We’re doing the Book Bomb on Monday

We are going to Book Bomb Fearless on Monday because Zach Hill lost his job and I don’t want any of my author friends having to live in a van down by the river!


The ebook and the hard copy are availalbe for sale now. Why not try and get everybody to buy it today? Because I got this too late in the day for Thursday, Fridays not as many people are online, weekends… seriously people go outside! So that means Monday. Of course, if you just can’t wait, awesome, buy it now, because either way Zach gets paid, and that’s the important thing.

Amazon’s tweaked their rating system a bit too, so even though the Book Bombs are still selling a lot of books for people, the stats change much slower than they used to.

Tell your friends. If you’ve not checked out Minimum Wage Historian you really should, and this is the first MWH based book, so I’m expecting it to be a lot of fun.

MHI RPG & Employee Handbook is shipping!
Swords of Exodus eARC is on sale now!

5 thoughts on “We’re doing the Book Bomb on Monday”

  1. WHO SAID HE HAD TO LIVE IN A VAN BY THE RIVER? Tell him to get a real job! With his talent, he should be able to find work as somebody’s secretary somewhere!! Sent from Ron’s iPad

    1. His blog is fantastic if only due to the astounding historical observations made by Gaspar Correia. It is amazing how many historians completely overlook the impact of Chaos Daemons and Steam Powerred Robots throughout history.

  2. Bought it electronically earlier this week then made a PayPal donation to his site in order to cover an autographed copy for a present sent to me and something extra for the site.

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