Next BOOK BOMB! Tuesday the 9th, Curse of a Dark God by John Brown

John Brown has released his second fantasy novel, Curse of a Dark God. If you can’t wait I’ve already got it linked off to the left as the book of the week, but we are going to Book Bomb it on Amazon on the 9th to bump it up as much as possible.

John will also be putting the first book in the series on sale if you want to try it out too.

Why am I Book Bombing John? Well, first off he’s a friend. We started out about the same time and toured around America together signing books. John was signed with a major publishing house at the time. His first book is excellent. I mean seriously, the dude has skills. The only thing anybody complained about in the first book were changes his editor told him to make. 

But second reason, John got yanked around by his publisher. He tried to turn in the sequel, but then they made him change most of the book (and it was already really good). So he did. Then they made him change the things they didn’t tell him to change the first time. By this point my second and third books have come out. (and for the record, it wasn’t just me, but the EBR guys had also read that draft and thought it was a great book as it stood) Then he made the changes, and they told him to cut it from something like 235,000 words to 150,000 words. Okay… So he did. Then add all that other stuff back. At this point my sixth and seventh books have come out and he’s still getting the editorial run around, and the market has already forgotten about his first book.

So John said screw it, and got his rights back. Now he is finally able to get his 2nd and 3rd fantasy novels out there in the shape he wanted them to be in. (he also wrote the thriller Bad Penny, which is awesome, and was Book Bombed here last year). 

So Tuesday the 9th, we’re going to see how high we can get book 1 and book 2 up on the Amazon bestseller lists. 

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16 thoughts on “Next BOOK BOMB! Tuesday the 9th, Curse of a Dark God by John Brown”

  1. I’m in. When i read months ago that he had gotten the rights back and would be rewriting them republishing them according to HIS vision, I snagged a copy of his first book on Amazon so that I could compare the “professionally neutered” version with the “Author’s Cut”.

    So looking forward to this.

  2. How could this Tor problem happen to John? I mean if you follow the Hugo’s Tor’s editor are all Hugo nominated editors. Ha Ha Ha!

  3. I really enjoyed the first book. I couldn’t wait (sorry) to make the purchase. It is an original and well written book.

    It jumped to the top of my reading queue, supplanting a Lovecraft inspired anthology and collection of Karl Wagner stories. Which says a lot – more about me likely than the quality of the works and authors.

  4. Ya know, at some point, you should just demand pay as a ghost-writter, and insist the retard editor put his own damned name on the cover.

    So when does a correct copy of his first novel come out?

    1. Already out. Look on Amazon under the name The Dark God Book 1: Servant.

      Check johndbrown dot com for a link and news.

      I’m in the middle of reading the Tor edition of Servant from the library. It is good, but I can see why Brown objected to the ordering of the material at the start of the book.

      If I could scrape up five dollars… ($1 for 1, $4 for 2.)

  5. I already have bought both of them, and am currently reading the first one again. They are great books and it is a damn shame he got screwed like that. I always wondered what happened.

  6. Huh. Picked it up 4 days ago now. It’s pretty good, I recommend him. Also, I recommend signing up for Brown’s newsletter, that’s how I heard of it last week as was able to pick up and early (cheaper) kindle copy.

  7. I really enjoyed the first one.
    I’ll make sure to pick up the second when I get the chance, but Destiny has already claimed my “funstuff” budget for the next few weeks.

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