Crimson Pact 5: the final Tombs & Santos story

The Crimson Pact is an anthology series edited by Paul Genesse. I’ve cowritten a series of short stories about a US Marine who can see the future, turned demon killing freelance exorcist, turned apocolyptic Catholic warrior, along with Steve Diamond (who is writing an FBI profiler who keeps coming back from the dead). There have been several Tombs and Santos stories, and Diego Santos is probably one of my favorite characters of all time.

This is the final story and wraps up the entire Crimson Pact series.

If you aren’t familiar with the others (you should snag them anyway, because they are cheap, and there are tons of good stories in there from a slew of authors) you just need to know that this is a battle against demons across a whole bunch of different realities. So you’ve got westerns, you’ve got sci-fi, you’ve got heroic fantasy, you’ve got straight up horror, you’ve got samurai drama, you’ve got whatever the hell it is that I write for a living, and more.

And since this volume wraps up the project, there is one finale story that wraps up everything, where all of the characters from the various realities and times are drawn together afer their deaths for one final apocolyptic battle. Pat Tracy wrote that one, and if you’ve read Pat’s WNGN fiction, you know the dude can write the hell out of stuff. This one is a sci-fi demon killing extravaganza (and I even gave him permission to have one of my well known MHI characters make a cameo apperance) 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Crimson Pact 5: the final Tombs & Santos story”

  1. Awesome! This series helped me pull several unrelated story ideas together in my noggin…got a couple of scenes on paper (er….Word doc), just need to hammer out some more! Sad to hear that this is the final installment, though. This anthology could have gone on for quite a few more volumes and I would have been happy!

    Bought the ebook using your link!

  2. Very, very nice. I loved the final chapter of the Tombs and Santos series. Kind of sad it’s over with, but hell’s bells, that was great.

    There are a lot of other stories in there I’m excited to read as well. The stories by Brad Torgersen, Zach Hill, and Dan Wells all look good. Overall, The Crimson Pact has been an excellent series. I hope that Paul Genesse isn’t finished with this concept. I love the idea of writers I like publishing a series of loosely linked short fiction. It’s awesome.

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