Gaming for a Cause, next Friday

So the guys from Dungeon Crawlers Radio asked me to help out with a charity event. It is a 24 hour gaming session, and I’m one of the guest GMs. The proceeds are for charity, and are going to Junior Achievement, an organization that teaches kids business skills. As a gamer and a capitalist, I had to say yes to that.


So a bunch of us are going to be running different games, and then people can donate to the charity to jump in and play.

The other guest GMs include Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Paul Genesse, Craig Nybo, and Dave Butler. It is at Epic Puzzles and Games in West Valley, starting Feb 28th at 7pm and running for the next 24 hours.

Gaming For A Cause

I can’t personally run MHIRPG because I’ve found that is just too weird. A. Since I write MHI all day game preparation feels suspiciously like I’m at work. B. All the players are all hesitant and keep looking at me like, “am I doing this right or am I messing up your world?”  🙂  So instead I figured I’d run a couple sessions of one of the other game systems I know well, which would be L5R or IKRPG. Of the two, IKRPG is a lot easier to learn on the fly, so I volunteered to run a couple of those.

Then the DCR guys asked me if I wanted to play in a Firefly game. I said yes, but only if I get to be a gun runner. 🙂

So come out and have fun, donate to charity, and play games.

EDIT: I was just told that there will be a website, live probably Monday, where people can donate in advance and secure themselves a seat at various games. I’ll post the link when I have it.

And please tell your friends!

The MHI STI 10mm longslide
The Drowning Empire, Episode 45: The Duel

8 thoughts on “Gaming for a Cause, next Friday”

    1. Excellent thought Elias. Twitch TV or youtube this etc. Youtube would be great since can watch later. TwitchTV is pretty good for that too.

  1. Well was about to type up the below and post and saw the edit post. NICE. Thanks!

    Gun runner, duh.

    Is there a donation Site Larry?

    Because while I would not kill to be there, I’d probably maim to be there to be able to meet/greet and RPG with the folks you have running this.

    Aaaand I know that my schedule wont even allow that. Plus I’m 600 miles away.

    So is there another way to donate?

  2. I’ve never actually played a table top RPG before. (never had the time and willing friends) I have to admit, this is extremely tempting. How serious of a group of RP’ers will likely be there? Would other players be upset if someone who has no clue what they’re doing were to ruin their role play?

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