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Hey everybody, sorry for the lack of posting but I’m trying to finish the rough draft of this fantasy novel by the end of August. I just got back from OsFest in Omaha. That was fun.

I’m going to be at GenCon in Indiana from the 13th-17th. If you are going, and want to get into any of my panels or events don’t forget you need to preregister. If some are booked, there are always no shows, but I believe then it is first come, first serve to get in. Since my others were booked they added another one, and I think it still has spots open.

After that I’ve got SLC ComicCon in September. This time I will actually be selling stuff and will be at Kevin J. Anderson’s Wordfire Press booth off and on throughout the show.

This time of year with all the touring and cons really kicks my butt. I did take the kids to see Guardians of the Galaxy on Monday. What a fun movie. My review that I tweeted “It is Star Wars if Star Wars had more Han Solos.” And that is a compliment. Hollywood is all shocked that audiences are enjoying a movie that puts audience enjoyment first. I know that’s a crazy idea and all, but some of us figured that out a while ago.

Now back to work!

Fisking NPR about Latinos in the movies
A new short story from me

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  1. Marvel is a marvelous marvel when it comes to entertainment! Saw GotG twice over the weekend, and if someone asked me if I would go see it with them again, I’d say, “sure!” I declared it to be this summer’s Pacific Rim in that respect.

    1. GotG was a lot of fun. There was a story, characters, and the actions in the story changed both the setting and the characters. Things were different, and better, by the end of the movie. I had a good time. The wife had a good time. Worth the price of admission.

  2. Loved Guardians. Amused to see the SJWs complaining about the lack of diversity in the movie with Marvel’s most diverse cast. One was even complaining Zoe Saldana wasn’t cast as a woman of color. Seriously. And then there’s Tor.com’s review where the critic seemed to think everyone on Xandar was white. Well, it looked to me like there were Xandarians and aliens of all different colors, but I’m just a white male, what do I know?

    Me, I watched it twice this last week and grinned like an idiot the whole way through both times. 🙂

    1. That’s because the SJW failed to recognize the other Xandarians as people or, at the least, didn’t think that pink people, blue people, green people and whatever the hell that guy is might all be Xandarians. Totally missed that their, or their ancestors, becoming Xandarians, sharing in their own version of the Xandarian Way, was more important than any difference in coloration, number of limbs or ability to breath methane.

    2. They have to have something to complain about. Otherwise they will shrivel. I’ve seen them call women misogynists for not being feminist enough. Haven’t been able to see the movie yet, but I’m planning to go this weekend. I will try to contain my surprise when there is nothing “problematic” about it.

  3. I loved every minute of it.

    And as a child of the ’80s, that post-credits sequence damn near made my head explode I was laughing so hard.

  4. It surpassed Howard Tayler’s Threshold of Awesome and took his #1 slot for the year so far. That is good enough for me!

    OsFest in Omaha was my first con and was fun, even if I was only able to go on Saturday. I’m not sure who was having more difficulty keeping from bursting out laughing while the others were speaking at the panel on staying professional in the face of adversity – Larry or myself. 🙂

    And meeting the man in person is proof enough that all the crap that is slung his direction is just that – crap. He’s a big guy, and would be a scary proposition even for me in a dark alley, but he’s not ‘what goes bump in the night’ like many paint him to be (I was not surprised by this). Even if he is the International Lord of Hate, member of the Evil League of Evil, and a conservative.

    1. That was a fun panel, and I’m glad I went last. My definition of professional adversity was a bit different when I started out with “well, I keep all the death threats on file for my wife to forward to the homicide detectives if I get murdered.” 🙂

  5. OSFest was also my first con and I had a lot of fun. I was thrilled to see Mr. Correia in such a cozy venue–definitely the best part of the con! I was also glad to stay and hear Travis on his recommendation.

  6. Hey Larry!
    Your OSfest panels rocked. It was an honor and a delight to meet and talk with you. I admit I didn’t know what to expect for the “Professionalism in the face of adversity” with The International Lord of Hate on the panel, but there were a few golden nuggets to be found, if not quite the ideological brawl I’d dreaded / hoped for. (I’d pay good money to watch you publicly fisk some of these SJW types).
    The best comment had to be your, “The tallest nail gets the hammer, but sometimes… its a railroad spike vs. a Nerf squeaky hammer”.

    Your live reading from your upcoming fantasy (high fantasy?) novel was a real treat….even if that damned fountain / waterfall played hell with my hearing loss. All the teasers and the explanation for where your future projects are going made me salivate. (I’m betting on a Wheaton / AMC combo myself).

    The pearls of wisdom from the late night panel on Con horror stories was also a hoot! “Space opera….Josh Wheaton did not invent space ships”, or “Emergency pants….not just for men anymore”. Not to mention that for scheduling your con trips that “the international dateline is not always your friend”, and the helpful reminder that “Arizona…not daylight savings compliant”. All excellent advice, but “getting drunk on lobster and steak” takes pride of place.

    I had an awesome time, thanks for signing my books, now get back to work so I can shower you with more of my money!

  7. Larry, I’ll be there. It would be my honor to buy you dinner at St. Elmo’s. The shrimp cocktail is the best. Lots of horseradish in the cocktail sauce makes it nice and hot. I’ll need to make reservations so just tell me when.

  8. Speaking of GenCon Larry, do you have a author signing schedule figured out yet? I’ve got this AR upper that needs signing from the Lord of Hate.

    1. I don’t know if I’m doing any actual signings, but if you bring stuff to any of the panels I’m on I’ll be glad to sign it.

  9. Saw Guardians this week in 3D. Can’t recommend it enough. Would love to go to a panel, but Indiana is a long haul.

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