Monster Hunter Nemesis audio book now up for preorder, and related news

Saw this. Pretty sweet. It will be released the same time as the hard cover. Once again recorded by Oliver Wyman, who did a fantastic job on the rest of the series.

So yesterday I was messing around on Audible, and because I’m still an accountant at heart I opened up Excel for a minute. Across all my books there I’ve got over 28,000 reviews and I’m averaging four and a half stars. Not too shabby for somebody who isn’t a *real* author. πŸ™‚

For those of you who aren’t regulars over there, my MHI and Grimnoir novels have done amazing. Dead Six and Swords of Exodus came out recently, both read by the amazing Bronson Pinchot. The stuff that I did for Warmachine is out now as well. Ray Porter read Into the Storm (and he even made the main character sound like Frank Sinatra like I asked!). Gabra Zackman read Instruments of War and she nailed it.

I’ve also written a few Grimnoir universe stories that will be appearing in audio in the future. They’re both really cool. One is done, turned in, and under contract (Jake Sullivan trying to stop a bunch of murders in 1937). The other is for a Baen anthology, and still needs to be edited. (but that one takes place in 1954, has a giant Imperium super robot fighting a Soviet super demon) And the Kaiju Rising anthology will be coming out in audio as well, and I’ve got a story in there about a samurai archer versus the Great Sea Beast, which I had a blast writing.

In non-audio news, I just did the final edits for a story which will appear in Jonathan Maberry’s V-Wars anthology. Jonathan is a great writer, check him out if you aren’t already familiar with his stuff. I got to write about a green beret turned vampire, and he is one bad dude.

This week I finished the above mentioned story for the Baen giant monsters anthology. And now it is back to work on the epic fantasy novel. Epic, heroic? I don’t know. It is a fantasy novel and lots of people get stabbed, so I’m enjoying it.

The Drowning Empire, Episode 53: Tamori Isao in Second City
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    1. I second this. Finished SoE last month and was ready to come glue your butt to your chair until you finished the next one Dead Six novel. I didn’t because I know what you and Mike would do to me if I tried. So I am left to posting comments on your blog.

      Can you at lest give us an estimated time to release for Valentine and Lorenzo?

      1. Mike got a deal for a solo project, a sci-fi adventure novel for Baen, so he’s been working on that. This is his first solo gig, so his career hangs on it being good, so I want him to concentrate on it. When that’s done, then we’ll work on the last Valentine/Lorenzo novel.

  1. Listening to Legion right now. Wyman is awesome. I can’t get over how perfect the voices seem to fit.

    My only annoyance is that I’ll be finishing re-listening to Legion tonight, and it’s still a month until the eBook comes out!

  2. Hey Larry, I’m listened to all of your books on Audible. MHI is my favorite. Oliver Wyman is Awesome. I already preordered Nemesis. Grimnoir Chronicles and Dead six both narrated by Bronson Pincho are favorites of mine as well. I’m super happy that you are releasing all your stuff on Audible. My eyesight is pretty bad so this gives me a chance to experience all your books. I also like your RPG books as well. Please hury up with the next installment of Dead Six. I’m also intrigued by this new epic adventure you’re talking about. Per your suggestion, I’m also reading the Joe Ledger series by Jonathan Mayberry and finished with both of Marko Kloos books Lines of Departure and Lines of Enlistment. (From your book bomb a few months back)

  3. Maberry’s awesome. I’ve got the Joe Ledger series in paperback, and will shortly order his wonderfully creepy “Ghost Road Blues” trilogy – which is how I discovered him – for my new Kindle Fire HDX. I also enjoyed the “Kaiju Rising” anthology hugely.

    “Into the Storm” is on the to-order list as well, once I’ve paid off Citibank for the last batch of Kindle books I ordered. Looking forward to the epic-stabbing fantasy novel… πŸ˜›

  4. While I’m waiting for more of Larry’s books to come out, does anyone have any suggestions on what I can read in the mean time that is similar to MHI?

    1. I just finished David Wong’s This Book is Full of Spiders. It was nonstop action and funny and scary. I am also reading John Wright’s trilogy-which begins with Count to a Trillion ( made me remember why I grew up loving Sci FI) then there is The Hermetic Millennia (chock full of more wild ideas than 100 other Sci FI books…and funny) and finishes with The Judge of Ages.

      1. Sorry, I forgot to say I recommend them all. Wong’s book comes closest to Larry’s style, but be warned there is a lot of bad language, some juvenile humor, and the spiders are monsters who do horrible things to people.

    2. Have you tried Jim Butcher’s Dresden files novels? Act today, 2014-05-17, and you can get the first seven as eBooks for two clams each. Highly recommended.

      1. Ya, I read all of the Dresden files and preordered the new one along with the new MHI Nemesis book.. I can’t wait… I also like the Iron Druid Chronicles. His dog Oberon cracks me up.

  5. Just finished reading Dead Six and started on Swords of Exodus, incredible stuff.

    I was notified by Audible that I was at my credit max last week and needed to get some more books; so I decided to grab all the MHI and Grimnoir books. So I have many hours reliving some of my favorite novels, but this time I don’t have to read em.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Leaving this here because I couldn’t find your email: I apologize because I posted a (very obscure) comment in which I brain-blarted and confused you with someone completely different. If you ever run across it, sorry in advance.

    1. Okay. No problem. And I’ve read many of your books and have enjoyed them. Conquistador is my favorite. πŸ™‚

  7. This is the first time I’ve asked something of you other than more things for me to buy:

    Please, please, please, get the cover art to feature the most buxom pigtailed blond in the most absurd chain mail bikini possible, and have her flying a SFWA flag, while hiding behind a muscular barbarian male. This needs to happen. NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

  8. In other unrelated news…

    Far Cry 4 has been announced.
    The cover picture features of foppish blonde man in a pink suit, and it takes place in a “breathtaking, perilous and wild region of the Himalayas”.

    I suspect they’re fans of the Dead Six franchise, how about you?

  9. Well, Larry. . . you can thank Audible. Over the past few days, the Audible MHI has converted my wife and oldest over to the MHN.

    Now, to slip it onto the youngest’s MP3 player. . . . MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  10. Already preordered. I’m eager to see the length, though. Sadly the books have been getting progressively shorter.

    1. Nope. Page count is misleading. (authors think in terms of word count because formatting and blank space on the page can dramatically change page count) According to the word count MHN is about same size as MHA and only about 10k shorter than MHL. MHI was the only really big one at 200k. Even then, MHA and MHN are 30k longer than the average urban fantasy genre novel. (and 60k longer than the average young adult fantasy novel, which is why my wife keeps telling me I’m in the wrong business!)

      1. I wasn’t knocking, I love the books and want to disappear into them for as long as possible. I wasn’t going by page count, but audiobook length, which isn’t fair anyway since reading time can vary greatly.

        I also thought about how, once the main characters’ stories are established the other books can get straight to the meat.

        Wouldn’t have noticed the difference in lengths if it weren’t for calculating commute time to see if I could listen to the entire series one more time before the release of Nemesis. It’s kind of hard to say “I’m going to listen to this series for the third time, but I’m really disappointed in you, Larry”. πŸ™‚

        I can’t wait for the book…..and dear God, please don’t abandon us for YA fantasy.

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