Kickstarter Update – 1 week in.

I’m back from ConStellation and playing catch up. I’ve got a bunch of patches going out in the mail this afternoon. That should take care of everything over a few weeks old.  I’m waiting for the next batch to arrive from the factory to get caught up with the rest. We ran out of happy faces because my “administrative assistants” (my daughters) thought a bag of Utah patches were actually happy faces. So if you’ve ever wondered how come a package from me has handwriting that looks like it belongs to a tweenage girl, now you know.

I’ve got a ton of emails and FB messages that I’ve not read yet. I actually got home late Monday night, (because no flights out of O’Hare leave on time) but I had two deadlines yesterday so I had to edit and turn in two different short stories first.

The Kickstarter has been going on for a week now. We are 1763% funded and have unlocked 10 coins. Right now we’re working on the Earl Harbinger coin. Then we’ve got one that is one of my absolute personal favorites, as it is a bit different, but extremely cool. Then we’ve got a surprise backer coin. So I think our supporters are going to enjoy the next few.

Up next we’ve got a surprise optional add on. I think you guys are going to flip out when you see this one. It is really, really cool. Jack has been working on nailing down the production costs. This is something that people have been asking about for years. It isn’t going to be cheap, but it is going to be awesome. This is probably the most requested MHI related bit of merch there is short of an actual Abomination. And no, sadly I can’t sell you an NFA weapon over Kickstarter. 🙂  Okay, so this is the second most requested item from the MHIverse, but at least it should be legal in all 50 states, probably… Because we do have some really screwed up states.

Most Kickstarters have a big initial opening spike, then things settle down to a trickle for most of the month, and then there is an uptick in the last couple of days. It looks like we have entered the doldrums period, which I am totally cool with since the first few days far exceeded me expectations for the whole thing. But since it has slowed down, this is the part where I ask you to please spread the word and tell your friends.

I’ve had a few people ask about the various designs. Like all things artistic, there are going to be some that you like and some that you don’t. (and there isn’t a consensus, that’s for sure!)  That is why we set up the tiers the way we did. I wanted people to get as many coins as they wanted without getting stuck having to pay for any they didn’t like. However (as usual) I underestimated the number of people who want all of them. As you can see, our initial big Alpha tiers ran out super fast, but there is a third, unlimited one now. (It just doesn’t come with the autographed/cartooned book).  To reward these brave souls, in the next few unlocks we will be adding a special free bonus KS exclusive to those of you in the Alpha tiers.


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13 thoughts on “Kickstarter Update – 1 week in.”

  1. Not cheap, awesome, and -probably- legal in all 50 states. Hmmm.

    I’m thinking either Earl’s lighter, or Owen’s Ganga Ram.

    Put me down for both.

  2. Earl’s is the first coin I haven’t been impressed with. Looks like much more effort went into Sam’s. Hopefully there will be some changes in the finalized product.

      1. I think it could’ve at least used his name. Or something… I can’t really put my finger on what I feel is missing.

      2. See there? Exactly like he said: “Like all things artistic, there are going to be some that you like and some that you don’t. (and there isn’t a consensus, that’s for sure!) ” 😉

    1. Since you are at a pledge, you’ll need to back out of that existing one, and then re-up at the new one that you want.

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