Another new audiobook from me: Into the Storm

Coming in February:

Into the Storm (3)

You don’t need to be familiar with the game to enjoy this book. Think of it as a sort of heroic fantasy/steampunk mashup, and my story is a Dirty Dozen/Band of Brothers of knights armed with mad science lightning swords and giant steam powered battle robots.

If you’ve not read it yet, you can get it here:

So all of my Privateer Press stuff will be available in Audiobook form as well. This is the other if you missed it, Instruments of War:

Once again, you don’t need to know the game world to enjoy this novella. I wrote it so that anybody could jump in. This one is about a race known as the Skorne, who make Klingons look like peace loving hippies. Their society is built on war and their magic is based on torture. I’d say they’re not evil, they’re just misunderstood, but naw, they’re totally evil, and awesome to write. 🙂

And the book is here:

And I’ve not even listened to either of these yet! The narrators asked me a ton of questions and went through how I imagined various characters sounding, so I’m pretty excited.

And stay tuned for more exciting Audible related news in the near future. 🙂

EDIT!  Almost forgot, since I’ve been on a Sad Puppies 2 kick all month, and I’m talking about the stuff I wrote for Privateer Press, check this out too:

Seriously, you’ll thank me. It is about a character who is a complete hulking psychopath. And who better to write about psychopaths than Dan Wells? It is getting my nomination for best novella for the Hugo. It is the best novella sized thing I read all year. Also, it will make the literati explode because it is GAME TIE IN FICTION!  (plus, I bet a complete stranger on the internet $5 that I could get this nominated for a Hugo) 🙂

The Drowning Empire, Episode 43: Once Upon a Time in the Ivory Kingdoms
Sad Puppies Video

14 thoughts on “Another new audiobook from me: Into the Storm”

  1. I’m grabbing Instruments of War with my next Audible credit. While I understand the books are about the people, I’m interested in seeing how much personality you gave to the ‘jacks. The whole question of how much is inside the jack has always interested me.

    1. Instruments doesn’t have any ‘jacks because of the Skorne, though there is a fun bit with a Bronzeback. But in ItS there is a Stormclad named Headhunter who is possibly insane. 🙂

      1. So…insane storm powered robot with a twelve foot sword that shoots lightning… The phrase “unsafe at any speed” comes to mind. 😉

        1. Headhunter is homicidal. I wrote him as a sort of ‘jack serial killer, who takes trophies from other worthy ‘jack opponents. I was a little worried Doug the continuity guy wouldn’t go for it, but he said cortexes can get quirky. 🙂

  2. Just picked up “Into the Storm” my bad for not having gotten it earlier. I saw your other posts about it, but kept slipping my mind…

    Oh, something else shiny!

    Anyway, thanks for the excellent reminder. Have to see about the Audible stuff too.

    That Skorne book, man you aint kidding they really do make Klingons seem all friendly and cuddly.

    Shut up and take my money Word Slave!

  3. I confirm that it isn’t necessary to know the game to enjoy the books. I’ve never even seen the game, nor have I read anybody else’s stories about it (if they even exist) and I loved Correia’s stories thoroughly.

    1. The game is pretty popular at my local game store, though apparently the competition here is pretty cut throat. I haven’t gotten into it myself for various reasons, though not for lack of temptation – the figures are pretty good. If I weren’t currently hooked on historicals or had a little more money to spare, I might finally go full bore into it (I’ve had a few Angry Elves sitting on my work table for longer than I can remember now). But I’m also starting to hear rumblings of “stagnation” and the like.

      I did play another of Privateer Press’s games – Monsterpocalypse – and it was *awesome*. Think Godzilla versus Giant Martian Flying Saucers versus 50 Story Tall Ninjas versus Pacific Rim. Unfortunately, they suddenly – and without a word – stopped making new releases a few years ago (without quite finishing the second wave of figures), and refuse to officially declare whether they’ve completely cut it off, or why they haven’t released anything new in years.

      1. Angry Elves are certainly not stagnant. Go over to the PP forums and read about what they’ve just spoiled for the next book. (personally, I find that whenever you find somebody complained about things being over powered, under powered, broken, or stagnant, it is usually because they lose a lot and like to whine. All competition is the same, which is why I enjoyed winning 3gun matches with an AK and a pump shotgun) 🙂

        No idea on Monsterpocolypse. Never played it. I don’t know if it was a money loser or what.

      2. Note that it’s not *me* saying things like “stagnation”. That appears to be the mood of the players at the store (of which there are quite a few). My understanding is that there’s a new book due out in a couple of months though, so it’s possible that will cause the rumblings to go away.

        1. They should. Retribution gets a new caster name Issiyra who has some amazing stuff, and they got a solo called the Houseguard Thane which makes Riflemen and Halberdiers awesome. (Yes, I’ve got a Ret army too) 🙂

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