Hey guys, we are coming up on that time of year again. I will be doing events and signings at the following places:

Thursday, July 3, 2014—5:00PM

Uncle Hugo

2864 Chicago Ave S,

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Friday, July 04, 2014                

CONvergence-Minneapolis – DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

Saturday, July 5, 2014-

Westercon/Salt Lake City

Monday, July 7, 2014-7PM

University Bookstore

4326 University Way NE

Seattle WA 981105

Tuesday, July 08, 2014—7PM


Cedar Hills Crossing-3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.5

Beaverton, OR 9700

Wednesday, July 09, 2014—5:00-7:00PM

Dark Carnival – Berkeley, CA

3086 & 3090 Claremont Avene

Berkeley, CA  94705

Thursday, July 10, 2014—1:00    

Copperfields-Santa Rosa, CA

775 Village Ct

Santa Rosa, CA  95405-6781

Thursday, July 10, 2014—7:00PM

Copperfields-San Rafael, CA

850 Fourth Street

San Rafael, CA  94901-3224

Friday, July 11-13


High Point, NC

August 1-3


Omaha, Nebraska

August 14-17


Indianapolis, Indiana

The Drowning Empire, Episode 56: 12 Angry Bu
Boosting Book Bombs

48 thoughts on “BOOK TOUR 2014”

    1. Aww, nothing near me. Bummer. :-/

      Oooo yeah, into the Dark Heart of Berkeley. The chances of running into some of the Code Pinks protesting at an Armed Forces recruiting station are probably better than average. I’d pay admission to watch that.

    1. A pity. But I suppose those up north need him more than those of us down south.

      Albeit only by a slim margin.


  1. Any chance of getting up to Boston? Up here in New England we have one of the finest selection of liberal douchnozzles (but I repeat myself) outside of the West Coast for you to torment for the enjoyment of your readers.

  2. You’re finally hitting my state Larry! How many things can I bring to have signed? Would you sign my 10/22? 🙂

  3. You finally get to California and you’re still more than 6 hours away at the closest stop. I’m actually thinking about it, though, which is the crazy thing.

  4. Closest one of those to me is OsFest in Omaha, which is a couple hours’ north of me on I-29 from KC. Never before had reason to visit Omaha, but I might now have a reason to make the trip.

    1. Yeah, I’m north of you and giving serious thought to going…and I just read about it like 2 minutes ago.

  5. I would recommend going to his signings. They are a great time and you get some great insight to his books. Did it last year when he was in Columbus. Sad I am going to miss you in seattle by like 3 days.

    1. I agree! Texas – even if you do the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, I’d drive up there with my daughter to meet with other one to get books signed. We all love your books!

  6. This is one of the few things that could lure me to leave Secret Island Enclave and enter The Heart of Darkness, better known as Seattle.

    1. And why is there a swastika next to my name, for heaven’s sake? Have I been promoted in the Evil League of Evil?

      1. Because someone did not properly consider the implications of their cool default geometric designs (that I presume came with wordpress).

    2. Ditto. I’m definitely going to crawl out of my bomb shelter deep in the primal forests of uncharted King County for this one.

  7. Dear International Lord of Hate: I bought a paper copy and an e-book of your first International Lord of Hate book (Monster Hunter International).

    I wasn’t sure because so many new books are so stupid, but the RPG is good, your blog is funny and witty (although I’m an evil, dirty moderate, which means both side’s (lunatics) hate me worse, especially the faux-liberals) and really, I had nothing to lose but my sanity…

    …And I read fanfic.

    Also, you got some free advertising from some twit who thought he could do better. Or at least ape well.

    Anyway, Amazon said it’ll come in “7-12 days”. This being Canada, home of miles of polar bears, it’ll probably take 12-19 days. But I could be wrong.

    Anyway, I’m sure I’m now the vilest evil by association.

    1. So I opened up the e-book – It book totally sucked…Me in. I read thirteen chapters before I looked up from the book for more than a few seconds, and my reading rate has been terrible lately.

      I think it may have to do with the fact that I can find better stories in fanfiction than most published fiction, these days.

      Anyway, I’m kinda curious if there’ll be a followup to the MHI RPG, if you’ve got a moment?

  8. Berkeley, hell. He’s hitting Santa Rosa and San Rafael on the same day. Heads are going to explode and I get a front row ticket. Berkeley has history and superior marketing compared to Sonoma and Marin Counties. The only way it would have been better is if they somehow manged to get him out to Sebastopol in Sonoma county, where they have declared themselves a nuclear free zone and have tried to ban wifi because of the radiation.

      1. lol. That figures, didn’t pick up one of your books until mid Feb. Oh well. Guess we’ll see ya next year then.

      2. Yeah, Houston. The armpit of Texas. Even El Paso is better, if only for the easy access to Mexico.

    1. I’ve still got my signed copy of Hard Magic from the last time he came through here. I’ll be there this time, too.

  9. FYI Convergence in MN bans all firearms. They are not 2A friendly.

    “This means we can and do ban firearms from convention space, even if the owner has a valid Carry permit.”

    1. That still leaves bows, crossbows, slings, spears, atlatl, throwing axes, random carpenter’s hammers, rocks, bolas, shuriken, lawn gnomes, shot-put, boomerangs, discus, and more I can’t recall at the moment.

      And kitchen sinks. Getting hit with one of those would definitely hurt.

        1. Well, that reads like the list of a paranoid. I mean, peace-bonded prop swords? Like, foam, wood or nylon “swords”?

          Obviously, anyone carrying a weapon must be threatening. *Rolleyes*

          I’d feel threatened going there. Paranoids make me feel threatened, after all…

          Does that mean I can get CONvergence banned from CONvergence?

  10. No Love for Ohio either? When will you be in my neck of the woods, oh International Lord of Hate?

  11. Bonus points for anyone who wears Convergence (i.e. the new War Machine faction) paraphenalia to Convergence in Minneapolis.


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