64 thoughts on “The likeness is uncanny”

    1. That’s not enough anymore. The puppies must all be mixed breeds and transgender to reflect Larry’s supreme status as the ILoH.

      1. You haven’t kept up with the times have you? It’s quite obviously an AR-15, according to reporters.

  1. Like I posted on FB – the gun is missing the shoulder thing that goes up. Then it would be reeeeaaaalllly scary.

  2. His finger is off the bleeping bank switch!+1
    There is no YardMoose. -1 for that.
    Nice solid 10/10!
    When do the T-shirts go on sale?

  3. Larry, I just finished reading SPELLBOUND. You are now officially my 2nd favorite living writer. Well done, sir.

    Off to buy WARBOUND. Why can’t you be more like Robert Jordan or Jim Butcher, and crank out another twenty volumes of this?

    1. Wow. Thanks.

      I’m reading Count to a Trillion now. I think the correct term for it would be mind bending. Good stuff.

  4. These puppies don’t look very sad—dispirited maybe, or discouraged. Larry, maybe you need to double down on the Hatey Hating McHaterson evilness until these puppies reach a proper level of despondence.

    1. Crown? Perhaps a skullcap of melted down spent brass would be more appropriate for our evil lord and master.

      1. “A skullcap of melted-down spent brass.” Which is reminding me of that scene from Game of Thrones where Khal Drogo “crowned” Viserys Targaryen, and I hope you’re not suggesting we do the same to Larry.

        Besides, Larry strikes me more as the guy pouring out the brass, anyway. Take that however you will…

  5. It ought to be a sawed-off Scary Boomstick, you know, because concealed carry is scary. Near as scary as your cisgender colonialist white-privilege bullying and all that.

  6. Well it would resemble you better if you went through couple rounds of p90x…. It’s a bit of a fantasy now…. Just did a round myself. Great exercise routine.

    I don’t think there are that many people upset that you got nominated for a hugo. Don’t agree with your politics and I’m not.

  7. Ummmm, a MaxiGat. Me wants… But the really good news is that my favorite dead tree store got in some paperback copies of “Warbound”.

  8. Can we get this on Tshirt? Larry Corriea International Lord OF Hate Fighter of Internet Trolls Creator of Sad Puppies And Author.

  9. The drawing suffers one glaring ( ahem) fault. The glowing red eyes that one can see the roiling lightning storms in, as you contemplate idiocy & dancing cretins, and decide whether to shoot them, eviscerate them in print, or simply command them to die with your mind.

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