the text and the lines.

    I wonder if Gbm is onto something there with the extra div in the book plug article causing the theme to throw a wobbly.

    1. Save the source file as .htm, look at it off line the fisking article shows but the formatting is wrong. Edit the source and remove the extra </div> then look at it the formatting is ok.

      1. Change:
        attempts to save her world bring the Raven’s wrath down upon her?
        This book is aimed at young adults, and it is the 2nd in the series


        attempts to save her world bring the Raven’s wrath down upon her?

        This book is aimed at young adults, and it is the 2nd in the series

      1. In Brazil it would be coh-hay-ah.

        I laughed watching Stallone in Rocky on TV there. It was in Portuguese and when Rocky walked by his friends would go “Yo, Hockey.”

        1. In America the Rs get an R sound instead of the Hay sound. Azorean pronunciation is pretty much Coh-whey-ah.

          That said, I’ve had fun several times in my life with self righteous lefties who demand cultural “accuracy” (the Soto-Meyorrrrrrrrrrr and Nicragwhhaaaaaa crowd) and I’ve demanded they roll the Rs in my name or they’re insulting my culture… Which is funny, since the Portuguese don’t roll the Rs, but it makes me laugh as they gurgle through sounding like morons. 🙂

      2. Things like language are really fun. Brazilian Portuguese (probably like all languages) is still self-evidently in transition. When you listen to old Carmen Miranda songs (she’s from Rio) you can really hear the transition.

        Older folks in Brazil (really old) might still trill “r’s” a little bit. Some over-the-top soccer announcers on the radio in Rio in the ’80s would make a great show of trilling double or single “r’s.” Portuguese in Portugal is different than in Brazil – lots of Amerindian words. Spanish in Central America is considered quaint and rather politely colonial by the Spanish.

        The reality in Rio is that a word like “morro” is pronounced mo-ho and “barra” pronounced ba-ha. And then Rio has it’s own accent. Brazilians and Portuguese everywhere instantly recognize where I learned Portuguese. It’s considered something rather like a Southern American drawl, and with the same connotations of a lack of sophistication (by people in Sao Paolo) and even laziness.

        If I remember correctly your name means something like “leather strap” or “whip.” “Correia do Chicote” in Brazil means “whiplash.”

      3. I meant older folks trill double “r’s” on occasion. Today everyone still actually does single trill, single “r’s” when they’re interior to a word, like “Oliveir-r-a.” Just not at the beginning. Then it’s like our “H.”

        The common pronunciation of Rio is “Hio gee Zha-nay-roo.”

        Their pronunciation of their “Big Bob” fast-food franchise is “Beegy Bwob-(by). They have cigarettes named “Hollywood” pronounced “Ollywoogy.” They have signs that say “X-burger” cuz “X” is pronounced “sheezh” = “cheeseburger.”

        One of my first days I ordered a “coke” and they didn’t understand. Finally they said, “OH – cuok.”

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