Sarah Hoyt has a new book out this week

My friend and fellow Baen author, Sarah Hoyt, has a new book out this week.

This one is indy, as in she published it herself as an experiment.

I’ve not read it yet, but check it out. Sarah is a really talented writer. It is doing pretty good so far, but I want to add to the signal boost.

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7 thoughts on “Sarah Hoyt has a new book out this week”

  1. Cool of you to give the shout-out. There are a lot of marketing outlets out there, but nothing so good, IMO, as word of mouth. I will check it out. I love indie authors – – – they give access to works that one would never find in the “traditional” press who only publish a few books a year, and those seem to be ad nauseum “same old same old.”

    Give me the creativity and drive of an Indie any day!

  2. It’s an amazing book. I meant to read just a few chapters in the tub and ended up gulping the whole thing down in one night. Waiting on the paper version now.

  3. A lot of the books I read these days are independently published or at least kindle Amazon published.

    Recently, due to learning to think in Japanese and absorbing Japanese entertainment, a lot of the stuff produced in the West felt very bland and uniform. A decade or more ago I thought it was just me, that I couldn’t find the good stuff like the Space Beagle AE Vogt. Now I realize the US always had good stuff, the publishers just didn’t want to market it.

    So independent publishing has an incredibly large market share that isn’t being exploited, only because the main names don’t even know the market share exists to be exploited.

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