Announcing the next Book Bomb

My friend, Brad Torgersen, has compiled a whole bunch of his short stories and novellas into one beefy volume for your reading pleasure called Lights in the Deep.

I’ll be book bombing this next Monday, the 16th.

This month’s pick is a result of a couple of things. Brad is an awesome writer (we still give him crap about his NebuHugoCampbula noms) but this is also to celebrate because Brad recently sold a novel to Baen Books, and will be one of my fellow Baen authors!

So mark your calender. On Monday the 16th we are going to book bomb the hell out of Brad to celebrate. Plus it gives you guys a chance to check out Brad’s writing (which is excellent) before his first novel releases next year.

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8 thoughts on “Announcing the next Book Bomb”

    1. Yup. This was also the one that was smeared as a racist by other SFWA authors for not liking Obama’s policies, until it came out that Brad has been married to a black woman for 20 years. 🙂

  1. BornLib: some of them didn’t. I had one particular person pretty much tell me it didn’t matter that I’d been in an interracial marriage longer than she’d known how to drive a car; I was still a racist white bastard because . . . she said so. I learned later that this particular person (whose qualifications for entering SFWA I’ve long since overtaken) does this to everybody. Me. Elizabeth Moon. Doesn’t matter. It’s her thing: to call people who are not racist, racist. Because apparently she likes insulting other authors more than she likes telling good stories.

  2. I’m reading Brad’s book right now after picking it up at Salt Lake Comic Con over the weekend, and allow me to add my two-bits. Each story in the collection is better than the one before it, and I find myself eagerly flipping to the next story as soon as I finish the one before. It’s got alternate history, space exploration, aliens, and more, and Brad’s style keeps you guessing to the last page.

    It was well worth the purchase, and I look forward to more great stuff from him. (Word is that he has two novels in the works….can’t wait!)

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