9 thoughts on “WesterCon this July”

  1. Hey! You, Cory and Robin can hang out – you know, a range trip, hit the local gunstore, flip through back copies of National Review and all the other usual stuff.

  2. It would be really great if everyone who ever mentioned a con by it’s name on the internet also added the location.

    Yes, I could find that this is in Utah, usually looking up hotel information is the way to go, and necessary. (So I looked up the con I’m on the staff of and if you read all over the web page you can figure it out, but it doesn’t *say* either… so I probably ought to mention this at our next con-com meeting.)

    The thing is that I’ve lived in a number of different states and cities and even here I didn’t know what the local con was for five years. And on the internet people are talking about cons who the heck knows where.

    I know more now about which conventions are in neighboring states because I’m on the staff here, but a habit of adding “Baycon, in San Jose” would probably bring in a few extra people who don’t go to cons much and realize, hey, I’m close enough to *drive* there…

  3. Is the July 1, 2014 date the early release date for MHI Nemesis, or the date it will be available on Amazon?

  4. Synova:

    Westercon is a rotating location con, so most folks in the SF community know that you have to look up the current convention location, just like you have to for worldcon.

    SLC this year, weekend of the fourth of july.

    Most of the other cons have fixed locations.

    1. It was just a suggestion directly related to “most folks in the SF community know”….

      And this is why convention attendance is often abysmal. Or at best it’s the exact same bunch of people every year for the last 46 years.

      We do a crap-tastic job of reaching “most folks NOT in the SF community” who somehow missed the “fandom” boat. It’s just a tiny little suggestion, not a big nag or peeve or whatever, just a small thing that might help us say, “Hey, the boat is over there!”

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