Monster Hunter Legion, Out in Paperback!

Monster Hunter Legion is out in paperback this week.

You know what would make a really awesome present for someone you love? Monster Hunter Legion in paperback. Or for people you don’t really love, or people you sort of know, or don’t know, or actively dislike even! You know that weird dude at your job, with the awkward social interactions and uncomfortable pauses? He needs a copy of MHL this week too.

Everybody needs a copy of MHL. If you purchase a copy of MHL for them this week, then you will become more popular, richer, and better looking!  You could give out copies of MHL to everyone you know, and you’ll be more popular than Oprah on Free Honey Badgers For Everyone Day!

Paperback copies of MHL aren’t just for reading. They make great door stops, paper weights, fishing lures, ballast, and when wrapped between layers of newspaper and worn around your torso might even stop an improvised shiv in a prison riot! Now that’s a deal!

Another novel in the bag.
The Drowning Empire, Episode 24: From Finery to Ruin

10 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Legion, Out in Paperback!”

  1. That weird dude at your job? Yeah, that’s me. I’d totally like a paperback copy of Monster Hunter International. But I don’t want to seem needy or desperate or anything.

    Oh, by the way, I can show you how to get around the company’s network nanny so you can read Larry’s blog while you’re at work. It’s super easy. (“Known weapons location.” What a laugh. When was the last time Larry blogged about a gun?)

  2. I gave two copies of MHI and three of Hard Magic as presents, but they were all the audiobooks. Wyman and Pinchot’s performances are perfect for your characters. If Warbound comes out on Audible. com soon, it’s gonna be a Correia Christmas!

  3. I sent one copy of MHI to one guy who promptly bought everything you wrote, unfortunately including MHL, so I can’t get it for that guy. Now I have another friend who probably needs an intro… and some Challenge Coins. Ooo, are they the next project??? : )

  4. Monster Hunter books also make great presents for the lefty leaning family members you have to talk to every thanksgiving.

    (For actual hippy-repellent, use Tom Kratman’s books.)

    I have a “friend of a friend” situation with a very confused dude. He cross dresses and has breast implants, but hasn’t gone ‘all the way’ yet. I’ll send him the MHI books and see if it helps…

    1. For the record, if MHI makes a positive impact, you should write to the publishers of the DSM or maybe Psychology Today.

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