The MHI STI 10mm longslide

A friend put up a pic of his new 10mm on Facebook, and I couldn’t find the pics I’d taken before of my custom 10mm, so I snapped these just now.


It started as an STI Perfect 10. Then the guys at STI went crazy on it. The trigger is amazing. The slide to frame fit is literally the smoothest I’ve ever felt on any pistol in my life. Where bull barrel touches the slide, it is so well fitted that you can rub your finger on the crown and not feel the line. It also has a fitted .40 barrel and recoil spring.


Accuracy? Capable of way better than I can shoot, and I’m pretty darn good.

Tom Kratman has a new novella out
Gaming for a Cause, next Friday

28 thoughts on “The MHI STI 10mm longslide”

  1. Does this mean you have no objections to fans having MHI logos engraved on their firearms? Because an MHI engraved AR15 lower would be really, really awesome.

    1. When looking through the recent posts on SWFA douchebaggery, I somehow clicked through to someone’s blog. He had a pic of his daughter’s pink rifle. I think a MHI logo on a pink AR15 would be awesome. The sheer amount of cognitive dissonance that would cause with Persons of Vaginitude (great phrase, there) might actually split off an alternate universe.

    2. I believe he has said in the past that he is alright with that under two conditions. One that you are not making any money off it, and two you send him a picture. Whether or not that still applies (or if I am even remembering that correctly) I am not sure.

  2. I am in the same boat with Dave. Although I’d love to stencil the MHI symbol onto the buttstock of my FAL… because .308 ftw

  3. This is so awesome. I’ve actually thought that putting the MHI smiley on a gun would be awesome. Even know a guy who would do it. Is that cool with you, Larry?

    1. Those engravings are hilarious!
      The picture page is:

      The MHI version is:

      For those not familiar with AR-15/M-16/M4 select fire switch, it’s a rotating switch, the pointer is either 2 or 3 way (optional #3 is auto).
      Left is “safe” – won’t shoot
      Straight Up is “Semi Automatic” – one shot at a time
      Right is “automatic” – “repeat fire while trigger is down”
      or Right is “3 round burst” – fast burst of 3 shots.

      I have got to get them to do me a Rainbow Dash, Brony edition. The tears and screams will be worth every penny. Maybe I’ll ‘vajazzle’ it too.

      Testing to see if I can embed the pic:

      Test link to MH Homepage

      1. Images don’t seem to embed at all, and comment awaiting moderation. Wonder if this reply will hang too?

  4. Sorry but you got it wrong that should be a MCB Agent Franks gun. it is in 10mm after all. One in .45 would be correct for a MHI.
    but really that is one bad ass gun.

    1. Or you could get a task force unicorn gun. One horned steed framed by the initials S.T.F.U has a certain appeal to the notion

  5. Wow, I could almost see it as having bragging rights to get shot by that gun, or to own one such as that, the last probably being more proffered.

  6. I think I shed a single manly tear upon seeing that. It evaporated from my leathery face before it could be noticed by anyone.

    Also to those who only noticed the grips, clickie-through for the big pictures. I didn’t know Gloria was sick.

    1. Although – If I was getting engraving done it would probably be on my Sage-stock Socom-16 “Evil Looms, Cowboy Up, Kill It, Get Paid.” I mean, if evil is looming and all, it could be at any range, and I’d just hate to not be able to send enough high-velocity love toward it…

  7. Larry, what I think you fans and friends are saying is Combat Wombat guns needs to start producing and selling MHI gear itself. And you thought you got out of the business long ago…mwuahahaha! I can see it, Manatee reviews of the new MHI 10mm long slide – 3 Awwrooos. You could even sell interdimensional insurance spoof papers worthy of an I love me wall decoration.

  8. VERY NICE! I’m not into such personalized guns myself (I’d keep telling myself they were too nice to shoot), but there are several ‘common’ guns I’d cheerfully buy with the money that beaut cost!

    1. bah, when I read that headline I first thought it was going to be about Feinstein having a California concealed carry permit (she does and has for many years).

  9. Berry’s is sponsoring a big steel match the first week of April down here in southern Utah. Come on down and shoot with us and bring that beautiful STI!

  10. Completely off topic: When I log onto Larry’s blog, I get a pop-up at the bottom of the screen that reads:

    Monster Hunter Nation

    Blog at The Digg 3 Column Theme

    Does anyone know how to make this go away?

  11. This is a lovely example of ironmongery. Is that an STI 2011 frame? I am assuming that STI built it using their own parts.

    Is there any chance of a spec list, for those 1911 geeks who read this blog?


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