A Fantastic Holiday Season – available now

Here is an anthology of sci-fi/fantasy Christmas stories, edited by my friend Kevin J. Anderson.

And of course, I’m totally in there. Because I am in ALL the anthologies! BWA HA HA HAH!


Yes. The CHRISTMAS NOUN has actually been published. That means the Christmas Noun is a REAL story, in an actual book! I know, right?

And nothing makes a better Christmas gift than the gift on NOUN! So give the gift of noun this Christmas, so that Kevin can sell a ton of these so we can make lots and lots of royalty money to spend on other related nouns!

There are also stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Dave Farland, O’Neil De Noux, Jerry Olton, and Rebecca Moesta (who I taught to shoot a Walther P99, long story). So in addition to the magic of the Christmas Noun, you get lots of Christmas stories.

The reason Kevin found out about the Christmas Noun series was because we were on a panel together at ComicCon with Richard Paul Evans, the guy who actually writes the Christmas novels that the Noun series is ripping off… err… honoring.  And since Richard Paul Evans was there, I told him (in front of about 300 people) about the Christmas Noun spoofs… I mean, homages. And he didn’t even have ComicCon security beat me mericilessly and leave my body in the gutter. That’s class. 🙂    (okay, for the record, Richard Paul Evans is actually a really nice guy).

So go get yourself some Noun and other Christmassy type things!


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