MHI in German

German MHI

Awesome in every language. 🙂

Edit: and in the WTF category, I’m the #3 Fantasy author on all of Amazon right now.  It goes George Martin, Neil Gaiman, and then me.  But I bet I’m still not a *real* author. 😀


EDIT 2: Ah, the ranking is because MHV is currently the #4 bestseller in all of fantasy. The audiobook is on sale right now.

Since these lists update hourly, I will enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂


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41 thoughts on “MHI in German”

    1. I know I am. I make a decent living doing this. I just like to have fun at the expense of the literati hate mailers, where no matter what I will never be a *real* author. 🙂

      1. I’m teasing you… you are my hero, sir, in how you have done this, and yes, even how you handle your blog. I don’t anticipate ever seeing the sort of success for my work that you have, but I know it’s worth trying, seeing what you’ve worked so hard for paying off. It’s always a pleasure to read your “not-writing,” too!

    1. by actually writing something worth reading
      example- and I quote “In real life, vampires only sparkle when they’re on fire.”
      ― Larry Correia, Monster Hunter Vendetta
      “I’ve got a chainsaw with my name on it in my workshop,” Milo told us happily. “If I’m ever killed by undead, I want you guys to chop me up with it. It’s a good chainsaw.”
      “I reckon it is, Milo. I would be honored to chop your head off,” Sam said.”
      ― Larry Correia, Monster Hunter International

  1. Well, you dropped two spots, but you’re still ahead of that no-name guy Brandon Sanderson. Between the two of you, there might be a “real” author there. *eye roll*

    You realize that according to your second link, MHV is the bestselling Audible book, right?

    But you’re still not a “real” author. You haven’t won a Tony… Oscar… what are those awards called again? The one that a select group of elitists say defines literary SF? Audies? I’m so confused…

    1. At the moment exactly ten years into the future, I might not be reading anything at all. Supposing Mr. Correia keeps to at least a third of his current pace, and the economy holds together enough, it is very likely that he will have a new book up inside of a year from then. If I am still alive then, I suspect I will at least try to read that book.

  2. The only one wearing suit with guns in MHI is MCB guys, especially Franks in early part. So this isn’t totally inaccurate .

    1. Its possible that Owen had to wear a suit for his accounting job, before he joined MHI, and he carried a gun then.

  3. I recall at one point Mr. Correia that you said your family name is Portuguese.

    Ever wonder if you per chance are related to “Abbe Jose Correia da Serra” who was a friend to Thomas Jefferson? Seems to me you might want to look in to that. 🙂

    He was a botanist & co-founder of the Academy of Science in Lisbon.

    1. No idea. Probably not though because at that time period my Correia ancestors were in the Azores rather than the mainland. But that would be cool. 🙂

  4. That is a sweet cover. Is it supposed to be the MCB guys, or is that simply a coincidence? Not that it really matters – I gave up on expecting really accurate covers decades ago, the more important question is whether it is a cover that will sell copies.

  5. Hi Larry,
    Looks like you made the Audible Best of List for 2013 too in the Fantasy Category for Warbound. Congratulations!


  6. Any German experts around to give a good translation? Google say that in English, a literal translation is “The Monster, Which I Called.”

    1. The translation is correct.
      It refers to “Die Geister die ich rief” which translates to “The Ghosts that I called” which in english is called: Scrooged.
      And I stoped reading german Books. The translateions toake way to long and I prefer the original texts.

  7. Rankings? Meh. Just count your stacks of dollar bills (and don’t forget to flash them at the critics). Your stuff has the most memorable scenes/quotes since Jim Butcher’s Dresden files. Keep up the good work.

  8. Love your books.Reread all of them at least 4 times.Wish you could write faster.First time I learned about Mormons was when I heard 20
    years or so ago that Orson Scot Card is Mormon and that his fiction is
    influenced by his religion.At that time I was refuge in “religious”civil war
    and can remember thinking how I wish politicians of my ex country were
    influenced by their alleged religion.I actually met you in person during last Comicon.Mr.Card and you amongst authors I read did a lot to lift burden of hatred for religion and humanity in general I felt grooving up.Now as grown man I feel at peace with world and religion due in large part to ppl like you and Mr.Card.You write fiction and it is great one.You also make me,amongst many others both wish and try to be better human being.Thanks for entertainment and ethos which underlines it.

    1. I have no idea. My publisher told me that it had been sold, and they told me the name of the translator, but I can’t remember who. It was coming out in Taiwan if that helps.

      1. If it’s Taiwan, it’s traditional. Damn, now I have to buy your books again (already bought Baen electronic version, the audible book, and now Chinese edition).

  9. Hey I realy like your first book but I have so littel time 2 read that i wanted 2 ask u when the second audio book is coming out in german because it is easier 2 listen.

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