Tom Kratman has a new novella out

Tom Kratman has a new novella out. He sent me a copy this weekend but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it is Tom Kratman! Writing about a giant sentient super tank! How could you not want this?

Big Boys Don’t Cry is a novella from military science fiction author Tom
Kratman, known for A Desert Called Peace and his Carrera series. The novella follows the life cycle of a Ratha, a sentient future supertank that dutifully fights Man’s battles on dozens of alien worlds. But will the massive creature still be grateful to its creators when it discovers it has a conscience? And how long will an intelligent war machine with enough firepower to flatten a city be content to remain Man’s obedient slave?“>

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13 thoughts on “Tom Kratman has a new novella out”

  1. Read it over the weekend. It’s short, only took a cpl hours to read. I didn’t think it was up to his usual excellent standards but still enjoyed it. If you enjoyed the BOLO series you’ll enjoy this as well.

      1. He did have a Bolo universe story up on his web site some time back.

        He has been known to take a story in one universe and convert it to another.

  2. Tom’s a crafty fellow. Just bought two of his novels priced at $0.0.
    If they are good, then it’s like a gateway drug.

      1. If you poke around the listings, you can get caliphate & a desert called peace from amazon for free as well (just got both a couple days ago)

      2. And you can read the Afterwords to many (all?) of his novels posted on his website. They work better after having read the books of course, but they each stand on their own merits quite nicely.

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