SWORDS OF EXODUS eBook out now!

The Swords of Exodus eBook is available on Amazon now!

Sword-of-Exodus-comp2 (2)

And yes, I’m aware there is a typo on this cover, but it is the early one that I had on file! 🙂


If you’ve not read Dead Six, you really should, because it is totally badass. It is mercenaries vs. thieves as a 3rd world country melts down around them into a violent military coup. Valentine and Lorenzo are some of my favorite characters ever. Swords picks up after the events of D6 when a group that specializes in killing human-traffickers goes after central Asia’s most dangerous warlord. And it is awesome.

I’m really proud of these books, but they’ve just never caught on like my fantasy stuff. I think it is because they are shelved over in fiction next to the Clancys and Flynns and not in the vast and growing Larry Correia section in SciFi/Fantasy, so most of my readers don’t even know they exist. But since this is the interwebs and they’re all shelved under electrons, go check them out!

EDIT: I added the correct link to the eBook.

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15 thoughts on “SWORDS OF EXODUS eBook out now!”

  1. I just finished DEAD SIX and found another great series to read.
    Believe me it harder than hell to root for two guys who are on opposite sides of the equation.
    Loved it.

  2. I just finished your Grimnoir series. I always have to take a week or so to let the characters settle down before I start a new series! Dead Six is loaded and ready. Might as well get this one too.

    I love your characters. They are larger than life, yet real.

  3. I’ve been reading through the Crimson Pact books, and every time I hit a Santos/Tombs it feels like I just got a booster shot of D6. “[A gunny’s] hands were shaking, but he was a Marine, which meant that no matter how awful or terrifying it was about to get, he was programmed to kick serious ass.” 100% awesome.

  4. I started reading Dead Six a week ago to see if I wanted to pre-order it through the Baen monthly bundle. It didn’t take long for me to decide that yes, I very much wanted to do that. I’m not done yet so I can say that I am still enjoying the first book!

  5. It’s tough for me to decide if I like the Monster Hunter series or Dead Six more, both are such great franchises, Hard Magic makes it even tougher. ETA on Swords of Exodus dead tree format? It’s nothing against the digital age, but I prefer to read my books old school. So, I force myself to wait until they come out in paper….

    Don’t mind me, I’ll be over in the corner…waiting anxiously for my crack. Maybe I’ll re-read Dead Six (for the fifth time) while I wait…

  6. I finished SoE last night and my response was, “What? That’s it? AAAARGGH!!! Now I have to wait, AGAIN!” Well, that and, “Oh, Jill is gonna be soooo PISSED!” Good books, Larry. Now, get back to work writing so I can give you more of my money.

  7. Tried the link, went to add the ebook to the cart and Amazon says the cart is empty. Loved Dead Six, can’t wait to read the next book in the series, please let it be available.

    1. Never mind, figured it out. You have to click the title of the book. If you click the Buy Now from Amazon button, it goes nowhere. Now excuse me, I will be off in a corner reading SoE for the next few hours.

  8. Have it on my IPad now.

    Will be reading it on my flight over to Edinburgh today. 🙂

    You have a particular distillery we should visit?

  9. Larry – are there any plans to do an audio book version of this series of books?.

    btw – really enjoying WARBOUND

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