Next Book Bomb! Chuck Dixon, Feb 18th

Our next Book Bomb is going to be on Tuesday the 18th of February, and this time it is for my friend, and comic book legend, Chuck Dixon. Chuck has made the jump into novel writing.

This is the first book of his Cannibal Gold series. Think badass time travelers. 🙂

If you’ve read any good comic books over the last twenty years, odds are you know Chuck, he’s written Batman, the Punisher, and the creation of Spreadsheet (obviously) are the highlights. However, because Chuck has a brain he’s not a statist literati douche and he also likes to put story/entertainment ahead of MESSAGE OF THE DAY he is about as beloved by the comicbook literati as I am by the sci-fi/fantasy literati. And if you don’t think comics can be just as bad or worse, you’ve not been reading them lately.

The 2nd book in this series just came out, so mark your calenders and let’s bump up some stats for other writers of awesome stuff. Feb 18th.

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7 thoughts on “Next Book Bomb! Chuck Dixon, Feb 18th”

  1. I bought that book 3 days ago. I wish I’d known this was going to be Book Bombed.I would have waited.

    I really enjoyed Cannibal Gold, and book 2 is just as good so far.

    1. Sorry, that snark was aimed at the industry, not Chuck.

      It’s probably hair ripping to try and come up with anything new in a universe of hundreds of different comic lines, some of which have been going for over half a century.

      I’m amazed anyone is able to do anything original at all in comics. I guess I’d probably have killed the senior Waynes off a dozen times myself, by now.

  2. Only downside is that, having learned that Chuck has a couple of novels out, I now have to wait a week to read them…

  3. wait, does this mean I can buy the first one now, and wait until the 18th to buy book 2? or am I supposed to wait until the 18th to buy either one?

    Cause book 1 looks interesting, and my e-reader is currently nearly empty (other than the revision of Kat Richardson’s Revenant in my TBR, yah, I am name dropping…That’s one reason I married her.)

    1. Do whatever makes you happy. 🙂 I just try to get as many people to buy it on the same day to spike the author’s numbers up to where the book will be noticed by a lot of other shoppers who might not have otherwise seen it.

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