Today is the official release of WARBOUND

Today is the official release date of Warbound. The initial release week is the most important time for a new novel. So if you don’t mind, please tell your friends.  Spam the internets!

Warboundcover (2)

The audiobook is out as well:

And the eBook:

Signing tonight in Cleveland
BOOK TOUR UPDATE: I'm in Minnesota

16 thoughts on “Today is the official release of WARBOUND”

  1. Went to Barnes and Noble and picked up the book, read the first two chapters already, unfortunately the rest has to wait till tonight. 🙁

    1. Oh and based on what I read so far, I bet you are going to get a bunch of really pissed of liberals complaining on how you are portraying Roosevelt. I would also expect you are probably looking forward to laying some actual historical facts smack down on them.

      1. I met Larry at a book signing on Long Island last summer. According to him the liberals were already were angry at him for even suggesting the idea in his second book that Roosevelt might round up US citizens just because they were different and blaming his right wing views for the depiction… These would not be people familiar with history.

      2. Finished reading and it was awesome. Now how long do I have to wait until the next Larry Correia book comes out.

  2. Got it last week and read it in about three days. It was fantastic and one of the best endings to a trilogy I’ve read in a very long time. Satisfying but still open ended, leaving some interesting questions about the future.

  3. I just listened to the prologue in the audiobook and it’s effing brilliant! What an amazing setup for the book. Continuing later tonight after family duties are completed…

  4. $10, meh. I will wait for the paperback. I guess I need to add you to the list of authors that I have to wait a year or more to buy the ebooks.

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