Another novel in the bag.

I finished the rough draft of the Warmachine novel I was writing for Privateer Press today. It is awesome.  75,000 written words in less than 2 months, and during that I had the flu, a funeral, 20 people staying at my house for a week, did the Swords of Exodus final edits, and drove a 10 day road trip. BOOM! Still wrote a novel. Nanowrimo? I call that Tuesday. But that’s another book done, that calls for HEAVY METAL BAGPIPES OF TRIUMPH!

Yes. This is the song I play whenever I finish a project.

And by the way, this book is actually a whole lot of fun. For those of you not familiar with Warmachine, it won’t matter, because I wrote this in such a way that you’ll be able to jump right in. Plus I’m writing about the faction that is the least “weird”. So overall it is a just a really cool war story, Band of Brothers meets the Dirty Dozen, only with swords that shoot lightning. 🙂

LibertyCon 26
Monster Hunter Legion, Out in Paperback!

17 thoughts on “Another novel in the bag.”

  1. Will this see publication through Pyr then? If so, I’ve toyed with picking up Ari Marmell’s novel, but if this is the same universe you’re writing in as Marmell, then I’m definitely picking it up!

  2. Sounds good to me. I’ve been watching Band of Brothers for the last week. Band of Brothers with monsters and magic sounds badass.

  3. Thanks Larry. Got another band to add to my ever-growing collection. Besides, I like reading about new things. Especially when it has the word “War” somewhere in it. Warmachine? Never played it, but I have played Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and Necromunda. Also dabbled a bit in various other tabletop miniature gaming over the years. Now I just got to wait till you edit that book and send it in. Then wait for the publisher to put it up on the net to buy. ‘Twiddles thumbs…patiently.’

  4. I can’t wait….now if only I could find a way to convince Darla, Destroyer of Words and Aeryn ( cant spell his name!), to make me an official SIX pre-reader…..

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