Announcing MHI Zippo lighters! Available on the Kickstarter.

Earl Harbinger style! The most requested piece of (non-NFA weapon) MHI merchandise is now part of the Kickstarter.


MHI logo Zippo lighters have been added to the MHI challenge coin Kickstaretr as an add on.

If you want one, all you need to do is bump up your pledge by $40 for the lighter and $5 for shipping. And when you do, post in the KS comments and let us know, that way we can get an approximate count before the KS is over. We want to turn the numbers in to the factory early because our goal is to get these shipped in time for Christmas. I can’t promsie we’ll achieve that, but we’re going to try.

And please tell your friends! We’ve got 17 days to go and more cool stuff to reveal.

Monster Hunter Nemesis cover
The Drowning Empire, Episode 34: Good Judge of Character

31 thoughts on “Announcing MHI Zippo lighters! Available on the Kickstarter.”

    1. I didn’t know there was a difference. Let me ask Jack. And as an added bonus he smoked for most of his life so he’ll actually know! 🙂

      1. Anybody who knows what a Zippo is knows where to get fuel.

        And if nothing else, English Leather cologne is a passable substitute. (Says the guy who nearly set fire to the house when playing with stuff hidden in his father’s dresser drawer. A curious eight-year-old is a dangerous thing.)

    1. Can we get a confirmation on this question? I’d like to know if the quote is going to be on the reverse side or not before I make a decision.

  1. GAAAH!!! Curse you, Larry! Curse you to the deepest nether regions of heck! I’m on a budget! I have a family to feed! Why do you keep coming up with awesome stuff that I must buy???!?!!!

    1. Everyone needs a lighter, regardless if they smoke or not, if for no other reason than because sometimes you just need something to be on fire. I have a dozen or so of the things and have never lit up a cig in my life.

    1. I wouldn’t bet on it. It all depends on how many are ordered and what I need to round it up to to get the next price break.

    1. You know that joke really doesn’t work when the thing which takes your money is currently live and ready to accept your payment. 🙂

  2. I suppose if I just want a zippo, but not the challenge coin, I have to do the $1 pledge and add $45, right? I don’t see a “zippo only” pledge level…

  3. Hello. I just increased my original $30 pledge for the challenge coins to $75 in order to qualify for the MHI Zippo lighter. I’m not sure if I did this right so I would appreciate some feedback if possible. Thanks!!!

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