8 thoughts on “I did a pocast interview with the Utah GunDudes”

  1. I quite enjoyed the interview. You’re a fun listen, and I hope that you continue to have further interactions with the GunDudes.

    I attended the MAG 40 class they hosted this past September, and they are a great bunch of guys to hang out with. I learned more from that class, and the help Tom Nelson gave me in personal instruction during our range time than I ever expected to. And I was expecting a lot. My wife and I are thinking about repeating the class just to refresh what we learned, and get to spend more time with people we now consider friends.

    They know how to have fun, goof off a bit, but still be safe and respectful.

  2. Quick question, and off topic. I have a Saiga 12 and am looking for a conversion. I’ve heard that FBMG was the best around for that kind of thing. Since the shop if closed, who would you recommend in Utah? Thanks!

    1. What are you looking to convert? I’m not a gunsmith, just a siaga owner, and would like to know what improvements are available.

  3. Larry,

    Greetings from southeast Texas! I listened to your interview on “The Gundudes”. It was very entertaining to say the least. I also put your books in my amazon wish list and I can’t wait to read them.

    Take it easy,

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