Sunday Afternoon Painting WiP

I still need to do touch ups on these two and also put some grass on the baes, but I’m too busy to bust out some good lighting, so here they are. 🙂


First up, steampunk pirate captain.

This next one I did some extra mods on. Most of my readers will have no idea what I’m talking about, but I though the sculpt for Drake MacBain from Warmachine looked pudgy, dumpy, and he had a small head. 🙂  And I really wanted to be able to use him for my army.

So I reposed him, tweaked the arm position a bit, green stuffed in the gaps, sawed his head off, put a larger helmet on (from a Nomad warjack), and had him standing on some gears taken from a broken printer.

macbain wip

So this is what it looks like now, still needs a bit of painting and some vegetation on the base.


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8 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Painting WiP”

  1. See, Larry, I’m hoping my Reaper pledge arrives sometime in the next few weeks. I’ve got all these grand ideas of how to paint them. Then I see you and Jordan Sanderson with your minis and Robison Wells with his crazy gaming tables and I just think, “Forget it, I can’t make them look nearly as good.”

    Can that be done with careful brush work, or do I have to get an actual airbrush and compressor?

    1. That’s just brush work. And I’m really not that good comparatively. I’ve been doing this for probably 2 years now. It just takes practice, dinking around, and there are lots of good places online to get advice. Just do it and have fun, and you’d be surprised. You’ll get better with every mini.

  2. I wish I had half your talent for painting minis. I have to wait until my friend has time to paint mine. For one character I have 5 minis alone and a pet. All shiny metal because I can’t paint them.

    I have so many for that one character because I’m a werewolf. I have human, half form and full wolf form. I also had to get a a female human and female werewolf mini. Long story involving a doctor misdiagnosing a magical disease and the cure interacting with my shape-shifting abilities. Now there is a 50/50 chance I change genders when I shift. At least it got me 4 ability score points in my charisma for my suffering.

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    I am not Sandy Petersen, by the way, nor have I posted this note with his knowledge or consent. I’m just a fan (although I do know the guy). So please address any brickbats my way. But you’ll thank me for taking a look, I promise. Meanwhile, Mr. C., if this note turns out to be evidence that I’m a dickhead, please delete it and consider me properly chastised.

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