SLC ComicCon Schedule & Signing Info

For the next few days I’ll be hanging out with a hundred thousand of my closest friends at the Salt Lake City ComicCon.

Throughout the show I’ll be hanging out and signing at the WordFire Press booth with Brandon Sanderson, Kevin J. Anderson, Brad Torgersen, Peter Beagle, and a bunch of other authors. It is booth #728. 

We will also be selling MHI t-shirts, challenge coins, buttons, and patches there.  

Once I have an official schedule from Kevin of times I know for sure I’ll be there, I’ll post it here, but otherwise just swing by and I’ll probably be there, unless I’m hanging out in the green room, getting a massage, eating free food, and hanging out with movie stars. Yeah, ComicCon is pretty sweet. 🙂

I will be on the following panels. 

Thursday September 4, 3:00 pm Building Plot: How to Implement Rising Action, the Try/ Fail Cycle and Character Arcs into Your Stories Room 151G ::

Thursday September 4, 7:00 pm Writing Suspense Room 355D ::

Friday September 5, 5:00 pm Credible Magic Systems: Method to Madness North Ballroom ::

Saturday September 6, 11:00 am How to Write Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Room 255B ::

Reminder, BOOK BOMB tomorrow! John Brown's Dark God series
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11 thoughts on “SLC ComicCon Schedule & Signing Info”

  1. I’m curious about Kevin Anderson. I’ve read his co-authored Dune stuff and the Seven Suns. Is the Seven Suns stuff the main thing that recommends him or is there other work I shouldn’t be missing?

    1. I read some of his Star Wars and X-Files book way back when, and I remember them being quite entertaining. If you google him, you’ll find that he’s written just a huge ton of books.

      1. The only stuff of his that I’ve read is the Jedi Academy Trilogy. I wouldn’t personally recommend it.

        Aside from that, I really don’t know.

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