Coming back from ConStellation, KS update

So I’m in Alabama right now, but I’ll be flying home in a few hours. It has been super crazy busy. ConStellation was fun, and now I’ve reached that point of terminal brain damage that comes after 3 days of con. 🙂

I figured the coins would be popular, I just didn’t realize how popular.

I just posted this update to the Kickstarter page:

Larry here. ConStellation is over. I am in Alabama this morning and will be flying home today.

The last 5 days of the Kickstarter have been amazing. We are 1613% funded, have unlocked 9 different coins so far, and are closing in on the Enchanted Forest Trailer Park. After that we will be revealing the most requested coin of the bunch.

Our Marketing Daimyo, Jack, is working on some other cool add ons. I’ve been talking to a special guest artist about another possible add on and will hopefully be able to post about that in the next few days.

The Kickstarter has been getting a lot of really good publiciity. I really appreciate you guys spreading the word and telling your friends.


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Kickstarter update, 5 coins unlocked, 800% funded

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