Today is the Deadline for SAD PUPPIES!

Just a reminder, today is the last day to get your nominations in if you’ve registered to vote for the Hugos!

And here’s a tip from your friendly retired local auditor. When it doubt, print it out.

If you have registered and not received your PIN, then there are shenanigans afoot. I already know of people who registered before the cut off, but were not given their PIN because “we didn’t process your registration in time”. You might think that’s bad, but us trained auditors calls that evidence. 🙂  If that has happened to you, I’d really like to know about it.

Sarah Hoyt has a new book out this week
Leland Yee, Super Villain

16 thoughts on “Today is the Deadline for SAD PUPPIES!”

  1. I have voted for you on the understanding that sad kittens are made happy as well as puppies. It’s a little known fact that the literati hate all baby animals. Puppies are just the most visible victims of their senseless hate.

  2. I actually received two PINs this year. One for my lonestarcon membership and one for the new shiny loncon membership.

    I only voted with one of them, but if this is some of the shenanigans, that may explain why some authors seem to get a disproportionate amount of votes.

    1. So have I, but all my notifications came under my lonestarcon pin. I had to ask for my loncon pin. Is this common? Does it mean I get two votes, one or none? I’ve asked the Hugo admins and I have yet to hear back.

      Larry, I saw Speaker give the same advice today. Is the integrity of the award that far gone? I thought the issue was that it was a self-selecting voting group, not mechanically corrupt. What protection do. I have against my vote getting tossed for various “infractions?”

  3. My girlfriend had a little trouble getting her PIN but a couple emails got that sorted out.

    I just finished Warbound yesterday. That was EPIC! Absolutely deserved nomination.

  4. Seriously? they are claiming they didn’t process registrations in time? When the registration is entered into and paid for through a computer? Why is there a (human intervention, obviously) ‘processing’ step in the first place?For SF people they don’t seem too up on technology////

  5. Are we talking about people who registered two minutes before the deadline or two days before? The principle doesn’t change but I’m surprised they won’t correct the problem if its the later.

  6. I had to request my PIN a couple times – the first time they said I jumped the gun, hadn’t been patient enough, they were still sending them out. I waited more than a month before requesting it again; that time they did send me the PIN, saying somehow they had “a different, possibly incorrect, email address” for me.

    But I suspect incompetence, not malice. I use Google’s + addressing extensively for filtering ( and are all delivered to the same account), and some poorly developed systems don’t handle a + in the email address correctly. The LoneStarCon3 system last year handled it just fine, but either the migration to LonCon3’s system, or something else in LonCon3’s system might not have handled it correctly. They didn’t say what the address they actually had for me was, so this is all just speculation w/out any evidence on my part.

    Still, while incompetence is not as bad as malice, it is still bad. And while this specific problem (mishandling + email addresses) is fairly common problem on the internet, it’s still one of my pet peeves.

  7. Larry,

    Off track, but I don’t know where to send an email. I bookmarked this site ages ago. When I go to my favorites, there is just a generic WordPress logo. There is a little pic of Schlock next to Schlock Mercenary. Your MHI patch should be next to yours.

    Just sayin’.

    Just read the ARC. Nemesis is Awesome! as per your usual.


  8. Larry,

    Sorry I’m not eligible to vote this year. Good luck. Apropos of nothing in particular; years ago my Lady collected and played LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS. In the process of turning the house upside down (don’t ask) we recently ran across some LOTFR proof sheets. Would you be interested (no charge)? As a thank you for hours of pleasurable reading?

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