John C. Wright reviews Hard Magic using the Periodic Table of Awesome

One of the more enjoyable book reviews I’ve gotten lately:

And the funny thing is, since the 3rd book of this series has gotten a Hugo nom, I’ve seen lots of posts and outrage, but no actual reviews by any of those detractors. One of the other nominees said that Warbound isn’t a real contender and is just a protest vote. Meanwhile in the real world this series has won 2 Audies and is currently up for a 3rd (juried award for best audiobook), books in this series have been finalist for best novel in other countries (where I can’t be accused of campaigning because I didn’t know or didn’t speak the language), and the actual reviews from some really respected authors have ranged from extremely positive to “damn, I wish I would have written this.”

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24 thoughts on “John C. Wright reviews Hard Magic using the Periodic Table of Awesome”

  1. Awesome review! And well deserved. Now I’ve got to go back and read the Grimnoir Chronicles again.

  2. I’ve listened to all three Warbound in audio and without a doubt IMHO Heavey Jake is one of the best and most fully realized characters in SF to date. I’ve only been reading (and more improtantly buying) SF, Fantasy & horror for over 50 years. That’s my review, FWIW.

    1. It’s only after I listened to the audio book that I realize just how slow and dull witted Jake Sullivan is supposed to sound like. And that’s deliberate on Larry’s part to contrast just how smart Jake is supposed to be.

  3. Wonderful review! And how great to read such nice things written by someone you, Larry, already admire.

  4. Yeah, lots of people are buying and reading the Chronicles books, b-b-but are they *official* registered fans? You can’t have just plain ordinary people voting on book awards – what if they voted for the wrong book?

  5. That’s a solid review there. Better than the one we gave Hard Magic 🙁

    But then again, unlike Mr. Wright, I’m not filled with the element of awesome.

        1. OffWorldDesigns has a lot of great shirts, and the fastest order fulfillment I’ve ever seen. I ordered two shirts at night and they shipped that morning. (I got one pithy one about evolution, and “Asteroids are nature’s way of asking ‘How’s that Space Program coming along?'”)

  6. “Anyone who has lost the vital connection with his inner ten-year-old is not allowed to read this book.”

    This quote should so go on the back of the book or something. 🙂

  7. My wife liked Hard Magic enough to make quick work of the series. She doesn’t normally read SF, F or adventure fiction, so there’s obviously something there.

  8. Sooo, will Hard Magic be in another Baen monthly bundle soon/eventually? I’ve the other two in the series that way and keep hoping….

    1. Traditionally, a book Baen published after about 1999/2000 would show up in two bundles. It probably will not show up again unless a) The trilogy is reprinted in an omnibus or b) Baen changes their MO in response to changing to bundles that expire.

      If you haven’t read the three yet due to that, and read paper at all, borrow a copy from the library if your budget won’t stretch that far.

  9. That periodic table of awesome is suitably awesome, except… really? Ramen?

    That’s kinda the opposite of awesome.

    1. I am guessing they mean real Japanese Ramen, and not that freeze dried garbage they sell in the USA.

  10. So… I passed on the “Periodic Table of Awesoments” to a blog I post at, and linked to Wright only to say where I got it and the first comment was something like… “Wow, that scene he quoted sold me on it!”

    It sort of sold me, too. 😉

    BTW, do you know what does not have an Awesoment on that table? Non-binary gender. An oversight, I’m sure.

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