Baen's Big Book of Monsters – with a story by me

This anthology just came out. There’s my name, between David Drake and HP Lovecraft, which is pretty sweet. 🙂
I’ve got an original story in this one, and not only is it a giant monster story, it is an all new Grimnoir world giant monster story!  And even better, it isn’t just a Grimnoir story, but it jumps ahead 20+ years and takes place in the 1950s. I’m really proud of this one, and it will give you a glimpse at one of the major characters of the next Grimnoir trilogy.
So check it out.
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The Drowning Empire, Episode 63: The Great Sea Beast

26 thoughts on “Baen's Big Book of Monsters – with a story by me”

  1. Next Grimnoir trilogy. I might be a bit slow as this is the first I have heard of it. So if you will excuse me for a moment I have some fanboy squealing to get off my chest.

  2. Well, dang. I super want to read more Grimnoir, but I’m not really a ‘monster story’ fan in general and the one Lovecraft story I tried I found unutterably boring. I don’t suppose they have this in audio?

  3. ‘There’s my name, between David Drake and HP Lovecraft…’

    Dude. Anyone ever calls you a “D-list author” again, you tell’em to suck on that.

  4. Wow. Every time somebody mentions how cool the Grimnoir trilogy is, I’ve had to chomp down on my tongue to keep from blabbing about the next set.

    Not that I’m an alpha reader, it’s just that I’ve talked Larry’s ear off a couple of times. He really is a fantastic guy to talk to, and it’s kind of rude to blab publicly about stuff mentioned in private conversations.

      1. Oh, I misread that and thought you said you *were* an alpha reader. But still, I’ve only gotten to have one brief discourse with him at a signing. I could totally talk about Grimnoir and MHI for probably hours.

        Just what he said at the signing about the next series is pretty exciting, although of course not nearly enough to sate my curiosity.

      2. On the one hand, it would be fun to be an alpha, but on the other, it would be like when I was in elementary school, and the teachers would only read one chapter a week on Fridays. The waiting would be awful.

        When a new Correia book comes out, I always take the next day off, because when I start, I keep reading till the end.

        On the bright side, I’d get to see the books in all their unedited glory, including the cut scenes. Eventually.

        Tips for talking to Larry: Be honest, be interesting, bring swag. And buy multiples of the newest title, with different people’s names to autograph to — they make great gifts. He’s not a money grubber, it’s just that buying multiple copies is as honest a compliment of his talent as there is, and that’s always a great conversation starter.

        That, and I was the first one to show him his own MHI coins (paying customers got them first, and production delays meant my coins were the first he got to see in person).

        Also, if you really want insights into the MHI universe, get the role playing game book. There is a LOT of detail there that the books don’t cover. There is just a lot of stuff you have to know if you’re creating a game world that’s consistent.

        In reviewing, I see you aren’t the only one that can go on for hours about his books.

      3. Yes, I suppose there is the time delay. I was part of a writer’s group a year or so ago, and it was a little tricky because we’d only get like 10 pages of someone’s story per week.

        Ha, if I had any swag, maybe I’d bring it. I go to these kinds of things to *get* swag. Although buying signed copies for gifts is a good idea. Some people don’t read books unless you put them directly into their hands.

        I’m still hoping to get one of those MHI coins at some point. I came on board too late for the Kickstarter.

        Did I know there was a roleplaying game? I’m not sure. I don’t RP, but it might be interesting to get some more info on the world. I should at least get it if I ever feel the urge to write MHI fanfic.

  5. @Larry About Grimnoir2:

    I wouldn’t hesitate to pay Sullivan $10,000 to carve a healing kanji into my hide. In Grimnoir dollars, I’m guessing that’s about $1000.

    It’s no secret any more that the healing marks exist, and they work on everything, including robots and guns. I’d expect ‘power tattoo parlors’ will have sprung up everywhere by the time Grimnoir2 opens.

    I’d get health, intelligence, luck, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence. In that order.

    I suspect that so many people would get their own marks that the power received would start to be diminished. That’s a pretty good excuse for genocide.

    Someone else might figure out how to use other people to collect power, then take it from them. Possibly use people in comas, or prisoners. I expect having the power stolen would probably be agonizing, if not life shortening (and a reason to be continually kidnapping people to carve up with power tattoos and enslave in agony)

    Just a couple of freebies! If you like them, take them with my blessing!

    1. You seem to be forgetting the detail about how getting them almost kills the person and most reasonably tough people can only get one with any degree of safety.

      Not to mention it takes a huge amount of skill to do them, and even Jake failed a couple times on his own.

      Which isn’t to say that *someone* might not open a ‘power tattoo parlor’, but I couldn’t possibly see that being legal, at least in America, so it would have to be underground. And hard to find. And hella expensive.

  6. Started reading the story and for some reason the battle theme for NERV from Evangelion popped in my head.


  7. Dammit! I’m not a monster-story reader normally, but that lil’ tussle between a certain somebody, and a certain monster (don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone who hasn’t read it yet) was amazing! Yet again, you focus on the human side of a battle that is super-human in scale. Tokyo Raider was, hands down, my favorite read out of the entire collection.

  8. I wonder how many readers of “Tokyo Raider” recognized the source of the code words for the monster. [Grin]

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