Larry shoots stuff for charity, THE VIDEO!

The video is posted:

It is pretty darn funny. It is a long video, but if you ever wondered what it was like to hang out with the International Lord of Hate on the slopes of beautiful Yard Moose Mountain, this gives you an idea.

Jeremy is a friend of mine who was nice enough to let us use his family’s farm… which we almost burned down. Many of you already know Bob, because that is Pirate Bob Southunder, scourge of the seven seas. The character in Grimnoir? Didn’t actually change him much.

We had fun and raised some money for a good cause. And Corn truly is my nemesis. Watch Larry miss. Hear Larry swear!

If you want to jump in on the campaign and get an awesome anthology from a bunch of writers, go here:

Operation Pouty Face
Here is that Kickstarter I was talking about, World of Aetaltis

45 thoughts on “Larry shoots stuff for charity, THE VIDEO!”

      1. I have a particular hatred for Jane Eyre. I went to 3 high schools, and each forced us to read the book. When I think about public school and its mission to destroy the desire to read and learn, this is what I remember.

    1. I had to read it FOUR TIMES! Twice in HS, twice in college, it got worse each time. AND I had to sit through the movie TWICE (sole redeeming quality there was Kiera Knightley). That’s why I asked Larry to shoot it.

      1. best thing about ‘Jane Eyre’ is Jasper Fforde’s ludicrously wonderful ‘the Eyre Affair’, which is much better than a SF novel about classic literature has any right to be.

        A supervillain goes into the original manuscript and kidnaps Jane Eyre, right in the middle of the story. And every copy of “Jane Eyre” in the world suddenly goes blank, halfway through. And because ‘Jane Eyre’ is the Most Popular Book In The World (this is a VERY alternate timeline!!!), there’s a huge public outcry, and government agent Thursday Next has to go into the manuscript and rescue Jane, without any of the readers noticing, and there’s all this magnificently silly stuff about the ability to transport yourself into literature, and cloned Neanderthals, and the Time Service, and the Vampire Service, and wars, and the President (not ‘Prime Minister’) of England being a 95-year-old banjo player, and pet dodos, and Hamlet escaping from his play and wanting to rewrite the ending so it’s less depressing, and exploding cucumbers, and cheese smuggling, and sending secret messages via footnotes, and fictional characters hiding among real people, and an abandoned police procedural being taken over by nursery-rhyme characters so it’s about the murder of Humpty Dumpty.

        (note: these are not all in the same book.)

  1. Couldn’t you guys find something bigger to shoot? Like a 2 bore or at least a 4 bore? DSM needs at least something designed for rhinos.

    1. I need to work on everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

      But in my defense, I did hit them all. Only bounced a couple of them though. Jane Eyre still had the wad stuck in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Too fun!

    Larry, do you take requests? Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and Marx’s Das Kapital need to be expunged from my consciousness.

  3. You didn’t shoot a copy of Fascinating Womanhood?! *heh*
    This reminds me of the Farenheit 451 party I once attended.
    We burned, among other things, a working copy of a Master’s Thesis and a Civil Defense Manual from the 1950s that explained how to survive a nuclear attack. Probably not as much fun as shooting things, but the fires did the trick.

  4. I want to personally thank you for turning my old Unix textbook into confetti.That OS hates me and the stories I could tell you about it. Glad to get some back, and donate to a great cause while doing it. Keep up the good work!

  5. I’d pay to see a literature textbook shot to bits.
    For some reason, most literature textbooks are full of the most excruciatingly boring stories imaginable.

      1. I didn’t have to imagine, since I’ve heard you on Writing Excuses before.

        And being large and allergy ridden myself, I think you sound fine.

    1. And you are a Hatelord that shoots .223 Poodleshooter! GAH!

      .308 is God’s caliber. And .30-06 is the old testament God’s caliber.

  6. Oh no!
    Poor Mike! That was just evil Larry. EVIL!
    Please, PLEASE tell me you actually cleaned that after you got done shooting.
    Even if it is dang funny thinking about Mike slowly losing his mind thinking about his rifle sitting uncleaned, that is almost too much.
    Still, a dang funny video! Full of awesome and win, AND a Larry Correia MISS!
    On top of everything, we have raised nearly sixty thousand to help Rob and his family with the medical bills.

  7. I can just imagine the response from the Usual Suspects when they see this video. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. So… if I (someday) get a scary black rifle (or black and green or Hello Kitty pink), what caliber is best?

    1. It depends on a lot of factors:
      1. What do you plan on shooting and why?
      2. At what distance?
      3. How often do you plan to shoot the same target?
      4. Are you the one doing the shooting?

      The reason I asked the last question is that I have a single shot .22LR ‘Cricket’ rifle which I have used to teach the basics of safety and then shooting to kids (my own and nieces and nephews); I also own “assault weapons” in calibers from .223 to .338 I use hunting.
      If you are looking for a hunting rifle, AR type platforms (looks like an M-16) are generally available in calibers from .22 LR (good for squirrels, etc.) to .458 SOCOM (Good for stopping cars). If you are planning on shooting two legged bad guys or small deer, the smallest I would use is .243, up to .308 (7.62mm). For most game animals in North America, a .308 works well. Moose, Elk, and bear are best hunted with a .338 or bigger. This are only my opinions, and what I feel comfortable with. If I had to choose one weapon, it would be in .30 caliber(.308 or 30-06) due to versatility (.308 rounds can be had in a wide variety of types & weights). Your mileage may vary considerably, but then the smallest weapon I carry on a daily basis is in .40 caliber.

      1. what should I purchace for shooting small moons out of orbit? and does it come in full auto? do I need a destructive device tax stamp for it?

  9. I have to say, I’ve been reading here for a while but never saw any video of mr Correia. And now I want to go to the range with him. Anyone who can have that much fun shooting, I want to party with.

    While I have never shot any books, several likely candidates come to mind- “The Way Farer” by Dennis Schmidt, arguably the worst book ever written- and “Travels with Charley” which starts out a great book with guns and booze and a dog and a pickup truck, and ends up being a whiny liberal piece of crap.

    On the other hand, I have surfed garage sales for CD’s, and they are awesome to shoot with a trap. You can get like thirty of them on a clay thrower. And there are thousands of copies of The backstreet Boys anthology, or the Piano Stylings of Horst Jankowski. I will be watching for you to do this again so I can “Sponsor” a book.,

  10. So… is that the real life version or close to it if “Abomination” a la Owen Pitt, made by Milo?

    I know it doesn’t have the other goodies on it, But hey, any day you can skeet shoot books with a Saiga. Its a really good day!

    1. That’s my old competition Saiga, which is sort of like Abomination in some features, but Abomination was based upon a 12″ Tromix we used to have as a demo gun in the gun store.

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