Fantasy Hero Kickstarter

Hey guys, the same folks that did the MHI Employee Handbook and RPG have just launched a new Kickstarter

So if you picked up the MHI RPG, and want to be able to expand that into traditional fantasy stuff, check this out. Or if you just want to pick up a new fantasy RPG. Either way, they’re a great bunch of guys to work with.

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  1. Have the MHI game. Been running a campaign with my wife, two of my kids, our bishop and his son.

    So far they’ve dealt with a bunch of trolls that were running a bitcoin operation under a bridge in Harrisburg, PA, as luck would have it a few weeks after that game the real life bridge (Mulberry Street Bridge) was shutdown due to structural damage. I am working the cost of repairs into the game.

    The one player is our bishop from church (LDS), his character’s exposure to monsters was when he had to blow up the ward building after he caught zombie missionaries eating the brains of ward members.

  2. I owned Fantasy Hero when it first came out. We only played briefly before switching to GURPS system though. I thought it was a better product however. My only issue with Hero System in general is the math. Good lord making characters was literally more complicated than my taxes at the time.

  3. Hero System math isn’t hard. Sure, you *may* need a logarithm or two, but if you can do fractions up to fourths in your head, that handles most of it.

    And if you can’t do fractions up to fourths in your head, how’d you ever pass elementary?

    – Narf, Evil Lord of Evil, with a goatee to prove it.

    …Oh, fine. If you really need it, there’s Hero Designer software that will do the math for you. I use it all the time, because, really, what sane person wants to do fractions in their head?

    As an additional note, FHC is advertised as pick-up-and-play, and I’ve yet to see a Hero Games not be as advertised.

  4. Just an FYI: update on the Fantasy Hero Complete Kickstarter; they’ve added a promise for International Shipping…–525f2b22c47bbf7e156d2dceca9c4c305bb508e7&ref=backer_project_update

    “Update #1 May 5 2014
    International Shipping
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    We’ve had a lot of inquiries about our not including an option for shipping physical copies of Fantasy Hero Complete internationally as part of this Kickstarter project, and feel that our foreign customers deserved an explanation. The reasons for us making this choice are strictly economic. It costs us somewhere between three and five times as much to ship intentionally as domestically. The $15,000 we are asking to complete this project is the bare minimum it will cost to create and ship the book to domestic backers with no “wiggle room” for extra expenses. Until we reach that point, any added money for international shipping doesn’t actually make the book happen. It just goes to shipping. So if we accept international shipping before reaching our goal, we could wind up reaching the goal but not getting enough funds to actually make Fantasy Hero Complete.

    And nobody wants that.

    (Additionally, books that are shipped overseas get lost more frequently than those shipped domestically, so we need a good cushion of funding to cover cases where we wind up having to ship a replacement book.)

    However, it was never our desire to exclude our foreign customers, but rather to serve them by making electronic files available during the project and physical copies available via direct sales and international distribution afterward. So if we reach our $15,000 goal by May 16th (the halfway point), we’ll add a $60 “Legionnaire” Level which will be the same as our Myrmidon Level, only with international shipping included. That’s Canada and Mexico at cost – and we’ll subsidize all other international shipping.

    If you’re an international customer, please remember that you can pledge at the Journeyman Level ($20) now, then change your pledge with the blue “Manage Pledge” button to the Legionnaire Level should we get to add that. Or, if you’re feeling particularly supportive, you can choose the $20 reward but pledge $60 now to get us to $15,000 faster, and then drop back to $20 if we don’t make that goal by May 16th.”

  5. The Kickstarter for Fantasy Hero Complete just cracked $8000 in the first six days! Only $7000 to go to fully fund, and if that happens in the next 9 days, International Shipping is unlocked!

  6. International shipping is a go! “Opening Legionnaire Level

    We’ve looked at our numbers, and concluded that we can afford international shipping if we reduce the size of our print run. That means FHC will go out of print sooner and be less profitable in the long run, but that we’re not leaving our international fans out in the cold. (The print run will still be big enough to have copies for distribution to game stores and to sell on the website after the kickstarter for a while.) So we’ve added the LEGIONNAIRE level at $60 for a signed book, PDF, and Character Pack, shipped anywhere in the world. You can add additional books to that level for $30 each, just like the backers in the USA.”

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