21 thoughts on “Kickstarter progress!”

    1. Same here. Dad would have loved it – he had lighter for every ship he was on in the Navy.

      Are those screen printed Larry? It looks great in two colors.

  1. Is there any possibility of having a second batch of the coins minted? There are a few that I want to give away as gifts but couldn’t afford while the kick starter was on : (

      1. We’re going to wrap it up, get everything shipped, and then put the remaining ones up for sale on the Shopify page.

  2. Damn it, Larry. I resisted getting one with the Kickstarter, since I don’t smoke, and my wife would ask why the Hell I’m carrying a Zippo, but after seeing the final product…

    1. You don’t need to smoke to have one. My husband does a lot of camping, and I got him one for lighting campfires. The ability to make fire at will can come in handy for lots of non-tobacco fires. =)

    1. Plus, if you go through one of Larry’s Amazon links over there –> he makes even more money (without costing you anything extra) win-win!
      I might have to get one of those myself- thanks for the tip!

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