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  1. I’ve got to wait until next SUMMER for MH:N??? It’s gonna be a loooong winter.

    Oh… and whatever that is that’s grabbing Franks is gonna get him annoyed…

    1. I’m guessing it’s Harbinger.

      And the graph of people who get annoyed is going to look like the destruction projection rings from a tac nuke.

      Unlike most video games, the MHI universe is a destructible environment.

      1. Notice the werewolf has red hair. Who else is a werewolf with red hair? That works for Stricken? The guy who Franks is mad at?

      2. I’d hope it isn’t her, because that monster has horns and is glowing from inside its mouth, so something would be seriously wrong. I think is is more likely something demonic, and therefor naturally reddish.

      3. You do have a point, Peter O. So far, the cover art has been pretty accurate, and the ‘werewolf’ does seem to have dorsal spines, so it could be a wolf headed demon, or some other monster.

        I attributed the red to the glare of a fire, but everything in the art is even more consistent with the demonic theory. In that case, I expect an exorcism by punch shortly.

      4. Looks more like a demon, I’m going to assume werewolves don’t have horns growing out the back of there heads down there back.

    1. Franks wouldn’t get a tattoo, but the arm’s previous owner could have.

      That’s VERY bad news for somebody on Earl’s team. It could also have something to do with what appears to be Earl getting very angry with Franks.

      Remember the trucker tattoos. That looks very much like a suit and white shirt, and the book is about Franks, so it’s most likely him on the cover, so it’s probably an arm from somebody not using it any more, and to take useful structure to support it, the previous owner is probably dead.

      Was the previous owner vampire bitten? Is Franks immune to vampiricism?

      1. If we’re looking at MHI people, one of the California Team leaders, Van Zant, was reported MIA in Las Vegas, and if Franks needed an arm…

      2. “Is Franks immune to vampiricism?”
        Franks was once bitten by a vampire; after two days of excruciating pain the vampire died.

      3. From the epilog in MHP:Vendetta

        “The first was easy to pick out. It was one of the fallen, cloaked in a suit of flesh, animated by the Elixir of Life. They call him Agent Franks now, the master confirmed. He went to the other side out of a sense of duty.

        That made no sense to the demon. The fallen had no duty, no allegiance. They were damned for eternity, regardless. They had nothing to lose, no stake in this war.

        And that’s why he is dangerous. …”

        fallen as in Fallen Angel???? I think that Agent Franks may be immune to anything short of actually godlike

  2. Shut up and take my money Larry!!

    (In a much more respectful tone) sweet!! When is the e- ARC coming out?

    Also is Oliver Wyman narrating again?

    Annnnnd, will there be a book tour again? Though not sure we should take you away from you computer and other capitalistic pigdog ventures that keep producing awesomeness. If yhere is a tour, please try amd come by colorado!Colorado

  3. Larry, how do you make a soundtrack go off in my head with just a cover and mention of the next book?

    Dun, dun, duuuunnnnnnn! Rrrawrgh! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! BOOOOM!

    Hear those shell casings hitting the floor? That’s MHI taking care of business. And business is good.

  4. Also, don’t get me started on the trucker’s arm and how that will fit into Mosh’s dramatic comeback tour. Skippy and his gang will get to throw the horns again as they rock out at CPKM I just know it!

  5. I certainly HOPE that isn’t the red-haired werewolf of our previous acquaintance (don’t think it is). I don’t want Agent Franks beating up on our cute little Heather. Besides, that would make Mr. Harbinger REALLY annoyed.

  6. Note that big ol thing looks more “demony” after looking closer at the pic and with it fully expanded. I dont remember any “horns/spikes” as built in on Werewolfs, not even the dang undead ones.

  7. First thought: If my barber messed up a highlight and rinse coloring that bad, I’d grow horns too, and I’m not a werewolf (last time I checked, that is). Second thought: I see two people who are having a bad day. I just wonder who is going to have the worse day. 🙂

  8. I don’t think anyone’s commented on the creature in the tank on the left side of the image. Looks like a female demon of some sort. Pointy ears and horns. The glass on her tank is cracked, and by all the glass flying around and the canted angle of the tank we see between Franks and his opponent, I suspect that the thing he’s fighting is a product of Project Nemesis that just got out. It’s not dripping anything though, which I would expect of something that just broke out of a fluid-filled containment tank.

    1. Now that I look closer, I withdraw the feminine pronoun. The thing in the tank looks less developed than the big one, but the ventral region doesn’t carry and explicitly feminine characteristics. It *may* be female, but the picture doesn’t contain enough clues to say for certain.

  9. I’m guessing Project Nemesis has something to do with the process that created Franks. Maybe that’s why he was so freaked out at the mention of it.

  10. I also hear a soundtrack when i see something like this. “Say your prayers little one don’t forget my son to include everyone”

    1. Great. Now every time I see the pic I’ll hear “Enter Sandman”. Bet Skippy has played it at least once on a flight.

  11. I’m guessing that the e-ARC will be out sometime in March or February, though. And Larry’s E-ARCs are normally pretty much what the final version is minus a few editorial grammatical corrections, so we don’t actually have to wait till Summer :D.

  12. My guess is this story takes place between Vendetta and Alpha, If my fellow readers remember when Earl is debriefed by Meyers at the end of Alpha, he mentioned something about an incident in San Francisco that they “dropped Franks in on” and he cleaned it up.. Any thoughts?

    1. Nemesis is definitely set after Legion according to Larry. Many spoilers and teasers in that podcast, So I’m not saying anymore.

  13. I hope it doesn’t happen between Vendetta and Alpha. I wanna know what happens next with Stark…. mainly I want him to get killed horribly, hopefully by Franks! 😀 lol. And I want to know what that letter Pitt’s dad left to him says.

  14. That poor demon thing, assuming that is agent Franks, judging from the look on his face he isn’t worried about it grabbing him. It looks more like he is looking into its mouth to see where the pretty light is coming from before giving the demon something to chew on, like most of its soon to be broken teeth and his fist.

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