Operation Baen Bulk 2013

It is that time of year again. Baen’s Bulk is a great program to support the troops. Below is a message from Tedd Roberts and Keith Glass.


Operation Baen Bulk – Release 6/24/2013


“Operation Baen Bulk” is starting the 2013 campaign to support our troops.  We’re a bunch of science fiction fans working out of the forums and community created by Baen Books, and we include a number of current and former military among the fans and writers.

Since 2009, OBB has supported entire units of deployed servicemen, pooling our efforts to provide for oddball requests and creature comfort needs of several deployed units – from training detachments, to combat medics, to “Ammo Dawgs.”  Last year we had a goal of raising $2,000 over a two week campaign, but thanks to mention on a few high-profile websites, we raised nearly $3,500 – most of it within the first day.  We then spent all of that money buying snacks, sundries and special request items from home, to send to various units in Afghanistan.

New deployments are winding down, but out soldiers still need help – many of them are returning to the States, only to spend months recovering from injuries sustained during their service.  The “high profile” military medical centers such as Walter Reed and San Antonio Military Medical Center get lots of attention, but the smaller “MTFs” are often forgotten.  This year, we are working on raising $2500 – $5,000 to purchase, load and send 10-20 Kindle eBook readers each to Military Treatment Facilities at Camp LeJeune and Ft. Bragg – and other base MTFs if we can.  We have also heard from soldiers that although the majority of patients are male, donated reading material all too often consists of magazines and “romance” books.  Thus we are working with our friends at Baen Books to pre-load the readers with over 100 titles – primarily “hard” science fiction and military adventure fiction by authors such as Ringo, Williamson, Drake, Weber, Kratman, Correia, and many more.  We feel that the selection of fiction on the eBook readers will appeal to soldiers who have seen combat (more so than society magazines and romances!) and will remind “our guys” that we will always remember and honor their service.

Please join us in this effort.  Visit our website at http://OBB.TeddRoberts.com for more information, watch our video, and consider making a donation – we’ve included a PayPal link on the site for direct donations, or contact us at obb@teddroberts.com for other ways to contribute.

Thanks for all of your help – let’s make sure the troops know that we will never forget them!

[Disclaimer:  Unfortunately, OBB is not a registered charitable organization.  However, none of us receives profit or compensation from this effort.]


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