Foodmachine Houston: Gaming for Charity

Here is a heads up for a charity event that many of you will probably think is really cool.

Foodmachine events already take place all over the country. That’s where Warmachine players bring food and money donations to play in tournaments, and all of the donations go to the local food pantries to help out the poor. There is a great bunch of gamers in the Houston area and they’re doing this to get their non-profit status.

I met the guy running this, Mike “Snorlax” Ramirez the last time I was in Texas. I was at a sci-fi convention in Galveston. They only had me on one panel a day, I didn’t have a rental car, and there wasn’t much for the writers to do (the con was mostly Babylon 5 20th reunion stuff) so I had tons of time to kill. Luckily for me a bunch of the Houston area Warmachine fans were in the game room, and Mike was happy to lend me an army. They were a great bunch of guys.

They kept me occupied with 3 days of gaming, so when Mike asked for the signal boost I was happy to help.

So please check it out. I’m going to mail him some autographed books for the event auction too. If you are anywhere Houston you should check out the actual event. I’ve seen some impressive pictures from other Foodmachine events of the tons of food they’ve gathered, and this is Texas we’re talking about. You guys can’t let anybody beat you at being the biggest!



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One thought on “Foodmachine Houston: Gaming for Charity”

  1. “. . . and Mike was happy to lend me an army.”

    And that’s when you know you’ve made a friend for life. 😉

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