And now the Hugo Controversy makes the Washingon Post

Boom. I’m on a roll.

Pretty fair write up all things considered. To show that I’m biased however, he links to THE CHECKLIST. 😀

Best part is from the comments, when somebody points out that the link they used to demonstrate my detractors begins with: Trigger warning: slurs, ableism, racism, sexism, transmisogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-semitism, colonialism.

Yes, that certainly sounds like a Special and Unique Snowflake.

A new contest for fantasy short stories, the Baen Fantasy Awards
My Hugo controversy makes the USA Today

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  1. FWIW, the Volokh Conspiracy is actually pretty libertarian.

    That said, you’re everywhere now. What’s funny is that the left, by virtue of trying to keep you out of the Hugo’s winner’s circle (a place you have already said you don’t expect to end up), are probably going to make you a shitload more money.

    1. “FWIW, the Volokh Conspiracy is actually pretty libertarian.”

      One of the links Ilya Somin has is to his own article in the Libertarian Futurist Society newsletter, so yeah.

    1. Moral Equivalance is totally on there already. I figure that is a good subcategory. Here is what most of the hater blogs have turned into over the last few days after they realized what censorship ridden dumbasses they looked like.

      “Well, the way Larry Correia kicked in the door and made our hypocrisy visible to the whole world was very rude!”
      “Indeed! Very rude!”
      “So campaigns of slander, libel, and intimidation are totally equal to being rude!”
      “YAY! WE WIN!”

      1. They vomit all over you for years.

        You respond once.

        See, you are EQUIVALENT. You are BOTH FIGHTING. We should all learn to “get along” — i.e., go back to the situation in which they vomited on you and you did nothing.

      2. Hmmm. “Vomit all over you…you respond once…MORAL EQUIVALENCE!” Actually, that sounds suspiciously like what happened to that evil Vox person the left keeps bitching about, no?

        There’s a lot of that in the WaPo comment thread, too. I’m beginning to think the Left has convinced itself that Larry’s middle name is Vox…

        *rolls eyes*

  2. And I bet that Mr. Correia’s quarterly income tax payments are going through the roof, due to all the books he’s selling because of this kerfuffle.

      1. Except when you live so well that you become a target for government sanctioned thieves.

        Know what my BIGGEST beef with the IRS is, besides the size of the tax code? That it actively discourages advancement b/c as one earns more, when one goes to the next higher bracket, he then ends up with LESS than before he got a raise because that little few thousand per year bump just put him in a bracket where he’s now taxed many more than those few thousands extra per year.

        Sorry, I know I’m ranting, but tax season is still leaving me feeling angry and violated.

      2. @SirBrass:
        That’s…that’s not how it works. Like at all. Only the income above the bracket threshold is taxed at the higher rate.

        By all means, stay pissed at the IRS. I know I am, having to deal with their shenanigans on a daily basis as a tax preparer. But let us be mad at them for the right reasons.

      3. Know what my BIGGEST beef with the IRS is, besides the size of the tax code? That it actively discourages advancement b/c as one earns more, when one goes to the next higher bracket, he then ends up with LESS than before he got a raise because that little few thousand per year bump just put him in a bracket where he’s now taxed many more than those few thousands extra per year.

        For all the flaws of the tax code, that doesn’t happen. The higher rate is only paid on the amount you earn above the bracket. Everything you earn below the bracket is taxed at the lower rate. That’s why we call them marginal tax rates.

  3. “If only there was some sort of agreed upon standard for how we should assess books based on their covers.”

    Holy cow, that was EPIC!

    1. And how!

      I was going to comment on the obvious concern trolling of the “right-leaning libertarian lover of science fiction” (I’ll bet he ever read Heinlein and Orson Card!) who was turned off by the covers on Larry’s books—but the perfection of the “Tenth Justice” reply cannot be improved upon.

  4. Still no mention of either the USA Today Article or the Washington Post article in the “Blinks” section of (left-hand column). I guess they are ignoring the kerfuffle because, as Glenn Reynolds is wont to say, “it doesn’t fit the narrative.”

  5. There is no such thing as bad publicity. When the Village Voice, Mother Earth, The Rolling Stone, La O’sservatore Romano and Pravda pick it up you will have ‘arrived’.

  6. Go Larry!

    This is turning out to be a fairly big deal for something that started as a joke, eh?

    There’s something or other that Camile Paglia said when her new history of art book came out that is making this whole Sad Puppies thing ring like a bell for me. When I find it in my mental lumber room I’ll post it. Something about the beginning of winning the culture war is seizing back the Arts from these crapulous post-modernism weasels.

    Seizing back the Hugos could be the mission that breaks the dam.

    That makes you Barnes Wallis, Larry. ~:D

    1. Found it.

      My disagreement was not that she was wrong that Fine Art was dying, but over what was killing it. She thought it was:

      “What has sapped artistic creativity and innovation in the arts? Two major causes can be identified, one relating to an expansion of form and the other to a contraction of ideology.”

      I think its just HATE. Lefties don’t make art, they make things which mock it.

      Much the same is happening in SF, with the genre of endless wonder, of “What if…?” getting shackled by PC idiots and used to draw the poo wagon of “Progressive” propaganda.

      Well, Larry asked “what if we all told the PC progressive crowd to go pound salt?”

      Behold the result. Panick in Progressia.

      1. It’s true: look at documentary still photography dating from the mid-50s. Before that it was all about the document. After that it was all about making fun of people: a guy smoking a cigar at a rodeo by Robert Frank, the Daughters of the American Revolution by Avedon, old people playing miniature golf, etc. It passed itself off as self-reflection but it was disdain, the same false mechanism of “examining your privilege” the PC in SFF tout today. There is no “examining your privilege,” since the outcome is predetermined. There is only confessing to your privilege. More Orwellian semantics placed in the service of lying.

      2. I just love that “check your privilege” thing. In a free and open society, you don’t get any. You take whatever talent you have and make of it what you can. Getting lucky at birth is essentially meaningless, you can always lose it all.

        In the hellish New Feudalism proposed by the Left, you’re granted whatever privilege you’re going to get at birth by which victim group you’re born into. These idiots want to make it IMPORTANT if you’re some kind of gender-bent non-standard type.

        I prefer to point out guys like RuPaul who took non-standard and made a career and a few bucks out of it.

    2. Camille Paglia rocks…

      “I’m absolutely a feminist. The reason other feminists don’t like me is that I criticize the movement, explaining that it needs a correction. Feminism has betrayed women, alienated men and women, replaced dialogue with political correctness.”

      ‘The problem with gun-control laws is that they only work on already law-abiding citizens. Although I don’t own guns, I respect those who do. And I venerate the armed woman as a transcendent symbol of independent female power — from ancient goddesses like the Venus Armata or the knife-wielding Hindu Kali to the pistol-packing babes of “Charlie’s Angels.” ‘

      1. I agree Camille. I was a feminist back when feminism often meant getting your name on an FBI watch list. I worked hard, and did what I could to make sure that we gained rights on a level with white men. I consider myself “PC” to a certain level. But reality is a strong watchword for me. And censorship is ridiculous – if you want to be stupid, no matter if you are a “Righty” or a “Lefty” that is your right as an American. I can ignore it if I don’t like it, that is my right. When it comes to publications, it is my right to read it or not. But denying someone the right to publish what they wish smacks of Nazi Germany and the book burning crazy of numerous groups in order to ascertain that only “their” voice is heard.

        I do have my own set of morals I live by. Hatred of any one group due their race, creed, sex, religion, or sexual preferences is common in certain groups, and anathema to me. Also, facts are facts, and relying on the difficulties and hatreds which your ancestors suffered to give you an “in” today is disloyal to those selfsame ancestors. They worked hard to make sure you could succeed, not whine and complain about how you are “entitled.” They would be ashamed. And brutalizing or demeaning those who are “different” from you is just as shameful.

        Our history is full of horrendous acts. Failure to acknowledge those acts by putting a “PC spin” on human thought is also a failure – a failure of intellect. And failure of dialog, as Camille states, is not only a disservice to females, but to the human race as a whole.

  7. I will agree that the post article was fair. As for the rest? Let ’em whine… I didn’t get registered in time, so I won’t be voting this year, but I will be sure to vote next year when funds are more available

  8. My Lord Larry, I must express my fear and trepidation. It appears that someone in Washington DC is aware of your book, perhaps they have read it. Be alert for trucks with “BLM” on the sides and rocket armed drones. 😉
    Have you noticed how the Antilarryians at some point during thier tirade will say ” Some one must like him because he has legions of fans, and sells books like crazy.” Do they never stop and say “gee, legions of people don’t like me . Maybe i’m wrong.”
    In other news, one of our shooting buddies, and Eagle scout, is going to be a Ranger Leader at Philmont Scout Ranch this year and we bought him a copy of Monster Hunter to take along . a little fireside reading.

    1. ATF is already aware of Larry due to his past occupation as a gun dealer. The Washington Post article is a discussion about Glen Instapundit Reynold’s USA Today article, and that is part of the Volokh Conspiracy, a group blog of libertarian Constitutional Law professors primarily based in UCLA and other law schools.

  9. “…. consider how horribly bland a future would be that is made up entirely of white male Anglo-American engineers. Boooooring.” – comment below Washington Post article

    Mooooon landing.

    I’m always amazed at how casually and commonly the PC make remarks they themselves gnash their teeth over as racism and sexism if you change one word.

    “Consider delta blues, music made up entirely by black male African-Americans. Boooooring. Rap – black – boooooring. Black… boooooring.”

    Once again, Orwellian doublethink is the only term that applies.

    1. A future in which everything is orderly, everything works, the country actually makes stuff, technology advances… bland and boring indeed.

      Thankfully the country is going in a completely different direction!

  10. Yeah, if someone comes to your house with a shotgun and asks you to ‘cut on the dotted line’, just say ‘no’.

  11. Somin says: “Libertarian ideas, for example, are far more common in science fiction than any other literary genre. The same is likely true of far left viewpoints.”

    Is it? I’d readily believe that the diversity of ideas (and -isms specifically) is probably wider in science fiction than any other genre, but that’s something of a side-effect (or perhaps a core outcome) of it being speculative.

    That aside, are far-left viewpoints “far more common in science fiction than in any other literary genre”?

    (There are an infinite number of jokes to be made here about far-left viewpoints being common in modern reportage. Let’s consider those jokes as having been made; reportage is not a literary genre for the purpose of this question.)

    1. It makes sense. As a writer, the further you get from here and now, the more you have to build the world your writing in. That means answering those pesky questions in your head like, what kind of government exists, why, how did it get there, is it important to the story, are there other societies, what are their views, how do they function?

      MHI has world building, although not to the degree Grimnoir has. I bet even dead six does it too although that is on my to read list.

      And Larry’s work isn’t that fantastical. He takes a good concept, and builds a hell of a story, but he’s not crafting from the ground up in these worlds. He’s taking preexisting structures (economic, societal, and political) and expanding on them. Adding his own spin as it were.

      Get into worlds and times further away from when they were written (Starships Troopers was time, something like Dragonriders of Pern is time and place etc, etc.) and the more the opportunity to express your ideas on how a given government may or may not work becomes available.

      To me, scifi/fantasy by it’s very nature of being an environment that requires building is why politics becomes so integral to the genre. Couple that with the fact that most people i have studied who write tend to feel very strongly about their works, it’s easy to see why they may feel strongly about there politics too. 🙂

      P.S. just advocating a political system does not make any work of fiction good per se. Researching it and actually having a solid reasoning of why it exists, it’s strengths and weakness, and making it fit the story instead of vise a versa (even if only obliquely mentioned) does help though, IMHO.

  12. Who is Arachne Jericho? He looks like a book reviewer at TOR. He doesn’t seem to be a writer. I googled him and I saw some book reviews on TOR, his ‘blog’ which has that 1 post and that one post only.

    I don’t think this blog post in the Washington Post is that bad. He just copy and paste summarized 2 sides. The bloggers on these pages rip off large amounts of material and the quality is usually pretty bad. Several years ago there was a really stupid hit piece on Joe Abercrombie about the violence in his books.

    1. Who is Arachne Jericho? Go on their Twitter feed and read it. It’s alarming to say the least.

      Then think of multiple Hugo nominee Seanan McGuire’s hysterical break down on Twitter over Jonathan Ross – a perfectly run-of-the-mill well known UK TV comedian – hosting the Hugos.

      Then think of a Hugo nominee publicly claiming people in America want to kill her, drag her behind a truck, and that that motivates her.

      Then think of a multiple award nominee analogizing America punches her every day.

      Then think of the general PC meme that they live in a racial cis-patriarchy that persecutes them and is endemically hostile. Any Twilight Zone music playing in your head? It should be – it certainly is in theirs; 24/7.

      Think of the general weird obsessions of the PC that trump the actual literature, in which they have much less interest.

      I don’t think you folks fully realize what it is you’re dealing with here. I don’t blame you, cuz it took me a long time to research it all out and get to the bottom of it. You are not up against liberalism, the Dem Party, progressives, gay or racial rights, or even feminism, although the PC in SFF express themselves from within those movements.

      I’ll be as blunt about my opinion as possible: you are up against a small cabal of people who are demonstrably medicated and suffering from bi-polar depression, anxiety attacks, and a wide variety of other debilitating mental health issues. The majority publicly admit to that if you look close enough. The MAJORITY.

      They heavily identify with QUILTBAG intersectional feminism and the focus of their weird obsession is a severely distorted view of a world that focuses that obsession on the white straight male as the sole source of all their woes, and the woes of the world, now and in the past.

      Think of it as if straight white males had an obsessive stalker, and it all becomes clear.

      If you think I’m exaggerating, look at the source of every dust-up in the SFF community in the last five years. Document the actual names. At the source, you’ll find either one of these QUILTBAG feminists, or their rhetoric, which is easily recognizable from things like “white male privilege,” “rape culture,” “trigger warnings,” and the whole nine yards. If you think I’m exaggerating, look at this year’s Nebula nominees and the rhetoric of the individuals behind them. An easy dozen of this year’s Hugo nominees fit that template as well. That is not an opinion – that is a matter of documenting the non-fiction writings of those people. They are crazy, and they are gunning for you. They take no pains to hide it, and have exhausted literally millions of words on blogs and Twitter all devoted to one great evil: the straight white male.

      You are looking at nothing less than the mainstreaming of racism, sexism, racial and gender supremacy, paranoia and obsession into the heart of the SFF community. Don’t take my word for it, do your homework.

      Ask yourself what percentage of QUILTBAG feminists exist in America obsessed with transgender, race, class, sex and then realize that it’s probably not 75%, which is the percentage of SFF blogs that responded negatively to the Malzberg/Resnick SFWA bulletin dust-up. Don’t take my word for that either. They’ve been nicely listed for you on his blog by a man who’s been totally suckered in by these people, SFF author Jim Hines, who also admits on his blog that he suffers from mental health issues, is a racist, obsessively talks about rape considering he’s an SFF author, even having “rape” on his blog’s menu, and rarely shuts up about racism and cis-people. Go through every one of those blogs, examine their rhetoric, add up the score.

      In light of all that, do you think it’s a coincidence the most famous article of a past SFWA president is about “white privilege,” or that the current president also sees “white privilege” as an ongoing problem? Can you say “useful idiot?” Can you understand Daniel Abrahams, one half of the alias of nebula-nominated S.A. Corey, worships bell hooks? bell hooks, whose favorite phrase is “white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy?” Yeah, she loves you – just like you love rug burns.

      How we got to this pass and why such people are so attracted to SFF is something I don’t understand, but we clearly have and they are clearly there. I also don’t know how to solve the problem. In the old days we didn’t listen to crazy people and take counsel of the most paranoid and fearful among us. Today, within liberalism, with moral relativism, EVERY opinion matters, even if it’s one person, and no matter how nuts, even to the extent of a Dartmouth fraternity shutting down a charity event because one person was triggered by the use of the word “fiesta” in some way.

      I’ll say this: you’ve got your work cut out for you dealing with this movement. It is entrenched, fanatic, and sick, and engaging with them is like banging your head on a wall.

      If any good has come of this week, it is that these people have become completely exposed, and it is no coincidence that in recent weeks even completely PC people like Liz Williams, John Piccacio, Janis Ian, Neil Gaiman and others have turned their back on them. Light bulbs are beginning to turn on and the cockroaches scurrying about aren’t pretty.

      1. What we’re seeing here is exactly the same thing that happened in Salem from 1692-93 and Germany from 1933-1945. Exactly. Fortunately these people don’t actually have the power to murder anyone (though they certainly can and do destroy lives and careers).

        I’m glad to see some distancing going on. Unfortunately some people (Scalzi, Hines, the Nielsen Haydens) have gone too far around the bend to back down. I don’t see this ending well for any of them, career-wise.

        Eric Hoffer wrote a great book about this type.

      2. Would you be willing to supply names? Because if so, I’d be willing to post ’em on my blog and link to the mental parts.

        Know thine enemy.

      3. A righteous rant, and unfortunately no exaggeration. The difficulty is that many of these people have encountered crap in their lives, have endured sexual violence or racism. The tragedy is that their tragedies have become a systemic illness within the community — with terrible damage being done to folk who’ve never deliberately or wilfully harmed another in their lives. It’s also incredibly frustrating when their distorted views are inflamed by guys like Vox Day, whose opinions on some issues (taking him at face value, and I’m not sure it’s possible to do anything else) make him pretty reprehensible. This is a man who, with a straight face, wishes he could disenfranchise women from the voting process because God has deemed women inferior to men. Being a Christian fundamentalist he’s also pretty hot on denying any kind of equality/justice to non-straight people. It’s very hard to defend him. But of course his existence in no way justifies the ongoing pogroms conducted by the other side of the debate.

      4. There’s a simpler explanation for much of it in ECON 101. Moral superiority is a positional good. It signals your status relative to the mainstream. Like listening to a great avant-garde alternative band before they attain mainstream popularity, or going to an Ivy League school or a fine dining experience, which you do not for any intrinsic value inherent in what you’re consuming, but because you gain a sense of superiority and exclusiveness from doing so. Once that alternative band becomes mainstream, you have to accuse them of “selling out” and look for something else. You no longer have any exclusive status signals for liking it when everyone starts liking it, so you have to go even further out on a limb to continue to set yourself apart.

        The SJW crowd behaves exactly this way. The civil rights leaders, the feminists and others–they’ve largely accomplished everything that they wanted. Their initial goals are now mainstream. How do they maintain their sense of moral superiority to everyone else now? 1) By maintaining that everyone else is just a poser, less pure. Hence the constant inane references to “coded racism” and “white privilege” and other claims that–although nobody sees any sign of any sexism or racism out there really, IT HAS TO BE THERE! IT HAS TO BEEEE!!!! Otherwise I’m no longer morally superior to the unwashed masses. Or 2) embrace even more avant-garde causes. The cargo cult of environmentalism. Non binary gender. Etc.

        It’s all about treating moral superiority as a positional good. Their only purpose in “consuming it” is the sense of self-righteous exclusivity it gives them.

        Granted, one might easily decide that such a need to be exclusive is itself a sign of some kind of craziness. To return to economic terms, I don’t have any demand really for positional goods. If I like something, I like having easy access to it. I’m more than happy for my tastes to be mainstreamized. But for these people, the WHOLE POINT is signaling their exclusivity. It’s juvenile and egotistical to the point of lunacy, but it’s not irrational. This theory cogently and rationally explains their behavior.

    2. Arachne’s blog entry I currently tumbl

      takes you to this site

      Life is Like a Bad RPG

      where you can find this page

      which features the paragraph

      I enjoy board games and tea and writing. I am writing a serial for 2014 that features a transgender disabled Inuk with PTSD in a bi-romantic relationship with a bi-gender Chinese-Vietnamese with bipolar. They are studying in a college of the gods to be advanced spiritual powers. It is that kind of story.

      I cannot physically get drunk enough to think up stuff like this – I’ve drank my fill in the past and never came close to this sort of stuff.

  13. I don’t get this… (From the Washington Post comments…)

    “It’s this child-like habit which keeps it [science fiction] stuck in the genre ghetto, and which may explain its appeal to libertarians.”

    What is it about people who have to demonstrate their intellectual superiority by trashing what someone else enjoys? And then to add a political insult zinger on there, for a bonus I suppose.

    I guess this person is insulting the SJW’s as “child-like” as well, but in the end… why?

    1. Because to a certain set of intellectual elites anything that involves escapism is simply seen as childish. I know a few of them(well they think they are).

      These folks also tell me that when i say that sometimes you should let your inner 12 year old out to play tell me i’m a moron.

      I hope I never lose the ability to see just how cool a big explosion really is.

      Just saying.

  14. I find myself in a curious position here. I went and googled the Vox Day remark that got the Professionally Offended all up in arms, the one where they say he “advocates acid attacks on women to keep marriages intact.” I figured there was no possible way that someone (even someone like Vox) would argue such a thing in all seriousness. So I looked it up, because I am not a sheep and am naturally suspicious when oh-so-tolerant liberals start bleating about someone.

    Huh. Turns out I was right. It is a classic example of “skim until offended.” Turns out that he was arguing Evolutionary Utilitarianism (which, I gather, is not something he believes in), and taking it to a logical conclusion. He even says, further down in the comments of the post, that it’s not something he believes in doing!

    But, you know, don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative when libel works just as well. And I’m putting it here because, like, twelve people read me, and now everyone is reading Larry. Someone should set the record straight on this.

    There are plenty of things to get upset with Vox about. This? Is not one of them.

    1. I have not read any of Vox Day’s books and not really read any of his blog either. I searched up the phrase you listed and it took me to a commenting site where someone had taken two points almost completely out of context and posted them and then I watched the insanity of the vitriol ensue. I would say that I was suprised, but I’m not. The internet, in its current form, is sort of a reverse sewer. Sewers take crap and pipe it away from you…the internet takes crap from all over the world and delivers it right to you. Ugh.

      I did follow the link on the original post and read his response to “PZ” and its pretty easy to realize that his response was, in a way, to a challenge from PZ that these questions are impossible to intelligently respond to. I think he did admirably, and would not care to state if I thought that those were his true feelings…I suspect not. Too many people do not understand debate and the simple fact that debaters often state things that they disagree with personally but can debate quite ably. We even have an entire proffession that is based on the idea of defending positions that the majority of society would find abhorent…we call them defense laywers.

      1. Too many people do not understand debate and the simple fact that debaters often state things that they disagree with personally but can debate quite ably.

        The other part is, understanding a position/background/point/etc of a theory/idea/concept/line of thought does not automatically equals agreement on the part of the person who is pondering or discussing. But most people – especially on the left – prefer to go straight with ‘EVIL! MUST DESTROY!’ the instant they’re offended. Is it any wonder it is difficult to believe the claim that they are supposedly enamoured of reason and analysis?

  15. I could care less about any writers political views. If what they write is good, and entertains me I’ll read it.

    1. Now, you, you stop that! Clearly, Comrade, you are not up on the latest dialectic!
      Only books that adhere to proper standards of PoC, non-default gender characterisms, Powerful Wymyn (cis or trans), oh, and have the EvilWhiteMale suffering a horrible fate are qualified to be published, read and award recipients!
      All these years later, and you still don’t understand? Apparently, we’re going to have to take away your literacy until you learn to read the correct things. Here, start on this list, while I get the Shun Bench out.

      Thinking you know what you like – and voting with your dollars. Radical!

      (insert smiley faces where appropriate)

    2. The funny thing about that is that the more you can bury your message in a way that amounts to a perceptual trap that forces people to adjust their views the more successful you’ll be in changing views. You have to blind side people with perceptual shifts that force them to find empathy with a thing that in a more obvious political setting they never would. That is what old school SF classically did, and it created converts by strength of those ideas and that method, not identities.

      That is something the PC don’t get. It is ironically that very lack of old school engaging with identity that convinces the PC the old school were exclusionary racist sexists. It’s why the PC always claim old school defaults to white. Old school doesn’t default to white, it defaults to human, a thing the PC can’t figure out because they are not humanitarians. They are bigots who have no faith in the human spirit, but in whatever the opposite to the white straight male is. The PC are their own worst enemies, looking for racism everywhere but their mirrors.

      The problem for the PC is that they don’t have universal binding principles they can employ since their principles depend on identity and not true principle. In other words, there’s no where for them to go. They have to wear their stuff on their sleeve or they have nothing. If anything, if the PC were to employ principled camouflage, like say Fahrenheit 451, they’d more likely convert themselves than their customers.

      The thing that always mystifies me about the PC is that if they don’t really have binding logical arguments to back up their views, why do they even have those views in the first place?

      1. True Leftists do not have views, nor values. They have two things only: hate, and tactics.

        Useful Idiots on the other hand have illusions. That’s why the fiercest hawk is a Useful Idiot who’s been mugged.

  16. I liked this comment about _Starship Troopers_:
    ” I thought the book had a lot of Fascist overtones, with those stepping up to social responsibility ruling over those who did not. ”

    If that’s the definition of fascism, it sound like a pretty wonderful system. Right now we seem to be in the _opposite_ system.

  17. Equality and human rights have there place and time but NOT in books!
    If all books complied with equality and humans rights, then they would be the most boring drivel in the world.
    I wonder about my books because the checkers keep wanting to remove Housemaid and Manservernt!

    1. Not necessarily. I f you didn’t have inequality and violation of human rights to churn up tension and action for you, you could try adventure, science, technological advancement, and interpersonal relationships.
      Some of the best books, books I read over and over, don’t have inequality, or racism, or violation of human rights in them.

  18. Well Larry, I just had to buy MHI; because it seems that would piss off all the right people. Monsters and fantasy generally don’t rub my literary zones, I’m a Space Opera scifi kind of guy, but MHI was a lot of fun to read and now I’ve bought MH Vendetta because I can’t get enough of Z and the crew.

    Rollicking good fun, and a poke in the eye. What’s not to love?

  19. Wait a second—-“colonialism” is a trigger now?

    Someone was colonized, and it was traumatic?

    1. Does that mean I’m going to hurt some Special Snowflake’s feelings if I dig out my old copy of Sid Meier’s Colonization and play it?

  20. Here’s a retweet today from the lovely Kate Elliott of a Tweet by the equally lovely binary-girl, Alex MacFarlane:

    “Retweeted by Kate Elliott A. Dally MacFarlane ‏@foxvertebrae now A review of HERE, WE CROSS, ed. @RoseLemberg, an important collection of queer poetry: …”

    Do heterosexuals ever say “here’s an important anthology by heterosexuals?” No they don’t. Are they treated as if they do? Yes they are. So, by the standards of the PC themselves, who are the bigots? BINGO!

    Here’s a retweet today from the president of the SFWA:

    “Retweeted by Ink-Stained Wretch The Clarke Award ‏@ClarkeAward 2h “Space: Not just for white men anymore” Saw this ace sign posted in the SF&F section of Foyles St Pancras”

    Good thing. We can’t have too many white men is space at one time – or anywhere for that matter. It don’t look good. Not according to racist bigots at least.

    Do whites folks in SFF ever say something isn’t for Jews or black folks? No they don’t. Are they treated as if they do? Yes they are.

    I’m surprised anyone who considers themselves an egalitarian belongs to that cesspool of an organization. They make no secret of who they favor and who they disfavor, and that depends on what you were the day you were born.

    Did our fathers and grandfathers fight WW II only to see this sort of thing re-created in the heart of a literary movement we created? That pile of droppings at SFWA is the same pile of droppings that saw too many Jews at Heidelberg University or in Hollywood.

    Quit now. The SFWA has adopted an ideology and orthodoxy that is gunning for you and promoting properrace and propergender over you. They don’t give a crap about literature or art. Virtually all of them have full-time jobs so they just don’t care about losing sales or hurting a career they don’t have in the first place. They flat out recommend literature according to whether you’re a feminist, non-white, or queer, and they make no bones about it. They flat out say there are too many whites, men, and heterosexuals in SFF and that’s exactly what they are setting out to fix. That’s their “diversity.” It’s aimed at “dudebros,” which is the PC’s n-word.

    When James Nicolls writes about a “healthy representation of women and writers of colour,” that’s exactly what he means. Stories? What’s that?

    1. Gould should be asked to resign on the strength of that incredibly racist retweet alone.

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