Kickstarter update, 5 coins unlocked, 800% funded

I just posted this to the Kickstarter page:

Wow. What a crazy day.

We reached our initial goal in half an hour. By the first hour we’d hit our first stretch goal. Today we have funded 800% of our goal and unlocked 5 MHI challenge coins. I figured this project would be successful but I’m blown away by the reception.

You guys are absolutely amazing.

We will be putting together a FAQ as soon as possible.

So far we have unlocked:

Original MHI

MCB/Agent Franks

Team Haven

The International Conference of Monster Hunting Professionals commerative coin


I will be attending ConStellation in Alabama for the rest of the week but I’ll be checking in as often as possible. I’ve got someone helping me (though I believe he has declined to be identified) 🙂 so as more stretch goals are met the next coins will be revealed.

We’ve got 29 days to go, so please tell your friends and spread the word. The Monster Hunter Nation rocks.


Coming back from ConStellation, KS update
Another update!

19 thoughts on “Kickstarter update, 5 coins unlocked, 800% funded”

  1. You can’t spring this on us during the day, you know the military networks won’t let us order anything! Congrats and I’m adding another $125.. Thanks for keeping us fans happy bro!

  2. OT, but I just finished Swords of Exodus. I have a message for you and Mike Kupari.

    YOU SUCK!!!! You can’t do this to meeeeeee…….


    when is the sequel coming out???? whenwhenwhenwhenwhen?????

    (I feel like Ron White’s dog.)

  3. Dammit, I was checking every day for a while, missed two days and the top tiers are already gone! Any chance of a third top tier?

  4. Larry is in the air right now, but he asked me to tell you that by popular request there is now a 3rd Team Alpha level…

  5. Melvin & G-Nome just arrived:

    pledged of $3,000 goal
    days to go

    So, it’s now at 11,263% (11 1/4x)

    The average pledge is a bit over $76.

  6. I’m down for at least two of the coins, there’s even a challenge coin pocket built into my wallet waiting on them. I’m losing faith though, I’d like to get my $3 patch I ordered over a month ago before I commit any more cash to the MHI machine.

    1. from his ‘buy stuff’ response earlier today:
      “I do a Post Office run once a month. I’ll be doing another one as soon as I get back from Alabama.” Hang in there!

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