5 thoughts on “Signing tonight at Powells in Beaverton.”

  1. Singing might actually work if he’s not too bad. I’m taking off from work a little early to head to Beaverton with the wife, so it’s kinda like a date night. Larry singing might actually set a nice mood.

  2. Powells is an amazing bookstore, to the point where if I get within 100 miles of it I have to go there. 😛 Though with a family of readers it can get expensive.

    I hope your rental has AC if going down the I-5. The central valley near Redding was approaching 110F at least it should cool off when your going through the Napa Valley.

    If you come down the coast we’ve been experiencing a blazing (for us) 75F today but getting down into the more normal low 70’s upper 60’s the rest of the week. The drive down the 101 to Santa Rosa is very pretty but the road does have some curvy sections.

  3. Thanks for the Portland visit tonight, and the updates on what’s in the pipeline. Haven’t liked another author enough to attend a signing since before Douglas Adams died. (Take that shared pedestal as you will)

    Next time I’ll think ahead and have my Sambar grips off the Blackhawk to sign the insides, instead of just popping the 1911’s mag out. Portland isn’t all that bad, but I’d still peg the chances of a LEO visit at 80% if I’d pulled out even a trigger locked, cased firearm to have signed.

    Other than the Marlin, and the De-milled Thompson, any other good firearm related items making their way through your hands at these shindigs?

    You made my wife’s day signing her 10-key, but she’s a Numbers geek before pistols.

    Already halfway through Nemesis, was holding off until tonight to buy my copy, and I don’t use the wife’s Kindle yet.

    Catch you next time, I’ll get that photo then, didn’t want to accidentally bash you in the ribs with the shoulder rig.

    Travel well!

    Lomax ~AKA That 6’5″ guy in the eye-rending Hawaiian shirt.

  4. Trotting over to Berzerkeley this afternoon/evening.

    Thursday is going to be a really weird day for Larry – I can’t figure out why on earth they set him up to go from Berkeley (East Bay) to Santa Rosa (longish drive on the 101) then back down to San Rafael (yet another longish drive down 101, but would have been a reasonable hop from Berkeley, catching the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge).

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