23 thoughts on “Why you should watch Justified, explained in one picture”

  1. Heck of a great show, and I always watched because Olyphant is a fellow former swimmer (even if he did swim for USC ๐Ÿ˜› ).

    Any chance Searcy would be interested in bringing MHI to the small screen??

    I recall you commented once that MHI would not be considered for the big screen, due to something comparable in the works for Will Smith?

    But, does that mean no chance for TV?

    1. My rights have been optioned for the last couple of years by Entertainment One, but they’ve not done anything with them.

      1. According to Wikipedia (take that for what it’s worth), eOne claims to have a hand in a few shows with horror, monster, and/or paranormal components, including Walking Dead, Lost Girl and Being Human. Seems like a good fit, at least, considering the success those shows have seen (Walking Dead obviously being the trump card).

        1. Well, they’ve got until the end of the year to do something with it, because then we’re selling it again, and I’ve had a bunch of people try to get it over the last few years. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Remember that terrible Fantastic 4 somebody did just to keep the rights? Made me cry it was never officially released but you could catch it at an occasional secret deal or a con.

    2. At the very least, get a book planted on the set somewhere. Maybe on a bookshelf where it just happens to sit with the cover facing the camera. ^_^

      iirc, the unnamed people with the bag who show up in Ringo’s Queen of Wands are an unofficial cameo from a TV show (Warehouse 13?) due to one of his books showing up in a background.

  2. That pic is so Full of Win, my quota for the day is filled! Not sure how I’m gonna talk my wife into having another Must-See show, but I’ll figure something out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. A Netflix or similar production of MHI or Grimnoir (book 1) over 10 to 13 episodes would be so full of awesome, could be like Game of Thrones-like.

  4. I love Justified, and yes Nick Searcy is a badass. “If you don’t walk away right now, I’m going to shoot you.” Love it!

    Timothy Oliphant is pretty awesome too.

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